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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Cage of Eden 108

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 16, 2011 20:14 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 108

Cage of Eden Chapter 108

Page 01

A deal between us
and you two...?
Chapter 108: Exchange
Yeah... We have some special information that you guys lack...
And I'm saying I'm going to give it to you in exchange for some of your information...
How about it..? Why don't we cooperate on this...?
W- What do you think? Can we trust them?
No. However you think about it, it sounds fake...
I'm sure that special information just a bluff...
We know other stuff too---

Page 02

I'm telling you....
we know another tower....
besides this one!
A- Another tower...!?
C- Can't be!
You sure a distrusting bunch...
T- They might be telling the truth, Sengoku...!
Eh, Mariya!?

Page 03

Think about it... Wouldn't it be more strange for such a high-level constructed building to be the only one on this island?
Their story, that there are other makes more sense!
S- So it's true!?
There are other towers besides this...!?
But if their story is true
and they know about this tower...
we might solve the mystery!!

Page 04

What you say!? This girl's name!?
The name written on the plate is hers.
Let me introduce you, Isurugi Miina
the single daughter of that Isurugi Empire----
I- I can't believe it. Of that Isurugi!?
Will it be okay spilling all that...
These guys give out a strange vibe...

Page 05

We don't know why her name is written here,
but she's some really mysterious girl...
Why don't you ask?
You just need to ask her. What's the problem?
T- That's impossible.
Impossible? Why?
Because she.. // has memory loss!
Hahaha! That's why brats are----
W- Why are you laughing suddenly?
You seriously believed that? // Such a convenient memory loss is just too suspicious!
Even the, we can't really find out...

Page 06

...Heh! There's a way to find out! (Move it)
Eh? // H- Hey, what are you going to do?
Stop your acting on your own.
Or do you want to get a beating again?
...The girl who kicked me before, huh.
Sand in my eyes----

Page 07

Guh... // Hah...
Don't say it's underhanded...
There are no rules in a fight!
One just has to win!!
M- Miyauchi!!
You okay, Miyauchi!?
Y- You bastard--
Don't move!!

Page 08

Move and she's dead...
D- Damn!! While we were focused on the other----
Hahaha. Well done, dude.
Damn.. You traitor!
What's that...
Pictures of the animals...?
Don't tell me the brat painted this...?

Page 09

Looks like she isn't just your average brat after all....
Confess everything that you're hiding!!
I'm going to borrow her for a while!
Don't come after us! (Don't worry, we'll give her back when we're done with her)
Grr.. These bastards~~
What now, Sengoku! We don't know what they might do to Miina...
Without them noticing, we have to...
What's wrong, Sengoku?
Where's the (fake) Miina?
Eh? She was here just now...
H- Huh... She's gone...

Page 10

C'mon! Be docile.
I- Idiot, don't bite me!
[dat trap ass]
I knew they were suspicious~~ // I'm small, so I think I can follow them without noticing. I need to do something...
But where are they taking her...
Here should be fine.
They stopped!
What now...
Hey, get over there.

Page 11

W- What's he trying to do...
You might have fooled these brats, but not me...
Tell me everything, you shitty brat!!
Just what is this island? // You know something, right!?
Don't stay silent, say something, brat!!

Page 12

H- Hey, isn't it bad if you go further!?
But, don't you want to go home too?
B- But you'll kill her at this rate! // If she's still not talking now, maybe she really doesn't----
Hey, aren't we just doing the same as "him"?
We ran away because we couldn't agree with "his" methods, right...

Page 13

No rules in a fight...
Was it, right?
Who are you, brat...!
Can't you say anything beside brat?
Your vocabulary is too limited.
Besides, a grown-up man shouldn't get happy about bullying a little girl.
If you want to continue no matter what...

Page 14

Then I'll
take you on!!

Page 15

And what can a brat do?
So agile...
Give it a rest already!!
..Tch. See now. // Actually I don't want to fight a brat.
Be docile now..
It was just to get your attention.
My doing.
My attention...?

Page 16

Saw that? My base-loaded table turning sayonara home run!
How was it? I tried to copy the old legend Komada with a left-handed batting.
Komada? Who's that...? // More importantly, that took you long enough. I told you to follow at a distance where you can jump in anytime should anything happen to me.
It's fine. It's fine. It worked well, didn't it.
H- Huh? Hey, he isn't moving at all...
D- Don't tell me he's dead? H- Hey, hang in there...
Eh.. Eh---

Page 17

You pulled quite the stunt there---
Fortunately, Miina-chan's wound isn't so serious. So it's okay...
but if something happened to her, I would have never forgiven you!!
Guess everything was a lie. The thing about another tower too...
...That was true.

Page 18

That's really true....
E- Ehm, you are...
I'm Mutou Junichi. His name is Yashiro Daigo.
Hey, stop it...
It's okay, Yashiro-kun... // We were wrong. Why don't we be honest...
Hey, get my cell phone from my pocket on the chest!
C- Cell phone...?

Page 19

Press the second bottom from the top on the left.
And then look at the second photo file.
W- What is this...!?
...Heh. You look surprised.
Just a while ago, we were at that tower...
That's what we called it.

Page 20

P- Pyramid...?
Yeah... There are living even more people than you have here.
M- More than us!?
Yeah... About 50 I guess.
Heh. Let me tell you everything...
About the pyramid and....
the fearsome man that rules it----

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