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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Cage of Eden 111

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 16, 2011 20:15 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 111

Cage of Eden Chapter 111

Page 01

Okay! Then us ten will head for the "pyramid"!!
Got that?
Chapter 111: A brief separation
B- Boy, got a moment?
What's up, Seigou-san?
Are you sure with this unreliable bunch? // At least take Mariya-kun or Maya-chan with you...

Page 02

It'll be fine.
For example, Kairi is a maniac and knows a lot.
The vize-prez is smart and has a perfect memory.
Tokiwa is pretty strong and Rion is quite athletic too.
Suzuki got strong arms and Mami-san got a mysterious power.
Oomori-san knows first-aid and Miina got guts and is quick on the uptake.
They're all my friends I can trust.
A good group!!

Page 03

.... // I- I see..
That surprised me. Does he know everyone's strong points...?
Nishikiori Takashi...
As a doctor he should save a lot of people...
But instead he uses his strength to rule over people....
I can leave him
We're leaving in 3 hours!! // Get ready!!

Page 04

...Okay. Clothes to change and food.
A rope..
Sengoku, got a minute?
Mh? Mariya...
What's up?
I have something to ask you no matter what?
Ask me...?
Yeah.. Nothing other then about the "pyramid".

Page 05

What do you think about it after hearing their story?
What you ask...
Their story about their being an asphalt runway
and the nearby build "pyramid" is a hangar for air planes? // Sounds pretty convincing.
W- What? What's wrong, Mariya?
I don't agree with it! I mean...
If it's really a hangar, "that form" has no meaning at all!!
That form...!?
What you mean...?

Page 06

Sengoku... Remember what I said yesterday?
Yeah... That there's still about the tower here, right?
Yep. I'm sure the tower
still has an important mystery hidden, which we haven't found yet.
That I think so, is because this is the centre of the island and there is this plate with Miina's name on it...
but also because of it's "form"---
This tower has a mysterious form that lets it look either like a cross, or a pole with three arms...
Why do you think is that...?
No special meaning....?
If this tower was the only one then that might be possible...
But now there's another tower in form of a "pyramid"?
That persuaded me.

Page 07

That the form of the towers on this island have a meaning.
The people who built this had some kind of intention!!
Some kind of intention...?
Say, Sengoku, do you know why the Egypt Pyramids are shaped like that?
As you know, pyramids are graves for a pharaoh. // But it's shape also got a meaning. // That triangle...
has the meaning as a stair to let the pharaoh climb into heaven.
Furthermore is it said that it's to imitate the sun's light...
So, Sengoku,
Don't you find it strange to store air planes in such a thing...?

Page 08

Then you're saying there's no plane in there?
Yeah, most likely.
...I see.
Then searching the inside is a waste, huh...
..Not necessarily.
I told you, the pyramid is a grave for the pharaoh...
They purposely build it like that.
The possibility is high that inside there might be something
even more unbelievable than a plane..!!

Page 09

Revealing the secret of the tower here // and at the same time also the mystery of the pyramid
might bring us closer to the mystery of this island!!
If we solve the two mysteries of the towers...

Page 10

Well, that's all from my side.
Be careful, you hear.
Truth is,
I also want to go with you...
Mariya, you...
were worried about me...
Yeah, of course!!

Page 11

Getting to the pyramid will take as about a week.
Get your farewells done with.
Yashiro-san, sorry for pushing the guide role onto you...
That's what the Janken was for. Can't be helped.
Well, I'll just guide them close and then draw back.
(Guide them properly!)
(I feel a killing intent...)
I pass on seeing that fellow Nishikiori again.
Mami-san, will you really be okay?
Don't cheat on me.
I won't.
Be careful, Aya-chan.

Page 12

Be careful, Akira-kun...
But just don't worry about us.
You guys will be in trouble too.
You still need to do some digging // and the defence on the base must be increased too.
You have 9 people less now, it'll be more trouble than before. [9 because the 10th is the fucking new guy]
Well, we'll manage
with those left here...!
Hey, guys...
I want to appoint a organizer while I'm gone.
An organizer?
Yeah, I think that will be better.

Page 13

I see. basically a leader while you're gone.
That indeed might be better.
Who's going to do it?
Going by age, it's Tooru-san?
Idiot! If it's by age, it's Igarashi-san!!
Hey, I have someone in mind.
You mind...?
Someone in mind?
Who is it?
Yeah, it is...

Page 14

Mariya Shirou!!

Page 15

Yeah. I can't think of someone else.
You build our first base.. // And it was also you who guided us after we lost it.
Even with the incident with Mami-san.
Or with the Gigantopithecus in the forest. // Without you, we all would have long kicked the bucket.
Thanks to you, we're
all here now...!!
B- But, Sengoku...

Page 16

Yeah, sounds good if it's Mariya.
Yeah, works perfectly!
Everyone's trusting you!
Do a good job, Mariya!

Page 17

We're off! We'll be back soon!!
Be careful...!!

Page 18

A- A mammoth!?
A mammoth! Amazing!!

Page 19

Wow! To think it was so big..
Hatsuse Shizuka
It's fur is so short. Looks like a fake.
Akagami Rion
Only those living in the cold north have long fur. Mammoth in the south have no fur.
Narumi Kairi
Ah... I saw one in a lexicon as a kid.
Oomori Kanako
Hee--- // If Four-Eyes would be here, he would be thrilled.
Isurugi Miina (fake)
Tokiwa Aya
Hey! Don't dawdle! We have a long way before us!
Yashiro Daigo
Y- Yes.
Suzuki Ryouichi
Kagura Mami
Yashiro-san... You said at the pyramid there were about 50 people living, right?
Are they any from our school too?

Page 20

Yeah. There were some wearing the same uniform.
Thought so..!!
No it were three, I think...
T- Their names...!?
Like I know. I got no interest in brats.
There was another strange fellow....
You mean----

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