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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Cage of Eden 112

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 16, 2011 20:15 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 112

Cage of Eden Chapter 112

Page 01

A weird fellow?
Who do you mean..!?
A teacher
From your school.
A- A teacher!?
If I remember right, there were 8 teacher… // Kurusu-sensei, Fujimoto and Kawai….
Who could have it been!? // How did he look!?
Let’s see… // A man in his 40ies, with a unhealthy look.
He had uncombed hair like this and had glasses. // He was also growing a beard here…
He wasn’t looking after the students despite being a teacher.
He kept looking at a porno he bought as a gift.

Page 02

T- That’s Kokonoe!!
(Oh, black)
He was alive!?
Umm… Who’s that?
A teacher from Meikyou Academy. // He was responsible for our grade.
Kokonoe Ugen, a unmarried man in his forties…
I see, so he’s there… // That might be lucky.
Mh? What?
He didn’t look like much though….
He isn’t just a pervert.

Page 03

People call him
The mad scientist of Meikyou Academy.
M- Mad Scientiest!?
Yeah. He’s a science teacher.
He built a bomb in the science room and blew it up.
Or created a poisonous gas panic. // He even shot big holes into the school building with his own build railgun. (Why won’t they fire him…)
Actually he isn’t cut out to be a middle school teacher.
He graduated from the best science university Teito Rika..
But to think that he would quietly become a slave… // Maybe he couldn’t make a move because the students were held hostage…? // As if! But if we join him, we might be able to do something!!
Anyway, let’s hurry!! Towards the pyramid!
Yeah, let’s go!!

Page 04

Chapter 112: Coward

Page 05

Hah Hah
Damn, it’s so hot…
Hah Hah
Okay, let’s do this.
Hey, Suzuki, why the sudden motivation?
You were only bitching when we left the base.
So what. I’m a guy who moves when the time calls for it!

Page 06

Don’t tell me you’re after Rion again..
What are you saying, Sengoku!!
We’re GOOD friends, right?
I totally gave up on Akagami! As proof of our friendship!!

H // UH!?
Now that I think about it, being here is by far better than staying at the base….!
The only good girls at the base
Are Yuki and Reisan…
Hey and me!?
And here I have “5 sexbombs” following me
The “Lover of the universe”…!!

Page 07

I can’t do anything about Sengoku’s strict surveillance
So I have to give up on Akagami for now…
And Mami-san’s loli body with big tits is indispensable.
That 140cm tall minimum body is great in it’s own way
Unexpectedly, there seem to be few rivals.
Oomori-san might be an adult
But she got a babyface and what’s more these BOMBS of her make her good for another 5 years…
I got nothing to complain!!
Aya is…
Well for now I’ll pass on her.
I don’t like violent girls (I hate Maya too)
Well, if she approaches me it’s a different story.
But say what you want, but the star of the show is
The string panties!

Page 08

Student Council Vize-President Hatsuse Shizuka----
She’s making a straight face, but I know better.
I saw it at that time.
What she hide behind her skirt.
The boldness---
I can’t get enough. I can’t get the image out of my mind.
I’ll make her mine on this trip!!
I trust everyone.. // but just he is an exception.
Hey, boy!
The sun is going down.
We walked quite a lot today, we just rest now.
Ah… Yeah!

Page 09

Six more days to the pyramid, huh…
Still a long way…
No, we’re going faster than I thought.
I thought the girls would slow us down, but you did well.
With this pace, it’s 5 more days…
Nah, we might arrive in 4!
I see! Good, then let’s sleep early today in preparation for tomorrow.
We’re taking turn on the watch.
I’ll take the first one.

Page 10

And Miina…?
What’s up you two? // It’s not time to switch yet..

Page 11

Sengoku-kun… // Please don’t worry about us too much.
That doctor is a dangerous person, right?
He might try to make use of us…
I’m happy that you worry for me,
But we don’t want to become a burden // for everyone.
Miina, Oomori-san…
But he’s the only doctor on this island. To risk….
Look, Sengoku-kun…

Page 12

Please look at this.
My wound already got much better.
So I’m fine now.
Ah.. O- Okay..
I get it, so cover yourself now, Oomori-san.
? Something the matter?
Eh… Well…it’s kinda tempting..

So cute
However he acts, he’s still a middle schooler <3
I have to make him know I’m a grown-up woman <3
Sengoku-kun, please look properly. // Here <3
Hey, Oomori-san.

Page 13


KYAAAAAA (A silent scream)
M- Mi- Miina, you…
I came worried since there was a ruckus and….
Ow ow ow

Page 14

Geez, what are you doing, you pervert.
I- It’s not my fault! // Miina was playing a prank..
You looked pretty happy though.
Your face was bright red.
T- That’s beyond my control. Or rather for a healthy boy that’s a happy occasion.
So everyone’s fine…
T- That’s not the case. // Of course I prefer the girl I like…!
If it were mine?
Would you look at mine…?

Page 15

Can’t be helped then….
Hey, hey.
I- Is she for real----
Is this okay!?
B- But…
I- I’m still…
Not prepared for it…
M- My eyes…
You coward.

Page 16

Wait, Rion. I can’t see.
Like I care.
Those brat are so noisy, I can’t sleep.
Guess now’s the only time where they still can fool around.
Until we reach the pyramid that is…
There they’ll
Get to know learn about people’s real “evil intentions”.
…..Let’s see…

Page 17

How many of them make it back alive----
3 days later----
We’re progressing good. At this rate it shouldn’t be far anymore…
Yeah… Let’s give our best!

Page 18

Umm… How long has it been since you left the pyramid?
About 3 weeks I guess..
I see.. They got 50 people there, so the digging might have progressed quite a bit.
Yeah. The pyramid might have been dug out completely already.
Nishikiori was pretty interested what’s inside the pyramid too….
That doctor
Might be your ultimate enemy.
…Nishikiori Takashi…
Just what kind of man is he!?

Page 19

Tokiwa? What are you doing up there…
Can you see something!?
We need to climb up somewhere too…
That big rock looks good…!
Hah Hah
Hah Hah

Page 20

So that’s it….!!
Let’s go, everyone…!

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