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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Aiki 85

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 22, 2011 10:08 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 85

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 85

Page 01

The master of all swords, also called the "Showa Legend"...
what is his real strength!?

Page 02

(The General attacks Joukyuu who temporarily retreated to treat his wound...!?)
Well, can you see anything?
No... Nothing moves...
My snipers are gone...
And just watching from afar is pissing me off.
Eh!? General?
You're going up front?

Page 03

Mh? Who's that.
Some big guy I never saw before came out.
G- General...
Well, well, Private. Well done.
You can stand back. // Or rather you're in the way.
Heey. I'm sure you're all fine, Houju-san!
Nice to make your acquaintance. I'm Lieutenant Douglass.
Eh? Lieutenant?

Page 04

Eh? Weren't you a General?
Well, well.
Don't sweat the details.
How dare you to suddenly attack people's house~
Bastard, you wasted most of our japanese food~
That's what you're angry about?
Give me back my curry~~

Page 05

Huh... That's Houju?
Was he that fat?
No. Can an old-man suddenly get this fat?
Aw, shut the fuck up, damn shitheads!!
I'll beat you to a pulp one after another, so be prepared!!
Right now, I'm so pissed as I only ever have two times in my life!!
And he seems to be really angry.
Well, duh. We blow his house twice. Of course he's angry.
Gramps, don't get so excited. // With your age, you'll really kick the bucket.
Stay out. I'll do this!

Page 06

I'm also quite angry, blurp.
Wasting all the food I have been looking forward so much... // blurp.
Who's that!?

Page 07

Well, well. So you're the highly rumoured Joukyuu?
Nice to meet you!
Though I heard you used Aikido, but it's actually Sumo, huh. // Same as Carchs.
General! I'm not a Sumo Fighter!
I'm a boxer! Boxer you hear!
You guys were done in by that fat shorty?
You suck.

Page 08

You can switch your knifes on the need, huh...
You know the term Jack-of-all-trades?
Right back at you. You're too focused on one thing. // Right on the meaning of the "Limited to Stab" japanese Sword.

Page 09

Don't look down on me.
Why do you think I'm acquainted with Joukyuu?
Like I care!
Though it's wasted on you
I'll show you my skill now.

Page 10

Just a normal stance holding your bent sword reverse?
Are you an idiot? As you could handle it well like that.

Page 11

Your movements have become dull, Master.
Your wound isn't healed fully either, right.

Page 12

Well, well. That fatty can barely move. // Is that really Joukyuu?
Uh... I'm not so sure anymore...

Page 13

The legendary sword master is in that state too----
Isn't it impossible for you to dodge bullets now?
Someone, who got feed by mama until just recently
shouldn't have such a big mouth.

Page 14


Page 15

Page 16

How are my Fan Swords?
They can't cut, but are meant to batter.
How about you surrender already, Master?
Is it my imagination....?

Page 17

Stop, Carchs!
He's losing
My pants are dropping.

Page 18

Eh!? // I- It wasn't my imagination after all!
I told you at the beginning, didn't I.
"Help me digest".
My calorie usage isn't from this world.
Well, no
Well, well, no, no.
Don't steal my catch-phrase!!
D- Debranto, hey!?
Sorry! I'm retreating! // My guns were destroyed!!

Page 19

Tch. Sucks that I can't go after him,
but the shooter is out of the picture.
I don't want to do any running anymore.
What's with these swords...
You guys come after me,
I'll take care of you one after another.
Come after me too,
specially the girl.

Page 20

Well, well. They haven't weakened at all.
Or actually it seems we picked into a bee nest?
Even the, Joukyuu's won't shouldn't have fully healed yet.
If we let them go now, it'll get even worse later.
You're going to participate too, General?
Well, well. I have no choice.
We better put an end to this quickly.
Cover me, Gouta.

Page 21

My sword isn't just bent, it has the "back" strengthened.
If I wield it reverse, I can use the angle as a "long hatchet".

Page 22

If stabs are no good, then I'll get you with blows.
Fending off is too much pain.
Can't be helped...!

Page 23

Bad shot.

Page 24

But one hit you.
You noticed my leg prosthesis before?
Just that your step was weird.
A gun in your prosthesis, huh...
But I'll be cautious when you suddenly pull back and change your stance.
Hehe. But I hit your main arm. It's over for you.
Did you know?
Humans have "two" arms.

Page 25

Keke. You think you suddenly can handle the sword well in your left hand?
Got ya---!!
Joukyuu has this" principle", you see...
Martial arts is done with "both hands".

Page 26

My right arm is a bit stronger, so fight with it.
But for martial arts, both my arms are on the same level.
It sure is convenient to let a stupid opponent drop his guard once in a while. // Like with you.
Aw, but my right arm hurts now...

Page 27

Shit! He's getting faster by the minute!
He dodges my and Aburo's attacks with ease now!

Page 28

Stop attacking, Aburo! // I'll only get hit by it.
Well, well. It's okay.
You guys are no good after all.
When I heard he was heavily injured by Veronica, I thought it would be a walk in the park,
but I guess a plan doesn't go as planned after all.

Page 29

Page 30

Now that's a tough one.
Gramps, no special theme playing yet?
Shut up.
Just wait. Soon I'll appear in a CM for some diet product.
(The "Show Legend" and the "Gravity Master" step up!! The strongest tag team!?)

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