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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Double Marriage 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 14, 2012 10:52 | Go to Double Marriage

-> RTS Page for Double Marriage 1

Just right for V-Day

Double Marriage Chapter 01

Page 01

Ah, it's me. // Yeah.
I don't need dinner today.
Really? // Then I'll have some when I'm home.
Eh? The TV is too loud? // Yeah, it's the one in the meeting room.
Okay, I'm going to hang up...

Page 02+03

No, no.
Hey, can I turn off the TV now?
It's a distraction.
It's too dark if you turn it off.
Mh? // Fine.
---A news flash.
Just now the plenum of the house of commons has passed their improvements for the civil and penal law----
Namely the "Double Marriage Bill" got passed.
The bill changes the tradition of monogamy in our country.
Chapter 01: Civil law improvement

Page 04

The improvements are thought to resolve // the question about heritage, living situation, child education and different surnames...
It withered.
Let's turn off the TV after all.

Page 05

Ikuta Naosuke, 32 years-old, working for a company.
Right in a situation that's called "immoral" by society.
*Civil Law §732 Improvement
A person with a partner, cannot be married with more than 3 people at once.
*Penal law §184 Improvement
A person with a partner, who is married with more than 3 people at once, will be sentences to 2 years of imprisonment.
Good, good!
That's a brilliant idea!
It means you now can formally and legally
have // both,
your beloved wife and your beloved woman!

Page 06

Means you can officially hold a lover now.
Yeah, and you can now also // shut up your noisy wife with just saying "I'll just get a new wife".
Because it's now allowed by law!
Time to start the meeting.
They're scum!!
Have some shame, you dirty old pervs!
The law wasn't made to satisfy your desires.
Ikuta-san, Ikuta-san, // your thoughts
are showing on your face.

Page 07

Please focus on the meeting.
think if you really have the right to complain.
Half a year ago.
Aw, it's pretty deep. // The bleeding isn't stopping.
An ambulance...
Idiot. Don't call one for this. // You drive me to the hospital.

Page 08

During a fabric inspection, // I got hurt a bit.
It's you after all.
Uwa, it's been a while. You haven't changed at all.
Itou... // -san?
We were in the same class in the 8th and 9th grade. Itou Yuuko!
You don't remember me? Well, we didn't talk much.
I didn't remember her at all.
You always had the gang around you...

Page 09

You see, back then
I had a bit of a crush on you, Ikuta-kun.
Well, seems to be true that married ones are more popular!
He's set for marriage, you know. // Next month!

Page 10

His bride is really liked within the firm. // He's cursed by most of the male colleagues!
Ikuta-kun, // your bandage is loose.
Did a new nurse do it?
Show it to me.
Ah... // okay.
Ah, maybe today's injury is because of a curse?
heh, as if.
Ah, // I'll get the car.

Page 11

What are you smirking about?
Mh, // nothing.
Geez, you creep me out.
It was just on the spur of the moment
Like "Why not",
Or "She’s unemotional about it too"
An attitude like that---
Today's just the wedding party. // The honeymoon will be during the holidays.
So I'll come over tomorrow.
Naosuke, you ready?

Page 12

I'm coming.
Like that, half a year passed.
A sluggish half year.
Was it long? Was it short?

Page 13

This is just stupid!!
This "Double Marriage"!
It just means that having an affair becomes legal now.
The new wife is the "kept woman" // and the old one becomes the "maid"?
Besides, what about the family register?
Does it say first wife, second wife on the same register?
Your husband dies // and some second wife pops up, claiming the heritage.
I'm totally against it!!
I couldn't stand sharing my husband!!
Oh my, I don't mind it.
If your husband wants to take a younger wife, // you can just leave the age care to her! (ahahaha)
Ikuta-san, // it's showing again.

Page 14

These part-time ladies sure ran their mouths off.
I wonder if that's the general opinion among the women.
Beats me. // But
I think it's not wrong for the most parts.
Nowadays, where dual-income families are a given,
there are women, who want to protect their family from "strangers" // who meddle with them and their standpoint.
If things get done for men's convenience, // nothing good comes from it.

Page 15

That's not my intention...
I never thought about
convenience or such.
Then what do you had in mind?
I didn't even think about it.
I just can't stop.
Isn't it better if you mail your wife?
Actually, if it were me, // I would be flying straight home if I had a new wife waiting for me.
(Itou // I want to see you today)

Page 16

you're having an affair, right.
Don't look!!
I'm not looking!
Did I hit bullseye? Is it that doctor attendant!? // I knew it was suspicious!!
You tricked me...
Gah! // You're too easy to read!!
So ordinary!!
And easy!!
Such impressive insight...
Could it be, you---

Page 17

have the hots for me?
Don't be stupid!!
(I have a bit of time before my night-shift)
Sorry, Kanzaki, I gotta go.
What are you thinking!!
Nothing at all.
Do you realize what you're doing!?

Page 18

Please call her "Nurse" // and not "doctor attendant".

Page 19

"Nurse" has a better ring to it.
It has a more soft
and female touch to it.
You're an idiot!?
A soft touch.
Not in material means // like breasts or fat.
or way of speaking
isn't what I mean either...

Page 20

I don't know how I can explain it.
What's up?
Sorry for being so sudden.
Yeah, // you really are.
Surprised me.
Have you eaten already?

Page 21

....... // ---Suddenly got horny?
Sorry, I might not hold back today.
I don't mind. I'm happy,
because I actually like it that way.

Page 22

Are women
all like that?
Why are you laughing?
Fuh? // Am I?

Page 23

Maybe because I'm happy?
I always thought
women are something you plead for // and finally get your hands on when they allow it.
But she is different.
She's pleading
and coming onto me.

Page 24

she gets her hands on me!!

Page 25

.... // That good?

Page 26

Really great...
That face.

Page 27

---- // That's why
I don't want to promote polygamy,
but want to give a chance to the present, where the tendencies to no or late marriages // result in low birth-rates...

Page 28

Ah... // thanks.
why do you always have the TV running?
Sorry, does it bother you?
Well, not really.
It's a bad habit, I know. (Electricity bill and all)
I feel safer with light and sound.
Sometimes I even leave it on when I sleep.
Living alone // has some scary sides too.

Page 29

You see, my shifts are all over the place.
So sometimes when I wake up, I don't know where I am or what time it is
for a moment and get uneasy.
Oh no, the time!
Sorry, Ikuta-kun. Get ready to leave.
Not for my own convenience

Page 30

but things I can do
for my partner, for you.
What would they be?

Page 31

Hey! You'll miss your last train. Why are....
Let's get married!!

Page 32

You know, the law now... // No, anyway!!
You won't feel scared or uneasy anymore then---
I don't mind.
But I might marry someone else too, you know?
You still want to marry me?
....... // Eh...
That's what the new law is about, isn't it..
Handling in convenience....
Nothing good comes from it.

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