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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Aiki 88

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 13, 2012 16:00 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 88

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 88

Page 01

Bull... standing his man.

Page 02

T- Thought so...
Even the General doesn't stand a chance against Joukyuu...
(Against Joukyuu with his "Momentary 90" the resistances doesn't stand a chance!?)

Page 03

T- This will just get me from one hell to another.... right?
B- But...
Yo, Bull-kun. // Forgot you existed.
Well~~ Good that you're alive.
First you kidnapped me and then you abandoned me!!

Page 04

G- General..
Are you okay?
Why are you helping him now, Bull?
Aren't you just an errand boy for them?
Yeah... I nearly died there.

Page 05

I was trained so hard to cough up blood every day. // I always thought of wanting to flee from there.
B- But
on the other side, when the training was over...
Oh, he lifted the gorilla.
No way! The general weights 200kg! [wtf?]
So, who's that brat?
After the training, he would drink and talk with me...
M- My mom divorced, so I didn't know my father...

Page 06

I thought... this is what a dad might be like..
His training was strengthening me...
I see.
Bonded by physical exercise, huh.
Do as you please.
Yeah... You might be strong, be you don't have a shred of sympathy. That what makes you different..
I... I'll stick with him for a bit longer.

Page 07

G- General...
Hehe... Thanks to your training...
I can lift you up now.
D- Don't worry, General.
I.. I'll get you home.
He seems to have grown attached.
It's a good thing if that bum got some motivation now.
That teaching method is impossible for me.
Because you lack any kind of "sympathy".
Haha. Stop flattering me.

Page 08

Ah, right.
I'll tell you one thing, Joukyuu.
You shouldn't be all that careless.
That "Karasu" is on our side.
EH!? Daiki!? No way! // Why is he there!?
And there's also that woman who easily handles Karasu.
Watch your steps.

Page 09

is here...!?
Callas... Maria? [She's spelled the same in japanese]
The wolf called the pack together?
Well, that aside, time for the victory loot... // Huh!? Where's my loot!?
Ah, Gramps!! Don't fuck with me!!
Tch. He noticed.
They're like some greedy vultures.

Page 10

Seems the General is back.
Shall we go meet him?
We can ask him about Joukyuu's condition.
If he's conscious, that is.

Page 11

...How should I interpret this?
Looks like the foot-soldier's glorious return.
The general died on honourable death and he advanced in the ranks?

Page 12

...So you're back here again.
That's troublesome. This time they're going to bomb my place.
Thanks for your honesty.
Sorry for imposing.
They pop up everywhere we set foot on.
Nearly like some flashy stalker.
What do we do now... // Noodle or rice for dinner...
Worried about food!?

Page 13

What's up?
Shaken because of your Ex sudden appearance?
Shut up! // I never thought to meet him out here.
It doesn't matter where on the world is as long as there are martial artists gathered.
Don't worry, he isn't a danger.
He can't be fully recovered yet. // I made it so that he still has to suffer for a few years before making his comeback.

Page 14

That idiot...
Coming to a foreign country while he's not healed yet, just for practice...
Well, you should understand that part.
You're a martial artist too.
He said Karasu was handled easily.
I bet he meant Veronica.
Well--- He's at reckless as ever.

Page 15

Well, well. Go and laugh at me, Private...
I was treating you so harsh and now I'm like this...
G- General...

Page 16

I can understand being dragged half or completely dead from the battlefield... // A soldier is prepared for that.
Not only was I defeat unharmed, // but the opponent even let me flee. That's the biggest shame ever!!
Private.. I heard you carried the collapsed me...
Well, well, thanks.
As a soldier I didn't want to suffer this shame!! // I wanted to be finished off!!

Page 17

What are you saying? Don't disappoint me!!
You were such a great instructor. I don't want to see such a pathetic side now!!
Take both victory and loss dignified!!
You just need to stand up again when you have lost!!

Page 18

....What do we do now.
I'm no good with such things. // Forget about asking him now.
I can't stand to watch this any longer.
Can't be helped. We'll ask you about the situation.
You, who fled from the enemy, Dehabrant-senpai.
You have no mercy, huh.... // I have nothing to say back.

Page 19

90%.... !?
Are you sure?
Yeah.... Though I have no clue what that means...
He was going on about his left arm being momentarily at 90%...
And he was even using a fearful skill that looked like he was stopping time.

Page 20

Left arm, 90%...
A skill that looked like stopping time.... // That creeps me out more than a bad horror movie...
That's what he says, Veronica-san.
We can't blame them now.
Eh? You understood with just that?
If one of his arm is really at 90%... // then we no longer stand a chance.
Then I just need to hit him with my 100%.

Page 21

The civil war in this country seems to end.
The government faction seems to have the upper hand.
We reached an age where watching war on TV is normal, huh. // Don't know what I should think about that.
It's still fine as long as it's just on the surface. // In the past the government or mass media manipulated it as they wanted.
But when the resistance fails.. // Veronica and her crew won't be off easily too.

Page 22

We just got a special news.
It seems the resistance just got reinforcements.
Can't they show Gilligan's Island or The Beverly Hillbillies? // Boring.
Mh? Strange... That's western technology.
What's so strange? The resistance is using it alright too.
Until now, both side either had equipment from Russia or China.
Don't tell me the USA joined in now...

Page 23

Ah... It started.
What's up, Missy?
You know something?
Until know they were used as support line as not to expose them, // but if they're out in the open now, it means they decided to get started.
I don't know specifics, but it's "Compensation for funding" to the USA:
The Uranium Mine, huh...
They sold it off, huh.

Page 24

Well, I don't give a fuck what happens to his country.
The festival is on.
Time to have some fun at the stands.
Again his evil side..
We'll take back Tengoku too.
(Both side have their players ready!! A now or never fight begins...!!)

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