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Ecce S 63

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 27, 2012 15:06 | Go to Ecce S

-> RTS Page for Ecce S 63

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Kono S, Mi Yo! Chapter 63

Page 01

Don't make a girl say it~
You want me to tell where Doctor Izumiya is, right?
R-e-w-a-r-d me <3
Stigma 63: Even then, I'll

Page 02

Page 03

Stigma 63: Even then, I'll

Page 04

Page 05

being serious here, you know...
Oh my,
I'm quite serious too~~ <3

Page 06

When I think that Ootori might make his move onto Chizu-chan while I'm wasting time here....
I... I'm...
about to go crazy!!
I don't have time!!
If you know where she is, tell me!!
It's true that I know where she is.
W- Where!?

Page 07

Chizu-chan this, Chizu-chan that. It's all about her. Makes me jealous---
I was quite serious too, you know?
From the bottom of my uterus, I feel that I want to do it with you.
What will you do about my serious feelings?
Proof that my stigma was cast on her,
the mark---!!

Page 08

How will you take responsibility?
Because of me, she desires me now. And that desire won't go away until
I have done it with her once---
It's the stigma's fault!
It's the stigma's fault!!
These are just false feelings caused by the stigma---!!
Otherwise there's no way I would be having such feelings!
There's no way I would get jealous over that Rin, who
only thinks about Chizu-chan!!

Page 09

That doesn't
matter anymore...!!

Page 10


Page 11


Page 12


Page 13

To make me come with just my breasts....
You're as terrific as ever,
I know,
That actually, this
isn't even enough, is it?

Page 14

What you want
should be "this"..
Please tell me
where Chizu-chan is.
I'm being look down onto.
I'm no that kind of cheap woman you can bargain with.

Page 15

You have sex to make both parties happy.
I won't accept anything else.
You shouldn't
be able to resist this...!!

Page 16

Don't come closer!
If you come any closer... I...
I have no confidence....
that I can hold myself back....!

Page 17


Page 18

I want it! // I want your c*ck!
Finish me off with your c*ck!!
Where is Chizu-chan!?
Tell me!!
Ha- Hakone!
She's in Hakone!!

Page 19

There's a "obstetrics and genecology congress about fertilization implantation" at the Fujiya hotel in Hakone....
She went there yesterday.
A congress in Hakone since yesterday...
Then she's with Ootori, isn't she...
Before you go, one time....
Just one time is fine, please put it into me...
I feel like I can give up on you when you put it in just once...

Page 20

It seems my resolve would break if I were to put it into you, even just once...
I made...
the resolve to not have sex anymore.
Amazing, Rin-chan.
To be that faithful towards Doctor Izumiya... // Even though there are plenty of girls in the world...
that's cool,

Page 21

Nothing like that...
Not at all...
When I use my stigma...
When I forcefully make Chizu-chan fall for me with my stigma...
I can't have sex with her, so that she'll continue to love me!!

Page 22

W- Why...
did I have sex with Rin-chan...?
So that Chizu-chan won't get hurt...
I definitely can't have sex with her!!
Even then, I'll---!!

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