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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Aiki 89

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 9, 2012 11:44 | Go to Aiki

-> RTS Page for Aiki 89

Reserved for Japanzai

Aiki Chapter 89

Page 01

(Defeat Joukyuu!! What will become of the fired up teacher and his pupil!?)

Page 02

*munch* x7
You're stuffing yourselves again!!
You have enough, father!!
Why can he, but not me!?
Think of your age!!
Should I teach you my instant diet skill?
(Government vs. Resistance vs. Joukyuu!? The cards are played, now towards the battlefield with a country at stake..!!)

Page 03

Damn! I'll remember this!!
Why are you saying that to me? // Do a diet if you're frustrated.
At his age it's hard to lose kilos once they're on.
He's about to dry out, so he'll lose them naturally.
I know! If I make a DVD out of my diet skill, I'll be rich!!
I'll name it JQ Mach Shape Kampf!! [Kampf, german for battle]
(The whole states will be rooting for it!!)
That's gonna be a hit for sure. // If it weren't for the fact that only you can use it.
Can't be helped. I'll stop here for today.
C'mon, guys, onto work.
Finally it's time.
Don't pull our leg, Gramps.

Page 04

Seems they pulled a kite.
They hadn't an other choice.
Proof of that is that they're concentrating their attacks close to the mine.
Real war sure is scary.

Page 05

It's heating up just at the right time.
All the irritation finally paid off. // Men are the best when not irritating.
Which side do you want to win, Veronica-san?
Is any side still fine...
Now I wonder..
But I must say, it seems rather noisy outside.
The General made his comeback...
Seems he started some special training with his pupil.

Page 06

L- Little time out, General...
I told you I can't so suddenly. I'm not an martial art---
I- I'm saying there are steps to consider...

Page 07

We don't have the time to leisure train!! // I'll have to pound the arts into you, even just makeshift.
If you do that, it aren't really the arts, are it!?
It was you who said!!
That you want to pay it back to Joukyuu!!

Page 08

General! Let us pay back that bastard Joukyuu together!! // I also suffered greatly under him!!
Well----~~... // At that time I surely was fired up and said that on the spur of the moment...
but when I think about it calmly, no matter how much I train, I...
I couldn't stand the slightest stance against him... // He just crushed me like an ant. (And with just one leg)
You lit my fire! I won't hear any backing out now!!
You'll follow me to hell!!
That's not motivating...

Page 09

I'm still stuck with these...

Page 10

We stole this helicopter last time.
Though there's not much gas left, so it'll be a one-way ticket.
Can you fly it safely this time?
Shouldn't we wait a bit longer?
The festival is going to end if we dawdle. // Besides Mr. Bomb & Dirt will just come again if we wait.

Page 11

Balboa, you have hurt your right arm.
Wanna sit this one out?
Don't be stupid. My left is just plenty. // You too aren't fully healed.
Lao-shi... I....
Sorry, but you're just a hindrance. // You broke your rips and can't fight to your fullest.
Now then, let's go...
The fate of this country is... // not really important.

Page 12

What a bad street...
Report! // Deputy Chitanief is coming with his troops...
The deputy!?
So he was finally forced into action?

Page 13

It's still shaking after all. His piloting sucks.
I feel sick...
Oh? There's a convoy below...
A military truck convoy on a mountain track?
That track only leads to that castle. Must be their troops.

Page 14

Let's see.
How about a little surprise.
This will make us a bit lighter.
He dropped the bombs---
This helicopter has no bombs. // These are extra tanks for gas.

Page 15

W- What happened!?
An air-raid!?
No... Something that looks like a tank...!?
Who are they.
Obviously an enemy!
Open fire!
For now, let's get some warm-up exercise.
The gramp's piloting sucks, but he got good aim.

Page 16

U- Umm, Veronica-sama, another report...
Did the Deputy's car had a defect or what?
They were attacked by someone // and wiped out except the Deputy...
What... Why is the guy I want erase the most still there...
You're being too honest.
...So? Was it a raid by the government?

Page 17

Who's this dirty beggar?
Shall we pay him off?
It's me!! Chitanief!! And you know it!!
On my way here I was attack by some guys on a helicopter!!
They were without doubt martial artists!! // D- Don't tell me it were your men!?

Page 18

Specially that blonde Asian!!
Who was that!? He danced through the soldiers like a tornado...!
We're in a little twist with them right now...
A- Anyway!
Veronica! What about the uranium mine!?
If you make me wait any longer, I'm going to complain!!
....Oubliette, the convey of the Deputy was "wiped out".... // Right?
Mh? Ah, yeah....
Huh? // What are you saying?
I'm right her--- // !?

Page 19

To begin with, you were one from the government.
But you switched to the resistance when it looked favourable, like a bat waiting for it's prey.
You got corrupted shortly before the outbreak of the civil war, so it was a "favourable wind" for you....

Page 20

I'm not going to talk about "integrity" with a politician,
but good or bad person aside, a leader needs to be "capable".

Page 21

Incompetent garbage that lust for fame won't be a leader.
Garbage like you is what brings down a country!
Damn, even cutting his fat body was the worst.
Oubliette, throw him out somewhere around here.
The wolves here will be happy.

Page 22

Veronica-sama, that they only let the Deputy escape means...
Obviously it's a "greeting" from Joukyuu and Houjo.
Just like the General used Dornier.
I'm sure
he'll be here shortly.
So would should gather everyone.
He's finally coming...
Shit... I'm getting unexpectedly excited...

Page 23

The gas should run out any moment now.
That's dangerous. Hurry and land!
And I finally got used to the controls.
In cases like this, you obviously use the helicopter as one big bomb.
Then make your escape like it should be: without help!
(Take off the parachute!!)

Page 24

UWA!? We're under attack!?
Tch. They had anti-air!?

Page 25

Heh, serves you right.
Pay-back for last time.
This baby even pierces a tank.
How was the welcome shot, Catacomb?
Don't ask stupid questions.
I would have loved to add some missiles!

Page 26

Are we alive~~~
The tree saved us.
But it's hard on my old body.
Guess approaching them with the helicopter was too much.
Don't say that AFTER we have been attacked!!
Well-- The castle hadn't had any flak, so I thought it would be alright...

Page 27

Seems Joukyuu and Co are already here.
EH!? Can we really be doing our special training here then!?
Well, well, that's how a battlefield is. // The opponents won't always attack when it's convenient to you.
Impossible. Suuuuper impossible!!
How long do you plan to stay that weak-willed!?
Weren't you Joukyuu's pupil for a time!?

Page 28

You got to have at least a bit!?
Something you learned from him!!
Anyway, we gotta prepare for battle, Private Bull!!
Show me that you're a man, even if it kills you!!
NOOO. I don't mind being a pussy if it lets me stay alive!!

Page 29

There, there, there!!
You think you can win against us in the forest?
Sure, sure.
You're in the way.

Page 30

Now then...
Guess this will be my last big battle...
(The curtain to the final stage rose!! The decisive battle will turn out for him....!?)

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