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Translations: Bleach 639 by cnet128 , Gintama 555 (2) , One Piece 796 by cnet128

Ecce S 73

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 2, 2012 12:59 | Go to Ecce S

-> RTS Page for Ecce S 73

Finishing up vol 7

Kono S wo Mi Yo! Chapter 73

Page 01

A doctor conference at the Fuji Hotel in Hakone...
That's it!
Rin-kun and Chizuru-chan are there...
Stigma 73: Oral
If I take the car...
I can be there in an hour...
---What am I thinking.
What's the use in going there now.
I get it...
I really get it, but..
when I think about how these two are embracing
each other right now, my chest hurts...
I can't stay still!

Page 02+03

You just keep touching my breasts... // It's embarrassing...
Y- Yeah.
Sigma 73: Oral

Page 04

B- But they're floating in the water...
It.. It's amazing...
Don't play around..
Does it feel good?
You don't have to worry about making me feel good.

Page 05

Just being here with you is plenty satisfying.

Page 06

You don't need to check every little part with your fingers!!
Any more and I'm out of here!!
Sorry!! Sorry!!
I get it!!
I thought my finger broke...

Page 07

Umm, something is hitting on my butt!!
Well, yeah it is!!
After seeing you naked and touching you, it became like that.
Though you might be still calm about it.
Th- Then I'll do it oral...
O- Oral?
I'm saying I'll do it with my mouth <3
I'm quite skilled!! [slut]

Page 08

M- Mouth, you mean a felliato...?
You're skilled at it.... // Eh?
I... I say skilled, // but just in theory.
I learned it for some lecture about pregnant lifestyle.

Page 09

Wh- What...?
F- Forget it. I won't do it.
No, no. It's okay <3 // I was just surprised because I didn't expect it.
Please, Chizu-chan...
Do it...
No worries. I won't look at your butt.

Page 10

Sit down there.

Page 11

It's really my first time,
so if it doesn't feel good... I'm sorry...

Page 12+13

Page 14

S- Sorry, Chizu-chan!!

Page 15

I always thought I'm quick to it,
but with the mouth of my adored Chizu-chan... // Just by having her lips and tongue lightly touch it...
I sure hope she doesn't hate me.
Sorry, Chizu-chan!!
*cough* x2
I... I'm...
*cough* x2
Page 16

..... // See?
I wash shilled? [on purpose]
Awww--- I'm dying!
It's a common thing for your first time.
Don't worry about it.
I'm dying!!

Page 17

Wake up,
S- Sorry. Did I fall asleep?
I haven't slept since yesterday...

Page 18

You won't have any time
to sleep.
The night
isn't that long after all....
(Kono S Volume 7 End)

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