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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Cage of Eden 170

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 19, 2012 18:32 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 170

Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 170

Page 01

(Are the any survivors in the decayed "building"...?)
(Latest Volume 18 is selling well!)
So that's the insides of the "building"---
Chapter 170: Invisible Observer
Quite spacious... // Let's split up and search this floor.
This is...
A spot for reception...? // Quite the luxury one.
This looks like the toilets.
Oho, look here. They even had a bar!

Page 02

They really went out all out. // It's like we're in a 5-star hotel...
Living in such a place, // the people here must have been some kind of elite?
What's up, Tokiwa...?
There's someone...
Wh- What? A person...!?
Wh- Where..
Over there...
At the fourth floor.
W- Wait a moment.
I'll zoom in with my camera.

Page 03

I don't see anything...
No response... // Are you sure you saw someone, Tokiwa?

Page 04

It's pretty unlike it was a human.
Yeah, maybe it was an animal that snuck in?
I think so too. We haven't met any other humans so far after all.
So I doubt there are any here.
Hey, Sengoku! Found something?
No, nothing.
Then come here for a sec.
I want to show you something!
Come here already!!
Just go?

Page 05

This is
what you wanted to show me?
What's this...?
Some kind of toy...?
It's quite dirty...
Hey, you don't know what that is, Sengoku?
That's a model
of this island...

Page 06

A model of this island?
H- He's right. Look!
That's the "Antenna", isn't it?
Then that's the "Pyramid"...?
And to the right it's the "Light House"?
And this is...
the "building" where are at...?
Wait a sec...
The positions of the towers
matches with the one on the map...!

Page 07

That means our plane crashed around here....
And the possible man-made "Demon Mountain" is here!
Then this is the forest where the big apes attacked us...?
I must say, this island
is quite big...
But why do they have a model here? // A map should have sufficed...
Look at the side... // Something's written here.
What's this...?

Page 08

Huh? // I'm sure that's...
What's up, Eiken?
I have seen that mark before...
At the "Antenna".
At the "Antenna"?
It wasn't too obvious, but at the top should have been...
it too!
You're right. It's the same!
What's this!? [Seriously... Get a new catch-line...]

Page 09

Isn't that the mark of the Isurugi's...?
I- Igarashi-san, do you know this mark?
Huh? You guys don't know it?
That's the mark of the
big group that rose to a world scale from finance to IT, medicine
and military good in just one generation by the hands of Isurugi Toshimi,
The Isurugi Corporation!!
....An island that isn't on any maps... // Extinct animals...
I'm not surprised the corporation is involved with this weird island.
And the fact that his grandchild was on our flight
wasn't a coincidence either, in my opinion...

Page 10

This makes it clear.
This tower is hiding something...
Something that's related to what this island really is!!

Page 11

Okay, let's go!
We're going to find that "something"!
Just waiting was boring, so we went looking around...
but there truly isn't anything here!
Too bad we don't get a chance to shine!

Page 12

Yeah. If you had done well...
*flatter* <3
I would have given you a reward <3
Sieg Zion!! [what's a gundam reference doing here!???]
Hah, guys are so simple-minded.
Well, I'm a guy too.
Let's do this---
But the more you see of it, the weirder this building gets.
Small windows, a high wall... // Rather than a living-quarter
this looks like a prison.
What's up, Asuka...?
Somehow it feels like...
I have seen this building before...?

Page 13

Huh? You too?
I also felt the same.
Eh? You too, Miki-chan?
Now that you mention it...
Hee, you too? Really?
Isn't it just your imagination?
I don't have that feeling at all.
Hey, I guess the structure has some kind of meaning after all?
I mean, Mariya-kun said...
that each tower has the "will of the builder" in it... // So this tower should have some meaning too...
Uhm, what do you think, Mami-san?
I don't know, but I get
a bad feeling about this...

Page 14+15

When I look at this tower
I get a really bad feeling....
Open up---

Page 16

Damn! Why aren't the doors opening? (Though it doesn't seem like they are locked...)
The lowest floor of a building is exposed to the greatest pressure,
because the whole weight of the building presses on it.
This building is pretty old... // Unable to bear that pressure it bended and thus the doors won't open anymore.
I see. Damn..!
She sure doesn't feel any tension.
Yeah, she's always so energetic.
Hahaha, yeah.
She has always been like that...

Page 17

When she was small, she was always fighting with boys.
Stay still, Tooru.
Well, she was what you would call a rowdy kid...
And it didn't change when she grew up...
At drinking parties, she pulled some old man's joke // and was always heating up the party.
Mhm, no sex-appeal at all.
Guess so.
I'm sure, she... // has always been interested in you, Tooru-san.
Eh? But Tooru-san is...

Page 18

Well, guess it's because of our inseparable relationship...
but when I'm with her lately, I feel relieved...
Oh!? Did you hear that!!
Guys, this door opens!!
A crack in the ceiling...!!
*crack* // *crack*

Page 19

Rei, watch out!

Page 20

(Death never shows mercy. Continued in Issue 43)

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