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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Cage of Eden 171

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 23, 2012 18:08 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 171

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Cage of Eden Chapter 171

Page 01

(A sudden cave-in buries Tooru!)
(The latest volume 18 is selling well!)
Chapter 171: Last Request
D- Did moving of the door broke the balancing...?
It was that demure...?

Page 02

Wh- What was that sound!?
It came from that building over there!? // It sounded like something big broke.
Did something happen...
to the guys inside...
L- Let me go, Tooru is...
Stop it, idiot. // It's dangerous to carelessly get close there.

Page 03

Yarai!! Help me move the debris!!
No good, Sengoku. If you move it a little, the surrounding wall breaks.
If we're careless it'll bury us all.
H- How about we go around from the outside?
Through a window...
B- But the windows were at a 2m height.
Besides even if you get in through them, you don't get on the floor because the doors don't open.
What a disaster! Why did this...

Page 04

Hold it guys... // Don't go killing me off...
H- Hey, that's...
Y- Yeah...
I'm here.
You forgot my voice already?
T- Tooru-san!!

Page 05

Are you okay, Tooru-san!!
Well, somewhat...
I pushed Rei aside // and the momentum threw me to the other side.
Sorry for making
you worried...
He's alright...!!
Aren't you glad, Rei-san!
Ah... // Y- Yeah...

Page 06

Hey, are you guys alright!!
Y- Yamato! Kirino and Kairi!
What happened!? We heard a loud crash....
Don't get closer!
The ceiling is quite demure.
Just now the ceiling caved in and Rinzaishi is trapped on the other side.
Tooru-san is!?

Page 07

Th- That's horrible!! We'll help.
I'll go get the others!!
No! It'll be no joke if the ceiling caves in again when we're all here together.
Leave this to us!
O- Okay! // Just call us if you need help! (We'll go back for now)
Yeah, we'll!
Okay... what do we do?
We can't do anything about this debris immediately...
But we have to help Tooru-san...
Nah.. Go on without me!!

Page 08

Hey, hey.
Have you forgotten what we're here for?
I don't think you have time to stand around here.
We only just started looking for clues.
I'm fine here.. If I stay put, I doubt the ceiling will cave in anymore. // I'll just wait here.
You guys go on.
Okay, Tooru..!
Just wait. We'll back real quick...!
...Yeah, be careful, Rei.
Don't cause the others any trouble...
Okay, let's go!

Page 09

Uhm, Tooru-san, // are you really okay?
Is that you, Akira-kun? Yeah, I'm fine...
Th- Then I'll leave someone here for you to talk to.
Else you'll be bored alone, right? // Right, how about Rei-san...
You sure a sharp,
Seems the others are gone already...
So I guess I can tell you... // GUH...
His voice...
Tooru-san, don't tell me you're injured...!!

Page 10

Yeah... I couldn't avoid it... // My right leg is broken...
Seems my innards are hurt too. The bleeding won't stop.
Looks like I'm done for...
Not something I can show to Rei...
No way---
P- Please wait, I'll get...
No... I said I'm done for..
you might not even have the time for that.
...There was something bothering me.

Page 11

Akira-kun, // why do you think no help has come so far...
Don't you think it's strange? // A jumbo jet crashing is big news...
Even more if the Isurugi heir was on board. The news should have gone around the world...
Yet, the last few months...
not a single search plane // or boat appeared...
That's not the only strange thing. // There's also something strange about Igarashi-san's story.
About the mark on the island's model...
The Isurugi corporation mark...?

Page 12

Back then Igarashi-san said // that Isurugi Yoshimi brought up the corporation in a single generation...
That means the corporation is at best 40 years old.
But think about it...
Do the equipment or machines here
look like they are from 30~40 years ago...?
Isn't this tower way too old
as to be related to a corporation that he build in a single generation...?

Page 13

The truth of this island might actually be completely different from what we think it is....
Tooru-san, what are you....
You have to
find that answer.
Guh... // *cough* x2
! // T- Tooru-san.
Hah. Hah... // Akira-kun, I have a request...
Take care of Rei.
Despite her appearance...
she's quite the cry-baby...

Page 14

Akira-kun, what are you doing!
Hurry up already!
Akira-kun, please..
save the others...!
What are you dawdling for!
Go already. // Akira-kun!!

Page 15

Hey, I think we should go back.
I mean, that noise sounded horrible.
Indeed, something might have happened...
Kokonoe-sensei, what shall we do...
What's the matter, Kokonoe-sensei?
...There's something over there.
Eh? I don't really see anything...
Look closely. Something's showing up there.

Page 16

I wonder what it is...?
Let's take a look.
Y- Yes!
What's this...
It's quite degraded,
but it's looks like FBR...! [Fibre-reinforced plastic]
And this plate thing is metal... About 8m.
! // This looks like a door.

Page 17

Ah... // I.. I see...
I know what it is!!
Look! These long plates are connected in the middle. // It's a propeller.
P- Propeller..?
A propeller means...
This is // a helicopter...!!
A helicopter!?

Page 18

Th- This island had helicopters...?
But why is it laying here?
Who knows.
Hey, hey. // More importantly...
Why is it all smashed....?
It's completely flattened...
Was it run over by animals...
B- But is there an animal that can do that?
Even an elephant couldn't do it...
Isn't it that one!?

Page 19

The furry one that attacked the plane before...
! // That big one!!
I think it was a huge sloth called Megatherium.
D- Damn! Is it still around here!?
Hey, couldn't it have been some other animal...?
Eh... Asuka? // Don't say weird stuff...
There's no way that there's
another monster of that calibre...

Page 20

Be careful. It's decayed everywhere.
I get the feeling that... // we're being watched from somewhere after all...
(The overly dangerous inspection of the ruins. Still only the first part of hell.)
(Continued in Issue 44)

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