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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Beatless - Dystopia 1

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 5, 2013 19:33 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

-> RTS Page for Beatless - Dystopia 1

Reserved for Schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 01

Cover 01

It's my first time writing a close future SF, but I love the genre. It was really hard to work on, but it's an interesting piece, so I enjoyed it. My skills my still be lacking, but I hope you can enjoy it nevertheless. --Uguisu Kagura

Cover 02

---I believe in that smile. Even if you don't have a soul---
2015 A.D. Japan
The humanoid android hlE became part of people's life and was handling the things human could and couldn't do. Endou Arato, unlike his friends Kenko and Ryou who hate hlE, felt sympathy for hlE which are supposed to be just objects. One night, Arato suddenly gets assaulted by mysterious falling cherry blossoms that make hlE and machines run havoc. Will the cornered Arato be saved by the mysterious hlE Lasia....

Page 01

In his sleep, Arato was always seeing two dreams.
Phase1 [Encounter]
The first was a nightmare about being engulfed by flames.
The second was a dream about a dog shaking it's tail.
I'm Endou Arato.
Let's be friends.

Page 02+03

Phase1 [Encounter]

Page 04

[Table of Contents]

Page 05

So hot.
And it's only April...
Arato, you sure can sleep during class.
Is that something you, who also slept just as long, should say?
It's fine, Kengo. I prepared plenty for class yesterday already.

Page 06

I envy you for your only good trait, intelligence.
Don't praise me.
Well, // the reason while I'm still in school is so that I can develop my socializing.
I learn more during the break than in class.
Intelligence is just pointless in our time.
Rich people sure are dynamic. // And your excuses too.
Then, what's this about?
School exists for breaks right?
[On phone: Supplementary Tasks]
According to my analysis, in ten years a human's job will be
(Hey, my honeys!!)
only to get along with girls!!

Page 07

Kaidai-san, // impressive how you can say that here.
You already hit on every girl in class, right.
Since that was my goal this year. // One per week.
(I worked really hard)
Ryou hitting on the girls made their relation only worse. // In the end, the girls all hate him.
Now even the boys avoid him.

Page 08

Since we're old buddies, we stand out in class.
Ryou, you said school was for socializing, right?
Then learn by getting stabbed one day.
I agree.
Oh right.
I made an appointment with the girls from the neighbour high school on Sunday,
you come too, Arato.
I have to pass. I promised my sister to play with her...

Page 09

There's no way Yuka-chan would ask out her brother when he's low on cash right now.
What do you know about Yuka!?
He likes to involve you.
It's fun being with Arato.
He might be a real idiot, if you reset his brain.
And Kengo and me might be idiots too for hanging out with him.

Page 10

Okay then...
What you say about watching cherry blossoms?
Let's watch them // this Sunday.
You sure don't give up.
How many did you invite?
4 girls.
Hey, go apologize to them already. // Even if Kengo and me go, we're only three.
you're implying I only have two friends, right.

Page 11

Isn't that right.
No! I have others!
Okay, let's go.
I'll help her.
She isn't human.

Page 12

When you interfere with an hlE's work,
it'll only be an disturbance to them.
There are lots of Androids called hlE in our city.
Still, I want to help her.
Humans can't directly express their feelings, so they do it by actions.
Let me help. The lights are about to change.
But even non-humans can do that already.
Thank you.

Page 13

That's our reality.
In 2105, Japanese society // functioned by letting Androids filling in the gaps in society.
You're the type to get tricked easily, for sure.
I just want to be nice to girls. // Actually, you guys should help too.
...That girl in the Taiyaki store.

Page 14

Can you tell she's an hlE?
No... Is that so?
Same goes for the clerk in the Soba store over there
and so is the salesgirl at the supermarket near the sky tree.
Any hlE will help an elder person when they see them.
(How about a taiyaki?"
They sure are working hard.

Page 15

The hlE aren't working hard at all.
Are you the type to cheer on a turning motor?
I'm free to think what I want.
A fairytale.
Science has made it's way into the land of fairytales.
Even non-science people were convinced. That's what I call progress.
They're running their mouths.
What's with that cat.
It's pulling on something heavy...

Page 16

Uwa // UWAA!!
(H- Hey....)

Page 17

There's someone around lately that smashes hlE.
They found a couple of scraps.
What a waste.
"What a waste"....
You mean, poor thing, no!?
If something of the worth of a car gets turned into scraps // it's only normal to call it a waste.

Page 18

Don't touch it.
We don't know where it's from.
Even so...
It // doesn't really need to be dump into the bin, does it.

Page 19

Don't be mistaken, Arato.
hlE aren't humans.
They're just helping humans on a set pattern.
They look like humans // and behave all well
to make them more attractive to buy.
It's a fabricated advertising.
They are just

Page 20

Surely, no one is making a ruckus about it.
I also got calmer knowing it wasn't a murder.
Still, because it looks humanoid,
it's hard to just throw it away.
Let's hand it to the police.
I can't // bring myself to throw it away.

Page 21

That night
something started to move.

Page 22

Yuku, are you stupid?
You call that having a snack!? (You only ate the pork sweet and sour...)
Tell me what you were thinking while I was getting the rice.
Like an animal.
But you took so long with the rice---

Page 23

(30 minutes ago // An explosion at Tokyo Bay's 2nd land reclamation)
it's an explosion.
This looks close, but is far away, right---
Idiot. It's close by. // By linear distance it is.
So it's close, I see. That's serious. // Maybe class will be suspended tomorrow---
It won't.
I hope no one was injured---
She's too spoiled, // but a kind girl.

Page 24

It was an hlE company. // Brother, work part-time and buy one like this.
Ah, no more rice.
Let's go with fried noodles then.
EH! // I don't want fried noodles again---
Please make it rice.
We have no more rice, so we have to buy it.

Page 25

While you're at it, buy some ice-cream. // Ice-cream!
(Ice-cream please)
What you mean "while at it".... (So spoiled)
Love ya <3
So cheep. // I'm going out shopping late in the night just with that!?
You're going?
Today with that explosion, it's too dangerous for a girl to go out.

Page 26

I hope there will be an explosion somewhere tomorrow too.
How undue.
(Be careful)
(Sure, sure)
I say all that, but I'm happy she relies on me.
I'm really spoiling her...
But I wonder if it's alright after that explosion.

Page 27

Oh my, out shopping?
Good evening. // You're shopping too, Marie-san?
Yeah. // We were out of rice.
Oh right, Marie-san was an hlE too. // The landlord's.
(Let's walk together.)
Okay, got everything I need.

Page 28

I gotta hurry back or Yuka will compl... // ?
What's... // this.
Amazing. What's this?
N- No clue?

Page 29

So pretty.
H- Hey...
Guess if she, a hlE didn't sense any danger it's alright.
(Wait, Marie-san...)
Geez, what's with these blossoms.
Marie-san, you're going too...

Page 30

Ah, there she is...
I got a bad feeling....
Hey, Mar--
My legs won't move....!

Page 31

M- Ma- Marie-s--

Page 32


Page 33

What's this.
What the.
This can't be happening.
It isn't real.
I gotta run or I'm in trouble.
But to leave Marie-san behind...:

Page 34

Whaat the!!

Page 35

Ouch...! Hit my shoulder.
Y- Yuka is waiting.
I gotta hurry back.
!! Again...
Just who...

Page 36

Give... me a rest already.
Let me wake up if this is a dream.
...Saying that won't solve anything.
For now, I have to...

Page 37

These flames shackled me.
It was the same scene I saw countless time in my nightmare.
I sensed this was the end. // That's why
Help me. // Someone, // Help meee

Page 38

The silhouette
I saw back then

Page 39

Page 40+41

I was speechless to
this amazing beauty.

Page 42

You requested help.
Phase1 [End]

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2013
Dude...Vacation, ever heard the word? :P

You are working too much XD
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2013
Vacation = 10 translation per day, no?
#3. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2013
No! I think I found a good manga you may like but I forgot. I only remember it having girl x girl and swimsuit...not sure on the last one. Still a tanned beauty it had!
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2013
That description fits around the last 100 hentai I read.....
#5. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2013
This didn't have any loli in it. I bet you are down to 5 now ;)
#6. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2013
/me blushes
If you knew....
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