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Beatless - Dystopia 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 16, 2013 15:16 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

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Forgot to add.
Reserved for Schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 02

Page 01

sought // for help.
Phase2 [Contract]
name is
...I'm Endou Arato.

Page 02

Phase2 [Contract]

Page 03

Let's run! // You'll turn crazy too if that hits you.
Why do we have to run?

Page 04

Are you scared?
Of course!!
We might die!!
Everyone is scared of that.
Then you just need to
overcome that fear.
And then?
If not here, // where will you fight?

Page 05

What can I do?
It'll be a real mess once people come out after they heard the explosion...
Shit! At this rate, Lacia too will...

Page 06

I'm scared... So scared that I'm about to go crazy.
Don't move now.
You should be fine for now.

Page 07

Once you actually try it,
there are thing one can do.
Let's go!

Page 08

You're a hiE, right? // Can't you contact the police?
The police has no ways to stop the enemy.
I see... Too bad.
...Endou Arato.

Page 09

Do you trust me?
She isn't a normal hiE.
She might be even related to this petal shower.
I trust you!
doubting a girl would be lame.

Page 10

We'll be at my house in around five minutes.
...Will it be alright to go home like this?

Page 11

What are you...
Endou Arato, // I have
a request for you.

Page 12

Please become my owner.
Owner? // You mean, you'll become mine?
I concluded // that you're appropriate to be my first owner.

Page 13

No way... // You don't know anything about me!!
you said that you trust me.

Page 14

We reached a decision. // Confirming the contract.
There is one thing I ask
of you.
I'm a tool,
so I can't take responsibility. // Therefore
you take // the responsibility.

Page 15

Now then, securing owner's physical data.
Once I have confirmed the date, please agree twice.
Setting Endou Arato as the owner of the Class Lacia humanoid Interface Elements Type-005. // The hIE and the device <Black Monolith> are self-operating,

Page 16

so the owner will shoulder all responsibility of it's actions.
Do you agree?
Starting the life log of the owner.
These records will be made accessible on a juristic claim // and will be used on any lawsuits.
Another confirmation is needed to release the lock on the device.

Page 17

Contract complete.

Page 18

Is this a concentrated attack!?
To stop the unit, which is currently attacking us,
I suggest the disconnection of light data transfer.

Page 19

Do it at once if it helps us!
But // the needed meta-material barrage // will also affect wireless current supply in the area.
Should there be any humans around with life support system,
these systems will be shut down too.
And the one to take responsibility for that
is you, my owner.

Page 20

Your orders, Owner.
There's a possibility to endanger humans close by,
but will we attack?
Endanger... Responsibility... That pressure is killing me.
But I
trust her.
Do it!!

Page 21

Page 22+23

Page 24+25


Page 26

The petals
are gone...
Did... Lacia do this?
Just who is she...
Phase2 [End]

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