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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Beatless - Dystopia 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Feb 13, 2013 06:58 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

-> RTS Page for Beatless - Dystopia 3

Reserved for schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 03

Page 01

It's all...
Phase3 [New Days]
Attacking with the Metamaterial membrane, which has a negative refraction index, // turned the small unit groups transparent by the given frequency band.
The units were isolated from the command signal and wireless power source, rendering them impotent.
Not like I understand anything of that....

Page 02

It can't see the petals, but I feel them.
To say it simply, // they're in a state where light passes through them. Signals no longer reach them.
(Signal // Receive)
(Signal // Pass Through)
All these thousand of petals here
where hit in an instant!?

Page 03

*rustle* x6
This is // amazing.
(Huh? It's gone...)
For a second, she looked like a huge beast.
This beautiful girl

Page 04

appeared dreading.
Phase3 [New Days]

Page 05

..Oh, right. // How long has it been since I met you?
Around 8 minutes.
Good. Then the ice-cream should be still fine.
I'm home.
So slow, Onii-chan~~
*stomp* x3

Page 06

Don't think shopping is such an easy task.
(Hope there aren't any petals on it)
I'm Lacia.
Nice to meet you.
(Ah, ehm..)

Page 07

What should I do...
Onii-chan bought a girl...
Don't make me sound like a pervert.
I didn't pay for her.
I apologize for my brother. // I'll give my best to guide him back on the right path.
I believe // this is his first offence, probably.
Yuka, it's a misunderstanding!!
What's there to misunderstand, stupid Onii-chan!!

Page 08

Well, of course she'll surprised when I go out shopping late at night and bring a girl back with me.
(Ueh~) x2
I'm not a human, but an hIE. Therefore it's not a crime that he brought me with him.
I had no owner and he picked me up. // We formed an official contract.
Eh, // really?
(I'm glad~)
Should I be happy that she was worried or should I be sad that she doubted me...
Hey, // since we're on the topic.
Can we keep // Lacia...-san at our house?

Page 09

Yeah, sure.
You picked her up, right. // So nothing wrong with it.
I should tell Yuka about what happened earlier. // I don't want her to get into trouble.
Listen, Yuka. I...
When I was shopping, tons of petals came down with a "bam".
And Marie-san from Yuzawa-san broke down.
That attack might be aimed at this girl here.

Page 10

No good. It's so unreal that I can't explain it well...
(Is my brother okay?)
(Yes, no problem)
Lacia, do you know who's behind that attack?
I do not know.
Figured... // Look, I was hit by a car here.
Though Lacia saved me later.
That's good that she saved you.
Right. I barely did anything.

Page 11

It's not even running on the news.
if it's dangerous and you still brought her here, // doesn't that make you an idiot?
You didn't put your trust in Lacia, but in me, who brought her here.
She's ours now, right? // hIE can made food, right?
I can't wait to eat it~~

Page 12

If it's about food, // I can access the business cloud data and start immediately.
Is that delicious?
The user rating is five stars.
I love you <3
Hey wait.
(Hurry, hurry~)
You would accept anyone that spoils you?
A show on TV said that a hIE's eyes are cameras and record everything.
If Marie-san was there, then everything was recorded.
I'm sure the police will do something about it when it gets bad.

Page 13

Yeah, right.
That's what the police is there for.
I was too stressed out. // Regardless of who's responsible of that petal shower,
it's way to absurd for me to fight that someone.
Because I never intended to be Lacia's owner forever.
I didn't even image that this "special" girl would become a part // of Yuka's and my life.
You always give it too much thought, Onii-chan.

Page 14

Rather than worrying about who she is,
it's more important // what she can do for me!
I envy you for your personality.
You'll be in trouble now, Onii-chan--- // You used up all of your life's luck.
Don't say such jinxing stuff. (What if you're right!)
If you're worried, just ask her.
Will it be dangerous for us to keep you?
According to what I heard from you, Yuka-san,
there will be no danger.

Page 15

See, it's fine.
We can cross any bridge when we get to it.
Lacia is troubled right now.
Okay, // let's make dinner.
I confirmed the contents of the fridge.

Page 16

What did you to make it into this? (I don't think we had any fancy ingredients...)
Who cares.
(So good~)
(So quick)
Help yourself before it gets cold.
Ah, yes.
No use in thinking about it, huh.
We siblings sure are a fine pair of naive humans.
(Uwa, it taste like in a restaurant)
(Right, it's so good~)

Page 17

Sorry // that you had to make food as soon as you got here.
Do not worry.
To begin with, hIE were made for chores and care-taking.

Page 18

Aw, no good. // I got so over-conscious of her skin
that I feel weird now..
Uwa, // this might be bad.
Her body... was so soft.

Page 19

Lacia will be here now every day.
Even though I know she's not human, // I don't know how to handle it..
Maybe I really used up all my luck, just like Yuka said?
Seems that I'm quite the simpleton!
Owner, would it be better I take my leave?
N- No, it's fine. It's nothing.
(I showed an embarrassing side of me...)

Page 20

I prepared some tea.
Wow. // You can even do that.
(That container was used to cool down water?)
Thank you.
But a hIE is connected to the network // and all actions are merely accessed from the management could service.

Page 21

When I pour tea, I'm linked to clips of humans doing it
and my body merely // imitates it.
Feels like I was lectured by her.
hIE are tools.
Reminds me, Ryou said the same.

Page 22

I believe you lack the basic knowledge of hIEs, Owner.
Does it trouble you when I'm nescient?
Speaking of,
where are you from, Lacia?

Page 23

Is that knowledge necessary to deepen our relationship?
If I think about it, I don't know anything about you.
Knowing would be better for the future.
It'll be easier for us when we know each other better.
When I met Lacia, I felt that she's reliable and trustworthy.
I wanted to get closer to her. And
if possible, I wanted to repay her with actions.

Page 24

I suppose you're a good person.
you're vitally mistaken.
I do no
possess a soul.
Phase3 [End]

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