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Beatless - Dystopia 6

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jun 7, 2013 17:48 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

-> RTS Page for Beatless - Dystopia 6

Reserved for Schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 06

Page 01

Phase6 [Relative Distance]

Page 02

Lacia continued to draw people's attention.
The closer the shooting got to Shibuya, the more people gathered.
It's not that my actual distance to her is all that great,

Page 03

but if feels like she's going far away...
Kisaragi-san, we're switching cameras.
Hey, what are you spacing out for.
The job this time is a free spectator shooting.
Once she enters Shibuya, // stuff gets real.

Page 04

---All the street advertising
will show real life footage // and coupons of close by shops.
Lacia everywhere.
Like that we can appeal to a mass of costumers at once. // It's Fabion MG's special move.
Quite the fitting stage for Lacia-chan's debut, don't you agree?

Page 05

Our and the last Grand Prix top model will meet up // close at the Hachikou.
What an elation.
Is it because the top models are there?
We have something special planned for the scramble crossroad.
It's supposed to be the climax there.
(We have to hurry or we'll miss it)
Excuse me, let me through.
Ah, there she is!

Page 06

That's Angela-chan from the previous Grand Prix.
And // that's our hlE top model, Yuri-chan.
Okay, it's time for today's main event, Arato-kun.

Page 07

Together with their meet up, the traffic lights turned green
and four large tracks stopped at the crossroad at red lights, surrounding it.
And then
music was played out loud.

Page 08+09

For a few seconds, the place turned into a stage.
A perfectly calculated play
that connected to three hlE.

Page 10

A feat only possible since they are hlE.
You see the building they went in?
Anything Yuri wears right now can be bought there.
There's business is gonna boom...
Also, ten shops around here gave out coupons. // So one can hang out here all day.
Ah! You're rigth!

Page 11

It was like a festival to draw out all money of the people.
All the girls attracted by Lacia
are of the age as we predicted.
What the...
Ah, right!
I knew something was off.
No one is bothered by the fact that they aren't humans.
Kyaa!! It's Lacia!
[cut off] Do you know of analog hack?
I never thought I would see her in real life.
Huh? What?

Page 12

It means they look like humans, but don't have a human's reasoning.
So it creates a gap between them and humans, who can reason.
Humans come in contact with hlE, // thus a security hole called "benevolence" was created.
So you mean all these peoples are hacked into buying stuff...?
Your Lacia-chan // is using her "appearance" to make humans act on their own.
She's hacking society!!
There are also a lot of couples....
Guess it's a cheap date with these coupons...

Page 13

It's not Lacia who hacks them, // but your company.
You have a point.
But she does is so perfectly.
In the end, Lacia went up to the department store at Dougenzaka.
Good job.
You won't get close to Lacia-chan until the customers are gone, // so you can take a break.
Good, I wouldn't know what to talk about at the moment.

Page 14

Stop it!
Wh- What!?
Stop it. Let me go!
Don't get in my way!!
What happened?
He seems he grabbed
Lacia-chan's shoulder in the store.

Page 15

D- Damn!!
Stuff like this happens from time to time.
It's the negative part of the analog hack.
In jobs with "appearance" the "reasoning" can go out of the window.
Then Lacia-chan's job is dangerous?
Ah, ehm,
The audience will be made to act before they think. // That's what the analog hack aims at.
For us it's business, // but the users only see their own "reasoning".
But that reasoning becomes a delusion and they run amok.

Page 16

Compared to these cases with human models or stars,
the hlE
are somewhat looked down as "things" by the users.
So there are worse cases with hlE than with humans.
Anyway, we perfectly follow up on it. // So rest assured.
After that, the job finished without any problems.
You sure? I can drive you home.
It's okay. I want to walk.
They said they would give you guards. // You sure rejecting it was okay?

Page 17

It is no needed. If there are hlE guards close by
they will the location of your house.
Even then, // there's no way they will misuse that information.
A security company will have that information.
As soon as we meet, she was attacked.
The security company might not trust Lacia.
Well, // we can ask them when it gets suspicious.

Page 18

...You were amazing, Lacia.
She's the same from this morning,
but she felt so far away...
I have not changed.
She seems so alive when she's so close by.

Page 19

Dial's new summer product.
It really // suits you.
I met her under that attack,
so I never really walked besides her.
Still, she's already becoming
a part of my life.
Soon I can't even imagine my life without her.

Page 20

Are you being overmodest?
It's the Grand Prix, isn't it.
Even if I'm your owner, // I feel bad to think you're just mine...
I never knew this feeling until I accompanied her to the job.

Page 21

This movement was in the show...
If you are sad that the show was for everyone,
then this time
I will do it just for you.
It's the same road as always, // but with Lacia

Page 22

What's with that crowd.
Did something happen?
Mh? Yeah.
Looks like a hlE was broken.
Is that someone, who according to Kengo goes around breaking hle, // near my house?

Page 23

But why is there a crowd now...
I see!
The police is here.
(Even if you bring us this...)
It's quite different from before.
The owner was with the hlE.
It seems the owner was hurt in an attempt to protect the hlE.
Hurt.... That's bad.

Page 24

A group of three man in a big white van // tried to kidnap a female hlE.
On that occasion, // the owner attacked the culprits to hinder them.
The owner will be fully healed in one week.
Breaking a hlE won't become a case,
but since there was a victim it became like this.
Human and things are different. So a difference is obvious.
But // I can't brush it off so easily.
Do not worry.
The hlE was fine too.

Page 25

I want to ask how she knows all that, // but better not.
(I can pretty much guess it though...)
Please don't touch the tape.
Ah, sorry..
TCH // Just a hlE.
You're just a hlE, so don't give me orders.
Damn, I'm pissed.
How violent.
Owner, // should I take that outbreak of this man as just a temporarily one?

Page 26

I listen to him and the surrounding conversations.
Judging by that, he // should have known that there's a possibility that the police officer is a hlE.
Analog hack.
Before he mistook her "appearance" and obeyed. // You can say that he was analog hacked.
But he got angry at the fact that he was analog hacked.

Page 27

I participated in the analog hack as a model,
but I supposed I should have calculated how much hostility it can create.
It's okay.
When something happens, I'll save you.
The owner takes responsibility for the hlE, right?
So if it gets dangerous... I'll apologize and you can quit the job.
Okay. // But there is no need to worry, Owner.
Because she has no soul, // so she doesn't have bad intentions, is what I thought.

Page 28

What's // this.
What the fuck!!?
she's emitting that signal.
Phase6 [End]

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