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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Beatless - Dystopia Prelude


+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 27, 2013 14:50 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

Reserved for Schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 0

Page 01

The Phase0 [Omen] starting from the next page is a prologue to Beatless Dystopia. Like the title suggests, it's an omen towards the main story and portraits the danger on hlE, who surpassed the human mind.

Page 02

Phase0 [Omen]
Humanoid Interface Elements. So called humanoid robots.
hlE can undertake most physical actions.
So they can help out everywhere
and the world has become so convenient.

Page 03

Phase0 [Omen]
But an unexpected incident occurred---

Page 04

Team Chest, we'll confirm it again before the mission.
The mission is to destroy or capture the five hlE, which escape due to the // explosion in the lab.
What a quaint mission.
Originally hlE aren't able to "escape".
They are radio controlled dolls that "mimic" humans.
And look at this weapon list that MemeFrame allowed us to use...
Total overboard for just five hlE.
!! What now!!

Page 05

Target hlE is approaching the control container.
Stop it!! // If the container is destroyed, we can't control our weapons anymore!
Ahaha <3
Five aside, even one is causing such destruction...!

Page 06

Can't you send your team over?
No! I can't operate them anymore after some unknown shot.
Damn! // Already such a chaos only after a few minutes.
It's aiming for the container!!

Page 07

Our client finally gave us information.
Don't go for all at once. First take down the easiest one.
Yusef, read it. I'm watching the battle right now.
Class Lacia // humanoid Interface Elements
Usage: Unknown---
Equipped with a quantum computer.
Can make high-level decision even without the network.

Page 08

Type-001 Code <Crimson Fog>
Type-002 Code <Snow Drop>
Type-003 Code <Saturnus>
Type-004 Code <****>

Page 09+10

Code <Lacia>

Page 11

Yusef, connect us back to the network. // What happened!!
Using MemeFrame's transmission line, someone
hacked into us. I can't get back the connection.
Electronic warfare, huh.
In an high-tier battle using unmanned machines, transmissions are everything.
If these "girls" decoded the military's code and hacked the system,

Page 12

they are way too dangerous!!
We lost all five hlE!
Plan A considers that they escaped into the sea.
Into the sea, huh...
One of their "tools" already had such power.
We don't even know what kind of power the others hold.
Just what did we let get away....

Page 13

The meeting with an unknown girl would change the boy's life gravely.
But he didn't know that yet.
Phase0 [End]

Page 14

Page 15

Dear Uguisu Kagura-san.
Congratulations on the "Beatless-dystopia" serialization. Drawing a SF story is hard in various meanings. Specially a town 100 years in the future has many unknown features and one can lose himself easily there. I enjoyed reading your hard work on that every day. The incredible cute drawings, including the minor hlE characters, portrait the world so good that I, as the author, am very grateful. In short, the Lacia you drew is really cute.
From Hase Satoshi, August 2012

Page 16


A story about humans and things. A profound SF story by the author Hase-san and the illustrator redjuice-san.

I was surprised all the time by the revealing plot with a "This was all planned out!?".

SF might be a genre that's hard to get into, but as a reader and artist, I hope this manga peeked your interest and you'll try out the novels.

I believe it will help you sort out things that you didn't understand in the manga...!

Please look forward to the next volume!

Uguisu Kagura, 2012.9

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