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Psyren 90

Harukaze Academy

+ posted by Queenofmuffins as translation on Oct 10, 2009 07:23 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 90

Reserved for Binktopia.

Again, sorry for the late trans guys. ;_;
Translator + Exams = hardly any free time. >.<"

-CALL.90: Harukaze Academy.
-Toshiaki Iwashiro
Left text: The Academy where Miroku was brought up... Junas is there!!?

-Yous closin' down?

-Yes. The children who used to be here have moved to another place so we're no longer needed.
-Well, it can't be helped...The staff and the proprietor too are no longer here anymore...

-They're gone?

-Yes, they've gone missing. Not just that, the staff have all been here for about 10 years.

- My best friend was the proprietor of this Academy, / So the police are investigating it for us now.

-For the sake of my old acquaintance I came here and started working as a laborer.
-Now there are only the volunteer youths I hired and several children still staying here. / As for the temporary staff, they got scared and quit long ago.

Sign: Child Orphanage Harukaze Academy
-Honestly...if this is someone's handiwork...
-Then why do they have such a grudge against the Orphanage...?

-We're searchin' fer someone. We jus' wanna take a look at some of yer old records- is dat alright? We wont's disturb you.

-Are you reporters?

-We're not dat sort of shady guys. We're also volunteers who want ta help people, old man.
-Says a Yakuza and ex-robber...!

-I don't think I have that many records left.

-So we're pursuing that guy who impersonated Inui's younger brother, huh?

-...Dat so? Amagi Miroku was here when he was a child? / First things first, let's fish out those records.

-The Albums?

-It's all been stolen!

-Yeah, 3 of them. / I have no idea about how they finally knew about this place.

-They're an interference.
-I'll kill 'em all.

-Wait, Junas.
-Don't forget the real reason why you were sent there. / Our first priority is the acquisition of the "Creator".

-Leave those men alone. Just hurry up and find the owner of the [Creator]'s power.
-Destroying my records do not matter, I already saw to most of them myself.

-Don't worry, I have an idea who the one using 'Creator' is...

-Play nice, Junas.

-Hey, you!

-What are you doing, playing hooky? Go keep helping you retard!
[Why is such a gansta guy helping out at an orphanage? o_O]
-Hey, I told you to drop it!

-What's with that look in your eyes?
-Are you trying to challenge my leadership...!?

-Stop it! That's enough!!
-Now is not the time to for us to be fighting with our colleges!

-What's with him...!?

Text: If that guy hadn't been stopped... he would have definitely stabbed him.

SFX: *crack*
SFX: *whip* (head turning)

-That was close...

-Onii-chan, are you a bad guy?

-That's dangerous! Get down from there!

-Bugger off.


-All traces have been obliterated, huh.
-Dey have been cleanly disposed of. / So dat jus' makes it seem more like he has been here before.

-There was a dangerous guy burning albums and documents out the back.


-So they're scattering and leaving for another orphanage, huh.

-Hey, you guys. A small girl's gone missing. Did she come this way?
-She's about 4 years old with a scar on her brow.

-Even though I told her to stay in the house she got dizzy and went outside again...!

-Oh, yeah. That brat was near the warehouse.
-Ya should've remembered dat earlier, bastard.

-I'll go look for her.

-You're the same as always.
-Shut up.

-Brats are his weakness after taking care of his sister for so long.

-Eyes, eyes...

-Demons, demons...

-The dark roses are strong in fire...

-Hey, little gir...

-Fwoosh, fwoosh, stretch out your limbs...
-Reach up to the sky...Fwoosh, fwoosh!

-Fwoosh, fwoosh!

-Fwoosh, fwoosh, fwoosh!
-Reach up to the sky...Fwoosh, fwoosh!



-A Psychicer...!?

-Can use PSI...!?


-"Bishamon – Tsubute,"
[SHRIMPY'S NOTES: = Bishamon is the Japan-ized Vaisravana, a Buddhist deity. Simply put he's the god of war. You've probably seen his face on practically everything (video games, other manga, cultural arworks/sculpture/wallscrolls), and his name even appears on (some) paper lanterns. Tsubute” means to “throw stones”.]

-"Trick Room"!!!

-Run away!
-Hurry up!!

-Oi! What the hell are you doing!?

-No more 'Mr. Nice Guy'.

Text: Junas's true blood-thirsty nature has been exposed!!

-Next week, Junas's tyranny won't stop!! Facing each other, the fate of Kagetora is....!?

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2009
Go study!
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