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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Psyren 90

The Harukaze Academy

+ posted by unok-kun as translation on Oct 10, 2009 02:15 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 90

Well, I decided to give it a try. It's been so long without translating Psyren from any language to any language...

Alright, first a few things:
1. I didn't characterize yet. That means I didn't change Kagetora's speech to slang and that stuff... DONE
2. My Japanese sucks ass. DONE
3. My English isn't too good... DONE


CALL.90 ”はるかぜ学園”
CALL.90 – The Harukaze Academy
弥勒が育った学園・・・ そこに、星将(ジュナス)の影が!!?
Non-bubble: The school in which Miroku was raised... And the star commander Junas is there!!?

Kagetora: Closed down?

「これは、未来と現代を行き来し死のゲームを潜り抜けながら、世界崩壊の運命を変えんとする少年達の物語。 雨宮は、碓氷の能力が原因で記憶の一部を失い、別の人格が芽生え始めていた・・・。一方、祭(マツリ)の依頼を受けた影虎は、弥勒がいた学園を訪れる。そこに待っていたのは、星将(ジュナス)・・・!?」
Summary: This is the tale of one young man and his friends as they fight for both their lives and for a way to change the fate of the world's destruction. Amamiya lost part of her memories due to Usui's power, and another personality has begun to sprout inside her... Meanwhile, Kagetora accepted Matsuri's request and visited the school Miroku attended. And the star commander Junas was waiting there...!?

『ああ 今いる子供達も他所へ移ってここを閉めるんだよ』『まあ仕方ないさ 職員も経営者もみんないなくなっちまったんだから・・・』
Old man: Yes, the children here will be moved to other places and this place will be shut down. // Well, it can't be helped, the owner and the employees are gone...
Kagetora: They disappeared...?

『ああ行方不明だよ それも10年以上も前からいた職員ばかり』私の友人だったこの学園の経営者もね | 今警察が捜査してくれてるよ』
Old man: Yes, they're missing. What's more, the employees have been here for more than 10 years. // The owner of this school is also my friend. / Now he's being searched by the police.

『昔のよしみでここを引き払う作業をしてるんだ』『もうここには私が雇ったボランティアの若者達とまだ残ってる数人の子供達しかおらんよ | 日の浅い職員たちなら怯えてとっくに辞めた』
Old man: I was asked to clear out the place since I was someone he knew. // Now the only people left here are some young volunteers and a few of the children. / All of the newer employees were scared of what happened and quit a long while ago.

Old man: Gosh... it's hard to believe someone did this. // What kind of grudge could they possibly have against an orphanage?
【児童養護施設 はるかぜ学園】
Sign: Children Orphanage – Harukaze Academy

『・・・・・・』『人探しをしてるんだ 昔の記録を調べたいんだがいいか? あんたらの邪魔はしねェよ』
Kagetora: ...... // I'm lookin' for someone. Would ya mind if I take a look at tha records? I promise I won't get in the way.

Old man: Are you reporters?

『そんなうさんくさいモンじゃねえよ オッサン オレ達も人助けのボランティアさ』
Kagetora: Nah, pops. We ain't shady folks like that. We're also volunteers here on behalf of someone we're helpin'.
Lan: A member of the yakuza and an ex-burglar...!

Old man: Help yourselves, but I don't think there's much you'll find here.

Lan: We're after the man who impersonated Inui's brother.
『・・・そうだ 子供の頃天戯弥勒はここにいた』『その記録をまず探し出す』
Kagetora: ...I see. Amagi Miroku was here as a child. // First, let's find dose records.

Lan: ...An album?
Kagetora: !!

Kagetora: Shit, beat us to it.

『ああ 三人だ | どうやってここに辿り着いたかよく分からないが』
Junas: Well, they're three people. // I don't know how they found out about that.

Junas: They're a nuisance. I'll kill them all.

『待て ジュナス』『お前をそこにやった本来の目的を忘れるな | 俺達の最優先事項は”創造主(クリエイター)”の獲得だ』
Miroku: Wait, Junas. // Don't forget what you had to do there. // Our top priority is to get to the “Creator”.

Miroku: Forget about them and find the owner of that “Creator” ability. // No need to delete my records, I deleted most of them myself.

Junas: Don't worry, I have an idea who the Creator-user is.

[T/N: I'm not too sure about this, but shrimpy says that "Creator" is an ability (the name in japanese are the kanji for the word "creator", and the word "creator" in english in the furigana).]

『穏便に頼む ジュナス』
Miroku: Just stay calm, Junas.
Junas: ...Understood.

『おい テメェ』
Volunteer 1: Hey, you.
Junas: !

『何サボってんだよ おまえバカかサッサとこっち手伝えや』
Volunteer 1: What are you doing, slacking off! You idiot, go, keep helping.
Volunteer 2: Hey, stop it.

Volunteer 1: What's with that look in your eyes? You're defying my leadership?!

『やめろ!! いい加減にしろよ!!!』『仲間同士でもめてる場合じゃないだろ』
Volunteer 2: Stop it!! Knock it off!!! // This isn't the time to be arguing amongst ourselves.

Junas: .........

『何だァ アイツ・・・!!』
Haruhiko: What's with that guy...!!

Haruhiko: If that guy hadn't stopped the other, he'd have stabbed him by now!

Haruhiko: That was close...

Caprico?: Onii-chan, are you a bad person?

『アン?』『オメー危ねーぞ ケガするからそっから降りろ!』
Haruhiko: What? // That's dangerous! You'll get hurt, get down here!

Haruhiko: Hey, wait!
『べーっだ エンガチョ』
Caprico?: Leave me alone!
[T/N: Here she says “beetta engacho”. “Beeta” is the sound made when making the gesture of pulling down the eyelid and sticking out the tongue; while “engacho” is something like a ward.]

Kagetora: Huh...

Lan: All traces have been deleted.
『キレイサッパリ処分してやがるぜ | だが裏を返せばこれは自分がここにいたと説明してるようなもんだ』
Kagetora: Ain't nuthin' left here. / But thinkin' backwards, that means he really was here.

Haruhiko: Nothing left? // Wait, there was this dangerous lookin' guy out back burning stuff...

Kagetora: Ẁhat?

Lan: So they're splitting the kids up to different facilities, huh?

Old man: By the way, did you see a small girl that didn't come here? // She has a scar on her forehead and is around 4 and a half years old.

『家の中にいてくれといったのに またフラフラと外に出たんだな・・・!』
Old man: I told her to stay in the house. And she went outside again...!

『あ そのガキなら倉庫のほうにいたなァ』
Haruhiko: Oh, I think I saw her by the storehouse...?
Kagetora: Ya sure or not?
Lan: !

Lan: I'll go get her.
『相変わらずだな おまえは』
Haruhiko: Heh, you never change.
Lan: Shut up.

『ずっと妹の面倒見てきたもんだからガキに弱えーんだ アイツ』
Haruhiko: He's always protective when it comes to kids, since he grew up protecting his sister.

『めだま めだま』
Caprico?: Eyeball, eyeball

『まじん まじん』
Caprico?: spirit, spirit

『くろい ばらは ひに つよい』
Caprico?: dark – rose – strong – in fire

Caprico?: ♪~~
『!』『おい じょう・・・』
Lan: ! // Hey, are...

『しゅっしゅっしゅっ てあしをのばして』
Caprico?: Shushushu, stretch out.

『おそらをめざして しゅっしゅっしゅっ』
Caprico?: Aim at the sky, shushushu.

Caprico?: Shushushu.
Lan: !

『しゅっしゅっしゅっ』『おそらをめざして しゅっしゅっしゅっ』
Caprico: Shushushu // Aim at the sky, shushushu.

Lan: !!!?

Caprico?: SHU!!!

Lan: Whaaaat!!!!

Lan: A psychicer...!!

Lan: This girl
Caprico?: Ooh.
Lan: can use PSI...?!!

Lan: Gah...!!?

Junas: Bishamon – Tsubute
[T/N: “Bishamon”, as in “Bishamon – Mura” (the attack in the Declaration of War DVD), is the Buddhist god of war (more information in shrimpy's translation for chapter 58). “Tsubute” means “throwing stones”.]

Lan: Trick Room!!!!

Lan: Run for it! // Go!!

『おい 何やってんだ!!』
Old man: Hey, what's going on!!

Junas: The “normal man” cover ends here.

剥き出しにされし ジュナスの残虐なる本性!!
Non-bubble: Junas drops the act, revealing his vicious personality!!

Next chapter: Junas rages out of control!! What will happen to Kagetora!?

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#1. by b0mb34man ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2009
Sorry, but I am too tired to even try this... LOL Maybe another day.
#2. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2009
Before anyone starts saying that I've improved a lot because I translate a lot faster, let me say that I translated most of it on Tuesday, with the spoiler (that has most of the actual text of the chapter). So that was around 5 hours + 3 hours more for checking and translating the rest = 8 hours in total. It's a lot less than with my CB translations anyway, but CB is hard...
#3. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2009
Answered your pm...

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