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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Naruto 266

Naruto Ch. 266 Translated

+ posted by ratfox as translation on Mar 14, 2006 19:10 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 266

Okay, I'm going to try my hand and translating this chapter... Comments welcome.


Page 2:

Sakura's attack smashes Hiruko!! And inside... !?

Page 3:
Sakura: (...!? That's the real body...!?)

Sasori: You're my granny... No doubt about it...

Sasori: That must be the reason this small girl...
could overcome my training.

Page 4:

Sasori: You could see through my technique, granny,
but you also manipulated the girl with chakra threads,
using the puppet technique.

Sakura: (he found out)

Sasori: what's more...

Sasori: You were even so careful you put chakra threads on
Hiruko's tail...
But I didn't notice until you stopped it...

Page 5:

Sasori: It must have been during your first attack with the kunais...?

Sasori: You put the chakra threads on the kunai, and attached them
to the tail when it flipped away the kunai

Chiyoba: Hoo... Even though I controlled my invisible chakra
to the last moment... You saw though it well.

Sasori: Well, of course...
The one who made me learn the games of the puppet technique
was none other... than you.

Chiyoba: ... Yeah...
Well... The games are over today.

Page 6:

Council member: When will Gaara come back?
The other contries must ignore our all-powerful Kazekage was ambushed
and abducted.

Council member: What's more, isn't one of the ennemies that one named
"Sasori of the red sands"?
If the other countries knew it, it would be a disgrace for us!

Council member: If they knew about the unclear situation of the Kazekage,
we don't know when the surrounding countries would start
interfering again.
Perhaps we should elect here at once a new Kazekage.

Council member: It is urgent we do our best for the stability of the village.

Page 7:

Baki: we don't know for sure yet that Gaara won't come back!

Council member: .... Well... If he didn't came back...
the fact is it would be a good thing for the willage...

Baki: What do you mean?

Council member: Gaara carried the one-tailed, which is an unstable monster.
We thought that promoting him to Kazekage would make
controlling him easier, but...

Council member: After all, we don't know when he'll get violent again.
This would be trouble for sure.

Page 8:

Council member: From the start, Gaara was in resonance with the
one-tailed Shukaku... As perfect as it was,
he was an unstable guinea-pig

Council member: Once, his father the Yondaime decided he was a mistake
and ordered his assassination.

Council member: The young people of now don't know about it.
There are people who respect Gaara, but...

Council member: Most people in this village only fear him.

Council member: The fact is we can expect nothing from him.

Page 9:

Council member: What!

Kankurou: Just try to say any more stupidity... Superior or not,
I won't allow it!

Baki: Stop it, Kankurou!
We're before the statues of the Kazekages.
This is a sacred place!!

Page 10:

Council member: Kankurou... Your anger is quite natural, but there
is some truth to what he says.
However, in this situation...
The problem is not wether we trust Gaara or not.

Council member: There was a situation like this before...
The Sandaime was abducted by somebody.

Council member: At the time, when the speculations on the whereabouts
of the Sandaime were running in circles,
war came up as countries got heated up.

Council member: This wouldn't have happened if we had looked to the
safety of the village instead of looking desperately
for the Sandaime.

Kankurou: Then why didn't we?

Page 11:

Council member: The third Kazekage was by far the strongest in the history...
And most importantly, his body never came up...

Council member: A person like that...
He couldn't have been killed so easily.
Everybody was thinking that.
Anyway, now... We have to think to the village first.

Page 14:

Naruto: I'll never let you take Gaara!

Deidara: You're a strange Jinchuuriki, you.
I've heard that Jinchuuriki are dark-natured and misanthropic

Deidara: And this Gaara is also astonishing...
Nobody ever thought about a Jinchuuriki that way.

Deidara: We already took two of these up to now.
Jinchuuriki beaten by my comrades.

Deidara: And for these, nobody of their village, no friends,
no one ever seemed to come to the rescue. ...Yeah.

Page 15:

Deidara: On the contrary, there were rather people who were happy about it.

Deidara: You couldn't neglect a pitiful, hated, comrade? Yeah?

Deidara: Gaara died when the one-tailed was drawn out from him.
And so will be your fate, shortly! HEY!

Naruto: BaSTArDS... I'll kIll yOu.

Page 16:

Sasori: So... You think it will be that easy? Chiyoba-sama.

Page 17:

Sakura: Chiyoba-sama... This is... Sasori?

Chiyoba: (what does this mean...)

Chiyoba: (All these years... He hasn't aged at all.)

Sasori: I'll show you something I've held in reserve.
At the time, it was difficult to kill him
and add it to my collection, but...


Sasori: It's the one I like the most.

Chiyoba: This... This is... Impossible...

Sakura: ....!? What? What's the matter?

Page 19:

Chiyoba: This is... the third Kazekage...

Sasori: HuhU...
So... sHAll we dANce?

IT WAS HERE!! The strongest Kazekage changed into a puppet...
It appears, controlled by Sasori..!!

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#1. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2006
i compared my scan of this chapter with this translation and it is really good.

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