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School Rumble 1

Plan1 from Outer space

+ posted by rinchan1412 as translation on Mar 1, 2009 08:45 | Go to School Rumble

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tenma: I'll definitely tell you...

tenma: I was able to be happy, thanks to you...


panel 1

chapter text box: #01 plan1 from outer space

tenma: suki... what a mysterious word...

note: suki= love, like

panel 2

sfx: boing

tenma: my second year in high school, huh...

panel 3

tenma: okay!

panel 4

tenma: today is a start of the new semester! i'm gonna give it my all!


panel 1

narrator text box: her name is Tsukamoto Tenma.

panel 2

tenma: sorry for making you wait!

yakumo: you sure are slow, nee-san.

arrow note: Tsukamoto Yakumo, younger sister

panel 3

narrator text box: and, just like many other girls,

panel 4a (small)

sfx: haa!

text bubble: beep beep

panel 4b (big)

tenma: Karasuma... Ooji-kun!

text box with arrow note: wants to hear him speaking

narrator text box: she has once again, fall in love.

panel 5

tenma: i wonder if we'll end up in the same class...

narrator text box: today, they change classes. To Tenma, it is an important date which will decide her fate!



panel 1

bulletin board: class division list

panel 2

yakumo: you're in class 2-C, nee-san and karasuma-kun?

tenma: i... haven't found him yet.

panel 3

sfx: fidget fidget

panel 4

yakumo: if you're that scared, should i look for you?

sfx: thump!

tenma: o-of course not!!


panel 1

bold text: karasuma ooji

panel 3

tenma: we're in the same class! yay!

yakumo: congrats...

panel 4

tenma: please take care of me this year, karasuma-kun!

sfx: bow

student A: Yo! We're in the same class!

karasuma: that's nice, but...

panel 5

karasuma: i will be transferring out on the day after tomorrow.


panel 1

text box: tsukamoto house

panel 2

yakumo: that was a short dream, huh?

tenma: i'm not giving up yet!!

yakumo: oh, you haven't give up, eh?

panel 4

tenma: i'll do some cleaning first to calm me down!

panel 5

tenma: i'll do some laundry then think later!

text box: 3 hours passed

panel 6

textbox: 5 hours passed

tenma: i'll cook and...

panel 7

tenma: i still can't think of something!

panel 9

tenma: whatever...

tenma: i'm going to sleep...


panel 1

tenma: wait... i'm i really fine with that?

panel 2

tenma: it's only natural that i'm scared.

tenma: the reason karasuma-kun doesn't know about my feelings...

tenma: is because i've never done anything to show it.

tenma: if i'm going to regret doing nothing, i'd rather do something i may regret later instead.

tenma: that's it---

panel 3

tenma: i will confess!!


panel 2

tenma: but i don't know how... maybe it starts with a love letter?

panel 3

tenma: i just have to write "suki", right? what's this? it's pretty simple!!

panel 4

tenma: karasuma-kun, anata ga s...

panel 5

tenma: su...

note: what she wants to write: anata ga suki = i love you

panel 6

tenma: i want to see what you like when you ski... what the hell am i writing?


panel 1

tenma: karasuma-kun, I... su...

on the paper: sukippu

note: sukippu = skip

panel 3

tenma: calm down, calm down!

tenma: karasuma-kun, i... sukiyaki!

note: sukiyaki = a dish consists of meat (usually thinly sliced beef), or a vegetarian version made with firm tofu, slowly cooked or simmered at the table, alongside vegetables and other ingredients, in a shallow iron pot in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin.

tenma: NOT THAT!

yakumo: nee-san, what are you...?

tenma: nothing at all!

panel 4

tenma: suki ga nai kamae...*

note: suki ga nai kamae* = a stance with no weakness

tenma: sukima ni hasamatte...**

note: sukima ni hasamatte = inside the gap

small text box: gradually her cries become sobs...

tenma: skill up...

tenma: skinship...

tenma: i can't wrute the topic in at all!

yakumo: (small text bubble) are you half-asleep nee-san?

bold text: THE NEXT DAY

panel 5

sfx1: ta-dah!

sfx2: trembles

on the paper: love letter Tsukamoto Tenma

panel 6

tenma: who's gonna read all this?!

panel 7

tenma: i can't write at all!

tenma: am i doing this all wrong?

tenma: what should i do?


panel 1

tenma: oh, whatever!

tenma: at this point, i'll just have to write exactly how i feel right now!

panel 2

tenma: In the end...

panel 3

tenma: it ended up into a scroll

scroll text: to karasuma-kun

panel 4

shoe locker text: karasuma

panel 5

tenma: sigh...

panel 6

tenma: hehe...

panel 7

tenma: it's okay!

tenma: i put all my effort into it!


panel 1

text box: after school

panel 2

tenma: he's...

panel 3

tenma: he's reading it

sfx: chatter, chatter

handwritten text 1: okay, i'm going to my club now.

handwritten text 2: later.

panel 4

text box: almost nighttime

panel 5

tenma: karasuma is...

panel 6

tenma: karasuma is still reading it...

sfx: roll roll


panel 1

tenma: l-looks like he's finally done... he's rolling it back up...

tenma side comment: i'm sorry it was so long

panel 2

karasuma: okay, now...

tenma: he's reading it again!

panel 3

text box: already nighttime

panel 4

tenma: l-looks like he's finally done... he's rolling it up again...

small panel 5a

karasuma: .....

small panel 5b

karasuma: hmm...

outside the panel text

tenma: karasuma-kun is reacting?!

tenma: could it have left a good impression...?!

panel 6

karasuma: no name was written down, after all.

tenama: oh nooo!!!


panel 1

text box 1: it's all over...!

text box 2: my first love...!

panel 2

text box: but...

first text bubble: you know that karasuma-kun? i heard he delayed his transfer...

second text bubble: he said he got permission from his parents to stay just one extra year.

panel 3

tenma: why...

panel 4

tenma: why is that?! why is that?!

panel 5

first text bubble: no idea... i don't really get what he means, but...

text on paper: please don't go. i beg of you.

#01 ........... End

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