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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Kekkaishi 242


+ posted by Rogue_Sapphire as translation on Mar 31, 2009 14:26 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 242

Kekkaishi Translations are now FREE to be USED by EVERYONE since they're almost caught up. Thank you FH. Please credit the proper people & do a good job =D

Kekkaishi 242

/ = Connecting text bubble
HW= Handwritten text

Toshimori: Welcome home Masa-nii.

Page 01:

Text next to Yoshi: The older brother returns. The reason…unknown.

Chapter 242 – Selfishness

Yoshimori: What, why have you suddenly come home.

Masamori: Because I was in the area, so I thought I’d drop by.

Father: Masamori, / There’s nothing but leftovers, but do you want some food?

Masamori: It’s fine, I’ll eat something.

Page 02:

Hiura: Are you the older brother? / A Kekkaishi…?

Masamori: Yeah,

Masamori: Could you be…

Hiura: Under order of the Urakai Headquarters, I have been dispatched to guard Karasumori and assist the Kekkaishi, / My name is Hiura Souji.

Masamori: Your formality is appreciated,

Masamori: I’m Sumimura Masamori.

HW Masamori: Nice to meet you

Masamori: These are gifts.

Yoshimori: Eh? Daifuku again?

Masamori: What, Daifuku’s good.

Yoshimori: I like Daifuku.

Page 03:

Father: Here it is!!

Masamori: Wow, / That’s amazing…

Father: You have to eat Masamori. / You’re worn out.

Toshimori: Sou-chan, do you like Daifuku?

Hiura: I’ve seen…it.

Toshimori: Then, try some!

Hiura: … / There’s flour…

Yoshimori: It’s that sort of thing.

Yoshimori: Just try it already.

Hiura: I’ll put this away…

Yoshimori: Ok.

Masamori: Huh? / That T-Shirt…

Father: Yeah, I gave it to Hiura-kun.

Father: Yoshimori and Toshimori don’t want to wear your old clothes. / Is it ok?

Masamori: Ah, sure…

Page 04:

Yoshimori: Cuz Aniki’s clothes have weird designs on them, / You’ve got bad taste.

HW Yoshimori: How could I wear such a thing?

HW Father: Haha…

Father: I’ll go pour some tea.

Father: Toshimori, go call your grandfather.

Toshimori: Ok.

Masamori: You shouldn’t say things like that.

Masamori: Like bad taste.

Masamori: I ended up wearing that because father bought it for me.

Yoshimori: Eh!? That’s not your taste!?

Masamori: He bought it for me, so I couldn’t exactly complain.

Yoshimori: It would’ve been fine if you did…

Masamori: Anyway, how is he? Hiura that is.

Yoshimori: Eh? / Yeah…

Page 05:

Yoshimori: He’s…

Yoshimori: Not a bad guy.

Masamori: I see. / Also, you’re doing training to turn your heart into nothingness?

Masamori: Is it going well?

Yoshimori: Yeah, / Well somewhat…

Yoshimori: Damnit…he always knows a lot like normal…/ I have to slip out of here before the lecture gets longer….

Masamori: Really.

Masamori: Then, make sure you do it properly.

Tokine: Eh, / Masamori-san came back!!?

Yoshimori: Yeah, and he’s being really weird!

Yoshimori: The way he just came home was strange too, / He didn’t ask a lot of things, and the lecture was short too…

Page 06:

Yoshimori: I thought he’d ask about Hiura a bit more,

Yoshimori: But he didn’t…

Yoshimori: What!? / That’s weird right!? For that dry older brother of mine!!

HW Yoshimori: Where’s his usual persistence!?

Tokine: Eh… / I always thought Masamori naturally gave off a refreshing feeling…

Yoshimori: How on earth could that guy be refreshing!!

Yoshimori: He’s,

Yoshimori: Definitely planning something!!

Page 07:

Yoshimori: HEY!


Page 08:

Masamori: I’m,

Masamori: Not doing anything.

Yoshimori: Liar!!

Yoshimori: What did you really come here to do!!

Masamori: I told you, I just came for a look.

Masamori: Like the house I grew up in,

Masamori: Karasumori…stuff like that.

Masamori: You’ll understand when you get older, / But people sometimes want to return to the place they originally from.

Yoshimori: Are you,

Yoshimori: Doing something reckless again?

Masamori: Not as much as you.

Page 09:

Yoshimori: Dumbass!! / My recklessness and your recklessness are different!

Yoshimori: Mine’s more like selfishness, / Also, I’ve never thought of it as reckless in the first place!!

Yoshimori: But for you, you take it upon yourself to unnecessarily worry about things,

Yoshimori: Even if it’s tiresome, you keep quiet…

Yoshimori: Like today, you finished off that especially large Onigiri with a calm face,

Yoshimori: That was painful right?

Box: Roughly Onigiri x 3

Masamori: … / It wasn’t.

Yoshimori: Quit bluffing!! / You’re just skinny!

Masamori: I don’t endure everything.

Masamori: Even I have times where I’m selfish.

Masamori: So Yoshimori,

Masamori: Listen to my selfishness.

Yoshimori: Huh?

Page 10:

Yoshimori: Huh? Did I get talked into something again…

Yoshimori: … / Depending on the contents.

Masamori: I’ll leave Karasumori to you.

Yoshimori: Eh?

Page 11:

Yoshimori: What…? / Does that mean you’ll no longer work with us…?

Masamori: That’s not it.

Masamori: But, this land… / Ultimately depends on you.

Masamori: So I’m leaving everything to you. / Whether you seal it or whatever you do, I’ll let you decide what to do.

Masamori: I’ll take a gamble on your judgment.

Masamori: How’s that?

Yoshimori: … / Fine.

Yoshimori: I’d do that even if you didn’t say anything.

Masamori: Really… / Then look after it for me.

Page 12:

Yoshimori: Morning.

Father: Ah, Yoshimori, go wake Hiura-kun.

Yoshimori: …Where’s Aniki?

Father: He said he had work so he left in the morning.

Yoshimori: Huh!?

Yoshimori: What’s with him?

Masamori: I’ll leave Karasumori to you.

Yoshimori: It couldn’t have been he came just to say that…

Yoshimori: That’s it, it’s not something I have to worry about now…

Yoshimori: It’s not like he’s going to die after this

HW Yoshimori: Oy Hiura-

Yoshimori: Wake up!

Page 13:

Box: Yagyou
Main Base

Rokurou: Yagyou’s brats…

Page 14:

Girl: Nawata!

Page 15:

Rokurou: I don’t need that many.

Rokurou: You guys can eat the rest.

Rokurou: Living here…

Rokurou: Probably isn’t too bad…

Shichirou: Rokurou-nii-san really is kind.

Page 16:

Rokurou: You…!!

Shichirou: I came to pick you up.

Shichirou: Rokurou-nii-san.

Page 17:

Shichirou: Yagyou asked

Shichirou: the main family if they could come and take you back… / Well we originally planned to though.

Rokurou: No…way…

Shichirou: You probably don’t know too much, / But it’s better not to stay here.

Shichirou: The Urakai,

Shichirou: Is going to get messed up.

Shichirou: Now.

Rokurou: No!

Rokurou: Go away Shichirou!!

Shichirou: Nii-san, don’t be selfish.

Rokurou: No!! / I…

Rokurou: Hate getting sympathy from you more than anything!!

Page 18:

Shichirou: Sympathy…huh.

Shichirou: Rokurou-nii-san, I like that part of you that believes in such naiveties.

Shichirou: But, the war has already begun.

Shichirou: There’s no time for a tantrum.

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