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Kuroko no Basket 85

Once is enough

+ posted by ruggia as translation on Aug 6, 2011 19:01 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 85

Kuroko no Basket
Chapter 85 – Once is enough

Tranlsation by ruggia


= = = = = = = = Legend = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
/ Connected bubble/box
<> SFX
{} - handwritten words in the bubble, or texts outside bubble/bubbles
// - new or connected bubble
# - TL comment.
Bold words are the ones that need emphasis.
Italicized words are words with special terminology
A blank line between each panel, two lines to separate a page.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Kuroko no Basket v10 c85
Page 87
{ 85th Quarter // Once is enough }

Page 88
BOX: Winter Cup Preliminary finals league // Day 1 complete.

BOX1: Seirin, who experienced a dramatic increase in strength due to Kiyoshi’s return and summer training,
BOX2: successfully avenged their summer loss against Monarch of the West, Seishinkan, and decorated their first match with glory.

BOX1: Meanwhile, “Generation of Miracles” Midorima Shintaro’s, Shutoku also achieved a complete victory over Kirisaki Daiichi.

BOX1: The battle over the two spots for Winter Cup qualification
BOX2: opened its curtains with Seirin and Shutoku gaining a one-step lead---

Page 89
BOX: and---

B1: looks like the neighboring Shutoku also won.

{ That means…}
{ it’s finally time… }

B1: We both have one win each…
B2: the winning team will seal its advancement to the Winter Cup // and the loser will be greatly distanced from it. #or “the loser will have to take the longer path.”

Page 90
{ Finals league: 2nd match }
{ 1st court }
{ Seirin – Shutoku }
{ 2nd court }

Page 91
BOX1: Seirin Highschool vs. Shutoku Highschool, their second clash #or “clash”
BOX2: has been decided------

Page 92
B1: We don’t even have time to celebrate. // Tomorrow will be an extremely tough battle, without a doubt.

B1: But…!! We’ve got Kiyoshi-Senpai and… // we’re completely different from before.
B2: We won last time too…

B1: …I don’t think so.
B2: Eh?

B1: I have a feeling the next match will be even tougher #if this is too long, move “even tougher” to the next bubble.
B2: because of that.

B1: Looks like Kuroko-kun isn’t disillusioned.
B2: We won last match by pure luck; // in terms of strength, they’re much higher.

B1: But they won’t be thinking like that anymore.
B2: The opponents who should be looking down on us with authority // are now coming at us with everything they’ve got. #I put “champions” because I couldn’t think of a word that will reflect a much stronger opponent without any indication of a winner…any ideas? [Reworded. Better? It's a tough one- English focuses on victory more than ability.] [# great! #]

Page 93
B1: To add to that, our opponent isn't some average Joe, but one of the “Generation of Miracles”.
B2: It won’t be easy.

B1: …Sorry everyone, // go ahead before me.
B2: ? // Alright. { We’ll be waiting--}

Page 94
B1: Long time no see,

B1: Hanamiya

B1: Hey…
B2: I was dying to see you!

Page 95
B1: Kiyoshi-san… did he forget something?
B2: Mm?

B1: Well… it’s something like that…
B2: …You mean that guy sitting in the corner?

B1: Oh, Kagami, you noticed?

B1: …I felt that he’s pretty able…

B1: Well… it’s nothing to hide.

B1: For the middle school basketball world not long ago, // the ultimates were Teikou Highschool’s “Generation of Miracles”.
B2: Needless to say, they were the 5 geniuses who achieved complete domination during their three years with their absolute power. #LOL where’s Kuroko [He's been forgotten, as the protagonist often is- wait, what]

B1: But there actually were some one generation higher, // 5 talents who were suitable for the title.
B2: If they were born in a different era, they might’ve been the ones who were called the “Generation of Miracles”.

Page 96
B1: Including Kiyoshi, those five
B2: are called the “Crownless Generals."

B1: And the one Kagami noticed,
B2: is one of them.

B1: I saw you during the match // you weren't playing against Shutoku on purpose.
B2: Yup, something wrong?

B1: I don’t care whether it’s right or wrong.
B2: I just don't like it.

Page 97
B1: …Fuhaha
B2: As usual, your goody-two-shoes act is so lame, Kiyoshi. #is goodiness a word? Cause I prefer that :p [Not really, but my replacement is a little sketchy. If you think it works, go with it. If not, we can come up with something else.] [# perfect! it's exactly what I was looking for :D #]

B1: If I try hard and reveal all my cards today,
B2: then all 3 matches will become serious fights, and that will be tiresome.

B1: I don’t care about the immediate victory.
B2: Since in the remaining two, you guys will lose by yourself.

B1: If he came by to say hi, // are they close?

B1: It’s the opposite. { Not close.}
B2: To begin with, he’s something of a polar opposite of Kiyoshi.

Page 98
B1: If we were to call Kiyoshi the most honest man in Basketball,

B1: then he will be the most dishonest man in Basketball.

B1: …!?
B2: What does that mean?

B1: Oops-
B2: I said too much.

B1: Shutoku’s next, right?
B2: Please do your best. I’ll be cheering!

B1: Aah! // Also…

Page 99
B1: Heal your wounds quickly; //
B2: I’m pretty concerned, you know!

Page 100
B1: Ah, that’s right, last time too, // it rained

Page 101
B1: It’s time // let’s go

B1: Yeah

B1: Ohhh, here they come!! // Seirin and Shutoku!!
B2: the most anticipated match of the finals league.

Page 102
B1: Kagami-kun…
B2: Ah?
B3: Did you see Midorima-kun’s face when he entered?

B1: …yeah...
{ He looked like a completely different person from last time…}

B1: Those of the “Generation of Miracles” we’ve fought so far were not only undefeated, but they also possessed some sense of intelligence

B1: There are sayings like “meaningful defeat” or “get stronger after a loss”, but
B2: do you know what they mean?

B1: In nature, for organisms, winning means life and losing is death // although the example's a bit extreme, humans too possess some of those instincts.

Page 103
B1: People who’ve learned the fear of defeat
B2: thirst for victory.

B1: Aww- Shin-chan, what’s wrong? // Maybe you’re scare-…
B2: …Don’t talk to me.

B1: Right now, I’m all played out.
B2: I don’t have any room for dealing with your jokes.

{ They say starving beasts are dangerous…}
{ wow…}
{ I sort of get it.}

Page 104
B1: Destroy them. // That’s the only thing that is in my mind right now.
#am I the only one who feels: Midorima minus glasses = Aizen? :p [OHMANOHGOD]

B1: Yeah---
B2: …Me too.

B1: Right.
B2: Let’s go!!

B1: Ha-
B2: thirsting for victory much?

Page 105
B1: They aren’t the only ones who have suffered painful losses.

B1: Yeah
B2: You’re right.

B1: Once is enough, for losing.
B2: We thirst for victory

B1: as well.

Page 106
Kuroko no Basket
B1: Long time no see
B2: Hana…

B1: …who? {are you?}
{ That’s my line!!}

B1: I’m here, dumbass!!
B2: Ah
B3: Cleaning lady.

### End of Chapter 85 ###

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