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Kuroko no Basket 89

I've been waiting

+ posted by ruggia as translation on Aug 22, 2011 14:43 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 89

Kuroko no Basket
Chapter 89 – I’ve been waiting

Tranlsation by ruggia


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{} - handwritten words in the bubble, or texts outside bubble/bubbles
// - new or connected bubble
# - TL comment.
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Kuroko no Basket v10 c89
Page 175
TOP: 89th Quarter: I’ve been waiting

== ScoreBoard ==
Left: Seirin
Right: Shutoku

B1: Listen! // To be honest, it’s extremely difficult for us to stop Shutoku right now!
B2: Our only option is to take more points than they do.

B1: The second half will definitely become a point war.
B2: Don’t ever fall behind!!

B1: Let’s go!!
B2: The break’s over.

B1: Ohhh, here they come!! { We’ve been waiting!!}

Page 176
B1: Sei---rin!!
B2: Sei--rin!!

B1: Now, we’ll begin // the 3rd Quarter

B1: Shu—toku!!
B2: Shu—toku!!

Page 177
89th Quarter // I’ve been waiting

B1: It has begun!!

{ Even with Teppei on our side, it’s going to be a tough from here on out… }
{ Not only since we can't stop Shutoku, }
{ but the other side most likely studied all our moves even up to the last year…}

{ Our only hope is Kuroko-kun’s new drive…}
{ If they keep up and the gap widens before Kuroko-kun goes out, }
{ then we’re finished for sure….!! }

Page 178
B1: !!

B1: Pass again!!

B1: It’s embarrassing, but…
B2: nice pass…!!

B1: Alright, here I go!!

Page 179
B1: No-- they’re trapped--- // Shutoku’s sure-win pattern! #if sure-win doesn’t make sense, just put “victory”
B2: It’s 4-vs-3!!

{ Shoot. Even though we know it, we always end up trapped by this pattern…! }
B1: Argh

B1: Just kiddin’
B2: Oops ❤

B1: Don’t miss!
B2: …Eh?

Page 180
B1: Improbable.
B2: Shut up, you fool.

Page 181
B1: Whaaaaat!?
{ A return!? They’ve got such pattern too!!}

B1: Damn it!

Page 182
B1: Uwaaa, he's here // Midorima!!
B2: For the first time since the start of the match, Shutoku turns the tide!!

B1: Argh…
Left: Seirin
Right: Shutoku

B1: …Mm?
B2: What’s wrong, Koga?

B1: No…
B2: didn’t he just…

Page 183
B1: although it was just for an instant…
B2: he was laugh… // -ing…?

B1: Don’t falter!
B2: We’re taking it back!!

B1: Ohhh, an immediate counterattack!!
B2: Seirin’s Run&Gun!!

B1: …So fast!!

B1: !

B1: Geez, so noisy… {Shut up!!}

Page 184
B1: Midorima’s not the only heavyweight
B2: in our team!

B1: Don’t you dare look down.

B1: Arghhh

B1: Uwaa- Shutoku’s counter—

Page 185
B1: …!!

B1: Sorry, but you can’t pass us with spirit alone.
{ We’re done studying all your favorite patterns. }
{ No matter how fast it is, if we know about it, we can stop it…! }

B1: Don’t let the 1st years take all the glory, Kimura.

B1: I got it!!

B1: Waaa, he made it----

{ Wrong, you should’ve dunked! Why a layup?! }
{ No way!! It’s not like everyone can dunk in a match!! }

Page 186

B1: …!?

B1: Kagami-kun!?

B1: Kagami!!

Page 187
B1: Humph… looks like
B2: you’ve finally hit your limit.

B1: ---‘at did you say…
< Puff puff >

{ What a guy…!! }
{ It’s useless even with Kagami and Teppei…!?}
{ As expected of the “Generation of Miracles”…!! }

B2: So strong…!!

Page 188
Left: Seirin
Right: Shutoku

B1: Although Seirin’s trying hard… // the gap’s slowly increasing…
B2: Is this it…!?

B1: You know… // he has changed. Midorin.

B1: Really?
B2: Ah, Ki-chan changed too.
B3: Huh!? { Where!? }

B1: Well… if that’s so…

Page 189
B1: it’s not that we’ve changed, // it's probably
B2: because he made us change.

B1: Damn… are they this different…? // If Midorima changes…

B1: …he changed?

{ So that’s how it looks on the outside---}
{ hm~mm…}
{ he didn’t really change much, though… }

{ It’s not like we got particularly close--- }
{ We acknowledge him, but he’s still a weirdo, and he isn’t particularly liked …actually, he’s always floating alone. }

Page 190
{ Once we go back, he’ll probably just start…}
{ speechlessly shooting all by himself.}
{ Just on and on without getting tired. }

{ But if we keep watching that }
{ although he’s a weirdo }
{ although he’s an irritating bastard }
{ we can’t bring ourselves to hate him. }

B1: I wonder why… // if you keep fighting that person…
B2: you start to think that relying on others is not a sign of weakness but rather…
B3: something you can’t do without strength.

{ But…I guess }
{ there’re some things that have changed…}

Page 191
{ Although it was quite rare, he started smiling }
{ even when we’re playing Basketball together, }

{ It’s probably }
{ thanks to him…}

B1: …Coach

B1: …Eh?
B2: I think… I’ll be able to do it now.

B1: The new drive

Page 192
B1: !

B1: You finally came out.

B1: …!!

B1: Ah…!!

B1: Please…!! // Change the tides…!!

{ Well, that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you though. }
B1: That and the match is a different story.

B1: I’ve been waiting, // Kuroko.
B2: Seirin High School’s member change.
10 Engine On!!! (Complete)

Page 193
{ Eh…}
{ Isn’t it cruel to end it right here, when // It’s finally my turn to shine…} #no, your not suppose to shine.

Page 194
{ Announcing the results // of the Popularity Contest!! }
1st : Kuroko Tetsuya #this amazes me…honestly.
2nd: Midorima Shintaro #wow. AIZEN!!! [That's why!]
3rd: Kagami Taiga #LOL
4th: Kise Ryota
5th Izuki Shun
Izuki’s Mouth: All right!

Page 195
[ nah~~ I don’t see any text >_> ]

Page 196
End-of-the-Year Special
“I don’t want to be that”

B1: We don’t even have girlfriends, so Christmas is… // !?
B2: Hey… that!

B1: Coach and Captain!? They were going out!?
B2: …That’s it! Kuroko, go follow them! // They'll never notice you.
B3: Eh

AD: Beware of overdose!! // It’s deadly effective! Super Protein Corner
{Guy} If we give these to them after practice—
{Girl} They’ll turn to Bulky-McBulks. ❤ Fu fu fu #Kuroko too???

B1: Let’s run.
B2: Eh!?
B3: Bulky bulk…They’ll turn us into Bulky McBulks.
B4: Bulky Mac… Eh!? …Eh!? #tbh, I’m not sure if this is a pun or not…

### END OF CHAPTER 89 and end of vol 10 ###

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