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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Beelzebub 96

A video game match!!

+ posted by Runte as translation on Feb 11, 2011 19:48 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 96

Page 01:



Yo, Kaoru... Sure is cold today

Did you hear from Nene?


It seems a dangerous school is gonna attack

We can't keep loafing around either

Hey there, Good morning

You're as beautiful as ever

Good Night

Supporting your life from the morning till the night
It's your Good Night, Shimokawa

Page 02:

Good bye

Non Non Non, It's not Good Bye, it's Good Night

Good Night Shimokawa
If you have time, I could tell you the tale about why I'm called that
I'd love to use three whole nights to tell you my story, but

Today I'll ask straight

When will Aoi-chan come back to school?

He doesn't know when to give up...

I can see that she's not with you today either

Are you a retard?

Haven't you heard anything?


Page 03:


Is it true you fought with Toujou?!

And you're hurt...!!

Could it be that you lost?!


Why didn't you bring me with you?!


He's right, Izuma-san. Don't be so distant
We wanted to fight as well

I'll kill... Toujou

What the- Suddenly grouping against me like that...

Relax, it's not like I lost or something

And it wasn't a fight, just a normal match

Oi! Izuma!

This is

a Whole different thing

Page 04:

Home Room will start soon


Everyone, take your seats

Today Saotome-sensei is absent

So I will be taking your home room instead, be happ-


a Class shutdown?!

Sensei! Kanzaki-kun, Himekawa-kun, Natsume-kun, Shiroyama-kun, Furuichi-kun, Oga-kun, Kunieda-san, Oomori-san, Tanimura-san and Hanazawa-san are all absent due to an accident that happened to their relatives
The rest are unknown

Do people hate me?!

I can't deny that

Page 05:


Playing games at Himekawa's home?! Yuka, what the heck are you...

Nonono, you got it all wrong, Ryouko-san

The mastermind I was just talking about seems to love games...

He said he'd tell us where he is if we won against him in a net game

Kick! Kick him!! Now fall back!
Don't get hit, idiot!

So... Did you win?

Naw, actually this is pretty bad!! He's friggin strong!!

Just a while ago, Akichi lost against him for the 30th time straight, and hit the sack
Chiaki did?

It kind of seems we can't win against him in fighting games

Himekawa-sempai is currently trying to negotiate with him though

It seems we're gonna play some other game with him tomorrow


And it involves us all

Page 06:

a Fight you can't lose!! We, the 9 samurai of the Ishiyama!!

Babu96: A video game match!!

Page 07:


Leet's plaay!!

You're doing that on purpose, aren't you...? Just get in already

W-wow, I sure am nervous...

It's a- a career woman

Just get in fair and square

It's not like we came here to play


Actually... We did come here to play games

Like, why are we here again...?

We need more people, Nene-san!!

Akichi's pumped today as well

Page 08:

What kind of game needs more people?

There are 9 of us you know

It's a war game

You gather people online, make a team and fight
And there are more than 200 players in the bigger ones

Tanimura... You sure know a lot

I borrowed the software yesterday and pulled an all-nighter...

I won't lose today

When it comes to games, your personality will change completely...


Where the fuck is that Furuichi?!

And that Lamia-kid or whatever too!!

If they come any later than us, I will...

Page 09:

Excuse me...


Can't remember...
Ah... Good morning!

<- trauma ->

Everyone's here

Then hurry up and sit down so we can start practicing

Page 10:

Did you do this by yourself?

They multiplied!!

As if... This is how you use pawns and money

It's better if we gather in the same room

Page 11:

By the way, that sub-monitor will let us check each others' moves

a Base?!


This is, how should I...

Pretty cool...


I'm all pumped up


Just like the great demon king

There are 5 hours left until 3pm

This will literally be our last chance! So practice like your life depends on it!

I'm pretty surprised they said OK

Since they beat us to a pulp yesterday and all

So all they want is a guy to play with, right?


I'm going to play too?

Page 12:

I'll explain the game now

Everyone, start up

Start up, what? How?

What do I press?

The button below

I'm worried...

Ah.. It's on!!

Chiaki! It's on!

Calm down, Oomori...

the END of WAR 4 is a so called TPS game


"Third Person Shooter". You play from a third-person perspective, hold a gun and shoot at each other. Well, let's skip all the difficult shit

Easily said: Us and their 9 players will choose their guns and start firing

Though, they don't have 9 players
So, they'll call some back-up from somewhere...


Page 13:

This game has really simple rules

The one who is annihilated will lose

And there are 4 type of characters you can choose: Medic, Scout, Assaulter and Engineer

Everyone'll have different skills and... Well, I'll explain later so just randomly choose one
First learn the controls. We'll divide into teams of four and five and do some actual combat training

Eh? Eh?!

I still haven't read the manual

Learn while playing!!

Nene-san... Cute...

First: Move with the left stick

The right stick is for the camera control

a... a Left stick??

Th... is this it...?


Ah! You idiot! That's the hand grenade!!

Eh?! Eeeh?!

Page 14:

Gyaaaa!! Nene-san, what are you doing?!

Like I know...!

Nene-san, this is the left stick

Eh? Th... This?


You idiot! That's the shooting button!!
You can kill even your comrades in this game!!

E... Even if you say that...

Please, just release the button!! You'll kill me!!

Waah! I can't do this! Someone, change with me!!

Yoouu aasss!! That's the chainsaw!!
This time it's my turn

Actually, you're doing that on purpose, aren't you?!

Are you some killing machine?!!

Phew... The road ahead looks dark...

Shiro-chan, your controller is upside down

Page 15:




It's time




I did all I could
No more! I wanna go home. I so wanna go home!

So cute

We're ready, everyone?

You're better than I thought

Of course


Let's connect it!!


Page 16:


He's here!!

[I came as promised]

[Be thankful]
[Like I said yesterday]
[If you can win this match]
[I'll tell you where I am]

Heh... As snobby as always

I'll beat you down

I got nervous

Page 17:



[When I win]
[I will get so happy...]
[I... won't be able to stop crying]

Gyahaha, Like I care

Page 18:




Shit! That gramps... Lied to me again...

He told me to climb here in the morning, but...

There's nothing here!!

Will I really be able to use the powers of the demon if I do something like this?!

Right, Baby beel!!


Baby Beel?



It hurts, baby Beel!!

Kakakah! The king of flies who can't kill even one fly

Pretty pitiful, ain't it?

Page 19:


Why the heck are you here...?

Oi Oi, that's pretty cold...

I even had to take a holiday from school

Yo, piece of shit

The second part of the training... begins!

You can't escape the hot-blooded teachings of this teacher!!

Next time, two separate fights!! What will the results be?!


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#1. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2011
thanks runte and red hawk for picking beelzebub
#2. by Hyuga 91 ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2011
Yeah , thanks so much taka-san for picking beelzebub and also runte-kun ... -__^
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