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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Beelzebub 97

The end of war 4

+ posted by Runte as translation on Feb 18, 2011 12:17 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 97

Yaaaay! It's another Beelzebub! Sorry it's late. The proofreader woke up 3-4h after the script was complete


The scanlation by the RedHawks will be released in a moment.

Also: Don't read the versions of Mangacurse! They're full of translationmistakes x.x


Page 01:

"This is... [Beelzebub]!!"

Space Calendar, Year Alfa 58 823

The earth was destroyed

Destroyed so easily!!

Furuichiii! Run! Run Forrest, run!!
(Stupid joke added by me. Remove if you want)



The few people who survived

Fought for territorial rights


Day after day

On a planet similar to the Earth, Crean893

Page 02:

This is ""The end of war" ... Or not, it's "Beelzebub"!!

Babu97 The End of War 4

Page 03:



This is Kanzaki!!

What's your status?!

Everyone, report your status!!

Okie dokie, Kanzaki-kun


This is the second Attacker team, Natsume & Shiroyama
We’re still alive~~

Page 04:

I'm laughing at Shiro-chan here who's been revolving around for no reason

Th.... This won't stop!!

Ahahahaha (<- text next to Natsume)

The 2nd Attacking Team

Natsume - Shiroyama

What's happening here?!

We're currently on standby at area B, so there’re no problems

Gyahahahaha! Shiroyama-sempai, hilarious!!

O... Okay... When you're done laughing, teach him how to stop

Ah! This is the Engineering Team, Hanazawa & Oomori

Right, what's your status?

That’s easy, Nene-san’s revolving too


Engineering Team
Yuka - Nene

Don't "Ahahahahaha" me! Just tell them already!!

Tch, this is hopeless... Tanimura, change pairs with Hanazawa

I'm already heading there

Medic Team
Lamia - Chiaki

This team has things under control

Although, where the fuck did that dick Himekawa run off to?

He was blabbering about something like "One scout is more than enough"

Kanzaki-sempai! Above you! Look out!

Page 05:



I'm right here, asshole

Page 06:

I found a place where I can check up on each one of you

Scout Team

Who the heck are you?!

Huh? You can't even say "thanks"? I'll blow your head off those shoulders

Who the heck is he...?

He made a headshot from that distance...

This wasn’t the deal. They were supposed to be amateurs...

He'll be trouble....


You cowardly neets!!

Page 07:

Why do you think we let you into our team?!

First, Medics!! Go heal the one who got shot!!
Snipers and Attackers, cover him!! All of you, complete your missions!!

And die for the sake of our master!!

Page 08:

Isabella-sama... Aah...
So good...

With her voice...

I want to be kicked by those boots

I'm more into Yolda-san...
She's sexy

Sachura-tan, moe

Fufun... It doesn't matter, Isabella

Young master

I don't expect anything from those extra soldiers

It’s quite the opposite... even the hindrance to the captain is part of the game

a Hindrance...

You are right~~


Waah! As expected of young master

Page 09:

The behavior of the control tower sure is different


Yo, cap'n! So manly!

Don't stop, don't stop

I think I'll go take a little peek at the opponents' camp and show them that they’re not worthy of being my enemies!!

You can't, young master!!

That's right, you'll immediately di... I mean kill every one of them. That’ll make things boring!!

The commander shouldn't go to the front lines so recklessly!!

Mu... Is that so...?

That is right, young master

Besides, they’re not a hindrance to you

They’re players who have played this game for over 2000 hours

Is that awesome?

Page 10:

All for Isabella-sama!!

All for Yolda-san and Sachura-chan!!


Well, okay... (<- bubble)

Then (<- bubble)

Cough (- sfx)



That was master's little joke. First, Attackers should go and find useful weapons


The engineers will set mines and the snipers will report on the situation

Page 11:


Wait up, Chiaki!! You're going too fast!!

Please hurry up, Nene-san

According to Himekawa-sempai, the enemy has already found a tank

If we don't find a big weapon as well, we'll be in a pinch...!!

So why does it have to be me...?

Even if we find a tank or a helicopter, the only ones who can drive them are you and Yuka-chii, the engineers

Eeeh?! I'm gonna drive one?! Why don't you do it, Chiaki!?

I’m a medic. Although I can heal soldiers, I can't drive vehicles

No way.. Nononono way!!

Don't worry, I'm here with you

Oomori, you don't have to move your body

Please stop!!


Page 12:

The tank... it’s here

Wh... What're we doing?
Aren't we gonna get it?

Please take a look...

Behind that rubble, our enemies are examining the situation

Since they already have a tank, they’re going to shoot anyone who goes near that one

It’s an effective but cowardly strategy

Page 13:

No way... Then, what can we...

Let's use their strategy against them


Yah, I heard ya

It's true that I'd want that tank, but...
It's a blindspot from here. I can't snipe 'em

Natsume and Shiroyama will go instead. From there, we can launch a pincer attack


Wa... Wait up, Natsume!!

Now I’m crawling and can’t get up...



Page 14:

Natsume... I'm done for

What are you saying, Shiro-chan? It hardly grazed you
That was only one shot

Even so, this is bad

Now we can't go help

Kanzaki-kun, can you go instead of us?

You idiot!! We're currently under fire too!

Whatever it takes, please bring a tank or a heli or something here, fast!!

So, sorry about that

Wha... What are we going to do?!

I guess we have to do something by ourselves


Tanimura, behind you!!

Page 15:


The soldiers were

a decoy...


Deal with them!!!

Page 16:





Kill the other one too!!


Page 17:

We let them get away...



Chi... Chiaki...




It looks like this is it for me...

You'll be fine... get a hold of yourself!!

I... I'll leave the rest...




Page 18:

Huh... I'm still alive...?


Because I’m a medic


Please don't try to leave the game on your own

I even tried to end this beautifully!!

This is a very bad situation

They finally took over the second tank


This game is as good as over

Isn't that really bad?!



Page 19:




Dunno why, but I found a really big robot~~

The setting was destroyed in an instant...

What is this game...?

Iron man army corps!!

Next week, the battle will end with a center color page!!
And, will something happen to Oga?!


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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2011
LOL thats true mangacurse sucks!
#2. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2011
well i know that they suck , but whats up with you guys , act a bit manly and insult them at their place , not here where the whole world can see
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