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Beelzebub 99


+ posted by Runte as translation on Mar 4, 2011 10:50 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 99

Yaay! It's this time of a week again! It's the Beelzebub!


Cover 01:

Let's Slo~owly taste this happiness

Page 01:

Well then

Babu99 Cheat?!

The maid demons are... Serious!!

It's about time we end this

Trick Art


Page 02:


Ah... Nothing.. I just though I felt something...


There's no one here

If the enemy got close, they'd show on the map, right?

Yes, they should, but...

Page 03:

From nowhere...!!

Nene-san, run away!!


Page 04:


I died...!

What was tha~at...


This is...



I.. Died too...!!

A chainsaw suddenly appeared out of nowhere!!

I got ripped in half!! What a brutal game!!

Cheats, huh...

Page 05:


The most disrespectful and hated act in online gaming

These guys have remodelled the program itself

There's no such thing as optical camouflage in this game

What's that...?

They've become completely invisible

Page 06:


So, they're not playing by the rules?!

No way... Just what can we do against an invisible enemy?


Shiroyama, control my character for a moment


O... Oi, Himekawa! Where are you going?!

Just stay alive for 10 mins
I have something to prepare


To think that

There were still people stupid enough to start a game of cheating with me

Page 07:

Yo, you guys!! Didcha brush yer teeth?! It's yer Zenjuurou-san!!

We gotta make this training fun!! So everyone, come with me and let's release magic!

Hey! Hey! 1, 2, 3, 4!!

You keep on growing until you die!! YES!!

Hey! Hey!

You keep on growing until you die!! YES!!


OK, piece of shit!!
The next part of training is: stretch your fist forward and break the front teeth of an annoying guy!!

Page 08:

Hey! Hey! 1, 2, 3, 4!!

Sorry, you guys! Just shatter already! YES!!

Hey! Hey!

Dadaa Dadaa Daabu Dabu!

Yer going good, pieces of shit! Yer getting the hang of this!!
The next part is finally-

It's not!!

What are ya doing, Member Oga?!

Shut up!!

Just what part of this shit is training?! I'm not trying to diet here!!

Oi Oi, try saying something rude again and I'll beat you beyond the galaxy

This training program is the fruits of my thinking for 3 days and 3 nights straight, plus what I thought of just a moment ago

So, you made it up on the spur of a moment after all?!

Having fun

Page 09:


You said you wanted to do this

So, quit whining and decide

You gonna do this? Not gonna do this?



Really having fun

Fuck, I got you!!
I'll do this! I'll do this, you hear?!

Alright! Then the next exercise is from stomach to breast

You just called this an exercise!!


Page 10:



My hairstyle's so old I'm not popular!! YES!!

Hey! Hey!


Are those "hey"s really necessary?

Of course!!

The days ran by...

Or actually

It was at least 5 hours



He had a little fight with them as well...

Page 11:

He got really beaten up

He lost?!


Of course he lost

He had a terrible look on his face, so
I told him I'd teach him how to fight demons, but...

That bastard, after he heard the basics, he just took off...
I have so many “honest” students it makes me want to cry

...Toujou did...

Well, I'm not really worried about him

He's the kind of guy who'll get stronger if you let him do it alone

But the problem's you

Page 12:

Because you've literally got the demon king behind you

So, I really have to have you learn how to use those powers
As another contractor


Since the gramps taught you the basics

We can move to the next step

You... Know Kunieda's gramps...

So, who the heck are you really...?!


Let's see... If you can clear the next task

I can tell you


Page 13:

Huh? Another exercise?

This is a radio I used to use in my training

Actually, it's not just your normal radio. It was made in hell

Huh? In hell?

No wonder he owned something so old...

This thing here can give form to any voice it records

And for a while now, this thing has been recording the voices of you two

Page 14:

Oi oi, don't tell me...

You already got it, didn't you?

That's right... From now on...

Your opponent will be


Page 15:


He is...


Jab Jab Jab (<- important sfx! :D)

So small....!!


Page 16:

Oi oi

After introducing such a clichéd training method, you...

Want me to fight with this guy?

When Beel's fighting alone, he loses to insects, you know...


It seems it recorded too much of the baby's voice


That doesn't mean it's weak


Page 17:

It will draw out

The potential of anyone whose voice it records...

You serious...?

Black baby Beel!! He's too strong!!

Next time: see “too strong” black beel, and a great crisis!! ...That time...?!

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