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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 421

V.S. Mastermind

+ posted by Runte as translation on Mar 7, 2011 15:40 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 421

Page 01:

A master politician arrives!!!

A master politician?!

So, an important member from the anti-Yami group was a master from the armed division!!

Battle 421 V.S. Mastermind

A politician was a master?! What will happen to the Shinpaku alliance?!

Page 02:




Kuh! We're surrounded by the fallen trees!!

To think the great me would fall into someone's trap!

Page 03:

I won't let anyone escape through this fence.

I'll let you perish with the data on this same mountain.

So Ishida is really a member of Yami...

Ah! If you are a member of the armed division, then... The reason Yami knew about everything beforehand...


It was a plan to reveal the good-for-nothing politicians who want to sever the unbroken traditions of Yami!!

Wh- What does he mean, Niijima?!

Shit! So the data-stealing operation in Okinawa was a bait to find the anti-Yami group members!!


Page 04:

So Ryouzanpaku was used as a decoy?!

Page 05:

Are you the mastermind behind that plan?!

Stop! There's no way you can win!

Let's all run in different directions! If it goes well, the sacrifices will be small!! Listen, three, two...

Page 06-07:

You guys.

Page 08:

Takeda: Niijima, even if we scatter, I think this guy has enough strength to annihilate us.

Freya: There's no greater disgrace than getting cut from behind.

Sieg: Then let's try combining our strength.

Kisara: Guess we've got no choices left.

Thor: Chubby men won't flee!!

Ukita: Uooh! Uoo~oh!

Everyone, I think you know this, but even if we all attack at once, we hardly have any chance...

But if we attack him separately, we'll definitely die!!

I'll use this chance to escape from here!!

Page 09:

Our chance may be one in thousands...

Or one in millions...

What happened to ten thousands, Takeda?!

You just joyfully skipped over them.

And hundred thousands.

We'll attack with your signal!

Start when you want to, Kenichi!!

I'm going!!

Page 10:

Death to those who have no right to vote!!

Page 11:


Page 12:

Who on earth?! Someone's aiming for my eyes with acorns so accurately!

With this many people, not even one hit is landing!!

Page 13:

Idiots, if not for these accurate acorn attacks, I'd have killed you in seconds!


Page 14-15:


Page 16:

Not bad!!

Shirahama got a hit!!


Damn, he guarded it!!

But his moves got a little weaker!!

Page 17:


Who are yooou?!

Page 18:


You found out, eh?

The table's turned after the arrival of a reinforcement that's just too promising?! "Yami Data Transport Arc" - finally, the climax!!

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