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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 424

Common people observing journal

+ posted by Runte as translation on Mar 30, 2011 15:58 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 424

You remember how I told you last week that'd be the last I tld? Hahahaha, Sry. It seems I still tld one xD
Anyways, this is the true last one. A big wall of text~

IMPORTANT: This has not been proofread! I have confidence In my Japanese, since all I have to do is read. But writing is a completely different world. I'm not a native english speaker, so there might be typos, grammar or vocabulary mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind'em should read this! :>

Besides, I was tired as hell when I did this ¦x

EDIT: Hahahaha, it's full of typos. Oh well, as I said, I was dead tired. Let's wait for the scanlated version~~

Reserved for the MRI!


Page 01:

Training daily! Researching daily!!

Battle 424 Common people observing journal

Page 02:

This week's protagonist is Chikage-chan, who's on a top-secret (?) mission! How's her life in school?

My name is Kushinada Chikage. I'm not old enough, but due to my master's orders, I have infiltrated Kouryou High School

Go and learn things you can't learn within the world of martial arts (bubble)

Even I, who have IQ enough to be called "the child of gods", have no idea of her motives

However, this is still my mission as part YOMI

Page 03:

I'm thinking of putting together my Common people observing journal I've secretly kept during the days of false life...

... Within my head

Don't get behind me

Like that girl from Ryouzanpaku, I also have recieved training to throw with my reflexes


Ah! It finally got its first leaves


Originally you should've been dealed with before that

You're saying that again

This man is Shirahama Kenichi. Even though he shouldn't have the traits of a martial artists, somehow until this day he's fought us YOMI and stayed alive. He's a mystery

Page 04:

Flowering is really mysterious. To think that such lively and fresh leaves and grass would be born from a small seed

The cotelydon and germs inside the seed only absorb the nourishment of a leaf, specializate and grow

Damn you

Are you teasing him again, Chikage-chan?

She is the president of a gardening club, Izumi Yuuka, sophmore. It seems she's very fond of Shirahama.

Oh, Izumi-san

Would you mind stopping that?

By the way, Shirahama-kun, I ctually happen to have two movie tickets

Oh, right! I forgot Miu-san wanted to see me

Page 05:


What is it, Chikage-chan?

I'll still continue on observing him, so...

I will tell you if I find his weakness...

Eh? Weak...

Ah, yes, thank you very much

No need to thank me. I own you for always letting me borrow the flower bed

It's not like I have any feelings for her. It's politeness as one martial artist

Page 08:

That stupid dance had an unusual sharpness in it. Does her experience in martial arts bring out her reaction?

...No, today she looks even sharper...

She's emitting brilliance I've never seen before

What's up Fuurinji? Did something good happen?

Gh, She's shining even brighter than normal...

No, nothing


Ahh, Kenichi-san

Did you call me?

Since we can't be alone in Ryouzanpaku for a while

Ah, as I thought, so you're still under elder's surveillance?

Page 09:

But it's not like we're doing something bad

I know that, but I don't want to sorry grandfather

No, I don't think so
They just don't suit eachothers at all

...I don't get it

Having fun peeking?

She got behind me without letting me notice it...?

Page 10:

I can't sense blood thirst

Of course. Don't put us together

Desciple of Yami!!

But you peeked as well, didn't you?

That's the same as me

Don't put us together!!

Page 11:

She's standing out more than me again...

Two YOMI from both sides? Just bring it on


Why are you still attending school now that you mission has been removed?

Don't tell me you have some feelings towards the people of this school

Disciple of the Laughing Fist, Castor!

It's Rachel Stanley, nickname Racchan

Page 12-13:

Fufufu since it was my Maestro who ordered me to infiltrate the school, before I find him, no one can cancel that order

Besides, I like it here. I wonder if your so called "feelings" include it

Miss "child of gods", this place called school is a microcosmos of several worlds. Did you know?

Not interested. I'm here only because of a mission

Fufuh, But don't you think this Kouryou highschool...

Will one day...

Get its name to the books of history as place with lots of different powers

Page 14:

But, you're right

Ma Renka! We need to settle our score some day

Kyaaaa! You three, it's dangerous! Why did you climb there?!

Get down. Everyone'll see your underwear!!

I'll call a laddertruck!

That's what you're worried about?! (little text next to the almost bald guy)

Our school has a lot of agile girls (the blond guy)


Page 15:

As I told you before

I'm keeping this record inside my head
With my brains, I don't have any need to walk around carrying outer memory devices, like some nameless alien

I've been thinking this for a while, but... What's the OS of your Mobile, general? I can't read it at all

It's a secre~t

And if it's inside me head, no one will ever see it. Since I don't know the reason my master sent me to this school, it'd be best to not have any extra interest to shir outer world

And my secret stash is already full of books from sweets

Page 16:

Now that I think about it, books of sweets have really piled up...

This is a recipe book, you can have it (Miu)
As martial artist I thank you(kushinada)

You like watching those things? You can have it (Kisara)
Ukita will pay (Kisara)
Me? (Ukita)

Yeah, Sweets are good... Sweets are the justice



My desires!!

Oi, pipsqueak, Shinpaku's meeting will start, come

I'm not going

Don't say such cold things. I'll carry you there!!

What the?! (the little text)

The weak gather

Just like a pack of some hebrivores...

Page 17:

However, my heart won't be soiled

I'm different from you

You in bad mood?

We just invited you because we're going to an all-you-can-eat cakeshop

Page 18:

It won't be soiled...

Here, open big (Renka)


Starting tomorrow...

You're always saying stuff like that

Probably just a diet or something

Renka-san, don't touch him with your breasts!!

Killing one's desires... Is still far! Our little Chikage-chan still needs training. And a new developments starting next week!

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