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Denpa Kyoushi 1

I started teaching

+ posted by Runte as translation on Nov 19, 2011 08:49 | Go to Denpa Kyoushi

-> RTS Page for Denpa Kyoushi 1

Hello. I'm Runte. I fell in love with this series and translated the first chapter so others may fall in love as well.

To Scanlators: You can use this however you want, but there are few things I wish for you to do.
First, have a proper proofreader do this. I'm not a native speaker, so I will have grammar mistakes and typos
Second, since I went and translated this, I hope all of my script will get into the release. Do not skip some sentences because they seem to be pain in the ass to add into the chapter. (Excluding sentences that get cut off or you won't see the whole sentence in the chapter)
Third, please do not release a Low-Quality release, but have it cleaned well. Even I can release a LQ-version, but the reason I'm not doing it is because it will kill the mood of the story.
And lastly, I will not translate more than this one chapter. If you're gonna pick this up, I suggest you find another tlor

If you have any questions about the script or something else, you can pm me, e-mail me or find me at irchighway

And to you who just use this script to enjoy the chapter: This script was meant for scanlating, so there are notes here and there. Do not mind'em.


Page 01:

Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap Tap

Those who understand your feeling are... (Yellow text)

This world is shit! There's no reason to live here...

Tap Tap

DENPA KYOUSHI (Wacko Teacher)

Tap Tap Tap Tap

3rd panel:
[Whisper(<- handlename) Did you like]

[This world is shit!]
[There's no reason to live here...]
[*lock* 30s ago]

4th panel:


[@Rabbit What's up?]
[You seem to be in low-spirits, lol]
[*lock* 20s ago]

TL-Note: KY is "Kuuki Yomenai" and means "Can't read the mood"

I want to die... Want to just disappear
Unlike manga and animeworlds

SFX: Tap Tap Tap

SFX: Tap Tap

Our world doesn't have a hero who'd save you when you're suffering


[@Rabbit Then let me tell]
[This lonely rabbit something nice]
[*lock* 10s ago]

Birth of a new legendary teacher who'll (maybe) change Japan!! (vertical text)

Page 02-03:

From the author of Super Dreadnought Girl!!! (large horizontal text)

<-o- Is he the one who'll change Japan?

The only one

Who truly can change your future

Is you alone.

1st period - I started teaching

DENPA KYOUSHI (Wacko Teacher)

Page 04:

Now, "the future" of a single man will open?! (big red text)

4th panel:

[Recommends! Anime review Blog Ranking]

[1st Super Dreadnought Tales DX]
[>> Watch Blog]

[2nd Montana's Anime talks]
[>> Watch Blog]

[3rd Manken Blog]
[>> Watch Blog]

[4th Anime Demon Kuu~Mi]
[5th XXXX]
[6th XXXX]


[Old Rankings]

5th panel:

[1st Super Dreadnought Tales DX]

[2nd Montana's Anime talks]

6th panel:

Aaalriiight!! Come'ere first prize!!

Shut uuup!!

Page 05:

Just what time do you think it is, brotard?!

Ooh, take a look, Suzune

My "Super Dreadnought Tales DX" has finally reached rank 1st in anime blogs...

If you have time to improve your nerdyness

Get a work

Dear sister, your brother cannot work due to his illness called "DC"


"DC" stands for "Don't Care"

Page 06:

It's a horrible disease where "I can't do anything I don't want to"...

That was close!! What if you hurt my precious collection?!

You don't care if you get hurt yourself

Damnit... A monkey who doesn't understand the worth of materia

Y... You, those're my...


Whoops, that was close. If I had used these, my precious collection'd gotten dirty
I mistook it for a handkerchief and brought along... (outside bubble)

Thanks for noticing it, Suzune

Page 07:


What're you doing?!

Free-swings (or practise-swings, dunno which is better)

I got chosen as a starting member in softball interhigh tournament
SO I have to practice even at home


Shhh (small sfx bubble)

If you want me to stop

Listen to my request


Mr. Kagami Jun'ichirou

We appoint this person as a part-time lecturer in Eastern Shinmei Highschool

In charge of Physics

Page 08:

From tomorrow on

You will become a teacher

Your alma mater... Eastern Shinmei Highschool is searching for a part-time lecturer

I applied without expecting anything, but you actually passed

When my friends ask me "Suzu's brother was amazing in the past right, what is he doing nowadays?" I don't want to answer
"He's guarding our house, lol" anymore!

It only feels pathetic!!

It's true that in this era, even if it's part-time, a teaching certificate is valuable
And if I'm acknowledged, they might even employ me full-time

And the fact that it's my alma mater lessens my pressure

Page 09:

But I refuse!!

Because I am "DC"!

Or not!!


I'll try my best from tomorrow on

Good to hear

Page 10:

Phew, you sure have saved us

[Principal's Office]

Watanabe-sensei suddenly took a maternity leave, so...

Excuse me... Sensei?

Vitality (bubble form his mouth)

That so

[Having spasm of DC]

Still, Suzune sure was well-prepaired...

However, tomorrow is too soon, I don't have any clothes or so

Don't worry
I washed the coat you used during your university

Page 11:

When you wear that, you look much better

So... Please try to stay firm

Like before

Like before... Huh

But still, I'm surprised you decided to employ
An unemployed neet like me without any interview

I'd have been glad if you would've failed me


Such modesty. Don't be so humble

Page 12:

You released a thesis in both "Nature" and "Science" when you were only 17

Aren't you the young genius, Kagami Jun'ichirou
After you graduated from university, you refused every last offer you got from research institutes all over the world

Just what have you been doing this one year?

Mostly updating my anime blog

Eh? And why's that?

...Because you see,
I don't have the slightest interest in science or physics

Page 13:

I cna hear singing from the roof

Is... Is that so?

Plus this is the opening theme of "Magical Girl Bura *star* Kura"!
"The dreaming two-hand"!!
(I rofld when I searched and found out that if that was written in katakana, burakura'd mean Browser Crasher)

Excuse... We're still talking about...

Sergeant Thunders
Will begin her charge *heart*

["Magical Girl Bura *star Kura"]
[Sergeant Thunders (CV. Hanazawa Kanon)]

Are you an idiot?!
At this rate I'll miss the only 152 seconds long song!!


Page 14:

Page 15:

SFX: Clap Clap Clap Clap

Who's there?!

SFX: Clap Clap Clap Clap

Uwaah, you're too good

Almost like the real one

SFX: Clap Clap Clap Clap

The chours club? You chose a good song

I'm not in the chours club or anything

...? Then Why were you singing...?

Page 16:

I'll become a voice actor

So I was both training and testing my courage over here



Hehhee, surprised?

I'm even going to the training centre
It won't be long before I walk the road of stardom

FuFuFu (sfx-like text outside the bubbles)

And, who might you be?

Page 17:

Are you looking down on voice acting?!


You said you were visiting some training centre

There are currently over 1000 similiar facilities all over the Japan
And from there several thousand of rivals will be born every year

But those who can live with voice acting won't even reach 100
And the ones who are called "star", are one in tens of thousands!

That's even smaller of a chance than for you to be in a traffic accident within three days from now on!

Voice actors are gods!!

It's not a thing to aim just because you have a nice voice or are good at singing!!

And what the heck did you mean by "you'll become voice actor"?
Don't you mean you 'want to become'? (text between the bubbles)
It's not like you have the power to decide tha...

Page 18:

The one who decides that

Is me


She hit the face of a man she met the first time today?!

I'm not good at dealing with that type...

Well, I do know someone very similiar

Achooh (sfx over the last bubble)

Page 19:

Kooon (1st panel sfx)

I wonder what kind of person the new physics teacher will be

I heard he's some kind of super genius
That he wrote a thesis that'd be enough to get a nobel prize when he was 17

A nobel, huh


I heard you were singing songs from some anime on the roof again

Are you really a high schooler?

Quit reading some shit like this and play with us

Like before

Page 20:


He... He's that guy



Well, you know...

Wait... He's the new teacher?

He seems to be in quite a low-spirits
Is he really some super genius?

Aaah... I don't want to...

[Having spasm of DC]

But I still have to do the lessons

If you'll have some troubles at school

Or if you'll get fired, I'll practise full swings

Is there... Any good way out of this...!!

... That's it!!

Page 21:

From today on I will teach physics to this class
The name's Kagami Jun'ichirou

Now it's your turn to do the self-introduction!!

Wha... His spirits suddenly skyrocketed


Clank clank clank (sfx)


Page 22:

Now, every last one of you

Acces to this website right away

This is a popular Mobile game
"Wonder Man Battle Royal"

Rather than just introducing yurselves one by one
I want all of you to play this


"Party game is life!... The values of your own life influence the playstyle of this game

It's perfect way for you to do the self-introduction


vel 25

level 132

[Party game means game where you can form parties]

Page 23:

And as a present for those of you who can get a treasure from me
I'll give you a perfect score in next week's small test!!

Oooooh! (2nd panel sfx)

It's OK to form groups or whatever you like

All of you, attack me at once!!

Wha... Who the heck is he?!

Page 24:

Gyaaah! He got me again!

So he's the leading person of this class

Still, I easily found out the hierarchy and human relations of this class

I can level up and I'll get all the information that's important to teacher the same time

What a perfect way for a "DC" like me

[Level 1854]



Sh... She's the Bitchslap woman!!

Didn't notice she was in this class!!


Page 25:

SFX: Kiin Koon

I somehow made it before the lunch break...

I was afraid at first, but I guess this'll turn out okay

Maybe I should make a random excuse and continue gaming from now on


Sen... Sei?

Oh, Bitchslap. You gonna eat here as well?


Please don't give such weird nicknames

I will eat elsewhere!

Right, by the way

Page 26:

Why are you being picked on?

The only ones doing it directly are Kitou Miho and her two friends

But the rest are also avoiding you so they won't be affected

You hit me without hesitation, so why won't you fight them?
You're a real weirdo

I don't want to hear that from you

I overheard it
People were talking that you were really awesome in the past so why didn't you become a scientist

There's nothing weird about that

Page 27:

All I wanted was
To create "Dokodemo Door"

TL-Note: Dokodemo = Everywhere. One of Doraemon’s most commonly used gadgets

Do... Ko...

Dokodemo Door?!

What I needed was a 4th dimension field machine that folds the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension and
Space distortion model, chain warp unit

Even though it has movement range of 10 light years
To realise one unit, it'd take a surprising amount 640,000 yen

Wh... Why did you think of creating something like that?


Why? Well, of course...

Page 28:

Because I want one

Bu... But there's not way it's possible to create...

I made one


To be specific, I thought of a new theory and proved that it could be built.
I wanted to know whether I was right or not, and it turned into one hell of an uproar when I chose some random magazine and sent it there

But, I somehow managed to complete the theorical blueprints when I was in university

Page 29:

Whether that's correct or not, the actual proof will appear somehwere near 22th century

That was so much fun

That's why I have no lingering affection towards science...

It's not like I wanted to master science or physics
It's just my DC illness


"Don't Care." A disease where I can't do anything I don't want to

Then isn't it fine for me to be a voice actor?
Because I want to be

Voice actors are special!! They're gods who give life to characters!!

No matter what Miho and others do to me...

The reason I won't struggle is because...

Page 30:

I will become a hero

This is just a trial to become one

Eh? Didn't you want to become a voice actor...?

If I was a voice actor, even a girl like me could become a hero, right?

Bee (sfx left to the bubble)

A high school girl... Wanting to become a hero?

That facepunch's...

Pretty interesting...!!


[Eastern Shinei High School branch school]
[Bulletin Board]
[Login Form]

Page 31:

Aww, damn

Thanks to the lesson, it's this late already

Someone's following me...?

I have to run away!!



Page 32:

You'll let me massage your boobs for 5,000yen, right?



You love these kinds of plays, so you'll struggle for real

Just like the information in "branch school"

Branch school?

Mufu *heart* (sfx)

Page 33:




Let's hurry and run away!!

Wh... What?

I have zero Power skills!!

Were you the one... Who was following me?

These chips're good (white text over Kagami)

Yeah, that's right

Because you're truly interesting character, Bitchslap
It's in level where you could aim the top 20 ranking of monthly popularity poll in Animage

Do your best

These chips're good (white sfx between bubbles)

... I see

Yeah, right. Because of that, I tried searching information about you


And found a website like this

Page 34:


[I may look serious, but]
[Two years ago I was a delinquent]
[I may look calm type, but]
[I actually love men]
[I love when I'm forcibly touched]
[But truthfully I'm loving it]
[One touch 5,000yen]
[The route I walk home is]
[The time is around]

"Eastern Shinmei High School branch shcool"

This school's dark site

It seems someone wrote your profile and pasted it to the bulletin board

You had a bad luck when someone actually believed it

Of course they'll believe it

Because it's the truth that a while ago
I was a delinquent

Back then... Things happened at home and I hanged around with Miho and others

We playd all night long, brawled and did all kinds of worthless things

Page 35:

This world is shit!
There's no reason to live here

Our world doesn't have a hero who'd save you when you're suffering
That was all I could think of

[@Rabbit Then let me tell]
[This lonely rabbit something nice]

It was then when I at a certain site

Heard those words

[@Rebbit If there are no heroes]
[ Then you can become one]

Those words

Gave meaning to my life

Page 36:

It seems that was the line of a mangacharacter from series called "Bura *star* Kura"

It was then when I understood

You can save people with words from fairytales

You can become even a real hero

That's why I'll break every wall I'll ever face

If I didn't do so, I wouldn't be able to become a real hero

Page 37:

[From Kazuma Takeshi-sensei]
[Nice to meet you, my name is Kazuma!! Personally I think that teaching is not "job", but your "lifestyle". Thus I tried creating an ideal teacher...Huh? How did it come to this?]

Man, she really has a personality out of manga series...

A Hero, huh...

[Eastern Shinei High School branch school]
[Bulletin Board]
[Login Form]

You're looking the dark site of your own school, how dusgusting

I... I... I really went to the school

Then I don't mind
That site has really bad reputation

Even though it's supposed to be school's SNS*, it has the same level of security than Pentagon
You can't see the communications from outside at all

*Social Network Service

[Eastern Shinei High School branch school]
[Bulletin Board]
[Login Form]

That's why there's a rumour you can talk there anything that are too dangerous to talk outside

Page 38:

Pentagon... Huh

Aren't you thinking something weird again...?

Do... Don't worry, I know what I should and shouldn't do

Kiin Koon Kaan Koon *sfx*


Aren't you feeling someone staring at you all the time?

We're only trying to help

Your publicity activity

Page 39:

Oh yeah, I heard voice actors do everything that's good for their throats

I made some juice that's absolutely wonderful for your throat

Have a taste, great star

Trade a monster with me, Sensei

Oh, you've made some progress


Take her to infirmary!!


Ah... Sensei

It seems the juice I drank... Had gone bad...

Your... Voice is...

Page 40:

That's right, this way I can once again level up

The characters I'll be able to act increase day by day

I'll check the ingredients of that juice


I'm currently fighting my past...

That's why I have to use my own strength to go past it

Heroes are

A Lonely existence

... That so?

Page 41:








Page 42:

Uwaaahn (sfx)

You aren't good enough at acting yet


Aaaahn (sfx)

Uwaaaahn (sfx)

Yo, wicked blonde

Who're you calling wicked?!

You're... Kagami?

Yo, wicked

Page 43:

Is it funny bullying Kanou Minako?

Tell me

What are you talking about? I have no idea


That's the correct answer

About as correct as 5% of late night TV-King? (<- A TV-channel)
This development is truly into my liking

Yup, you're really interesting

Page 44:

What're we going to do? It seems Kagami's suspecting us

There's no proof, so don't sweat it

Every time we descuss, we do it inside the chat of Branch School

But he seemed a little like otaku, so maybe he can do hacking or something
There should be logs in the chat about the chalk we put in that juice

Hacking isn't something so easy

And even if he managed to do something like that, he can't do anything against us


Because he's a teacher
If he did something to corner us, he'd just get fired instead

I see! Mihomiho's super genius!!




Page 45:

[Kitou Miho]

Miho... Did you just sent me an e-mail?

I didn't

But look, it definitely came from you Branch School address!

[Branch School mail]
[1 mail]

I'm telling you it wasn't me

Wh... What does it say?

Y.. yeah

[Branch Shool Mail]
[Kitou Miho]
[Title -]
[Look up]

Page 46:


Pth! Ptch!

What's this?!

Chalk powder...?!

Page 47:


Justice Man arrives!!

Page 48:

You mean groups of bullies who pick on frail girl!!

I, the Justice Man shall punish you!!


Justice man?

You're just Kagami, right!!
Who're you calling Justice Man?!

Your voice and clothes gave you away!!


Are we projected in that?


First______What's this...


Page 49:

Currently this video
Is Being sen to the whole world with the title of

"Justice man punishes evil bullies"



I came here flying when
Bullying is o lame
Justice man *triangle*
For real?

Ooh! All three of the live-broadcast threads are full already

Ah... Ah...

You shit... You're a teach, right?! Is it okay to broadcast something like that without any proof?!

[196: anonymousbully@bitch]
[197: anonymousbully@bitch
It's the Teacher!!]
[198: anonymousbully@bitch
Justice Man = Teacher]

Didn't you have fun chatting
In "Eastern Shinmei Highschool branch school" all the time?


Don't tell me

You managed to hack in?

Hack in?

I don't need to

Page 50:

Because I was the one

Who made that site

5 years ago we needed a place where we could safely share treasure clips with my otaku friends

And when I take my eyes off for a little while after the graduation, you managed to make such a boring way to use it

I hope you're prepared, baby monkeys

But look, it definitely came from you Branch School address!

Meaning not only the chat logs but also all of the e-mails too...!!

Page 51:

As your punishment
I'm thinking of linking your personal information

Into these live-broadcast threads

[Favourites] [Tools]
[All about the bullies
Bully's Address
Bully's chat
Bully's past


[It's heeeere!!! *emoticon*]
[This was unexpected development]
[The Witches have started uploading]
[The strongest witch corps are heere]


For real..?

[Not yeeet?! *emoticon*]
[Aight, I'll go at full-throttle]
[Things are getting heated, lol]

Please stop!! That's not funny you know!!
She suddenly quit hanging around with us so we just wanted to meddle with her a little...

There's both phone number and residence there as well (text next to the bubble)

It's not like we were bullying her...

You're right... That wasn't bullying

Page 52:

Penal code, article 204, inflicting bodily injury
Penal code, article 222, intimidation

Penal code, article 61, clause 1, Assault instigation

What you girls were enjoying was
Splendid "criminal act"




Stop this

It's "publicity activity"

[Already off to next Thread?]

[Absolutely unforgiveable]
[Any of you stoop for a while]
[m9 *emoticon*]
[The Justice man really]
[er, right? This.]
[*impossible to read*]

[You got what you deserve]
[Well, can't be helped]
[Fake tears, lol]
[Just now,that was useless industry orz]

Page 53:

From now on be cautious of others' looks for the rest


Of your life





Ooh, the first prank call

I suggest you answer that
Or the next one will be your residence or school...




Page 54:

Just kidding


Got scared?

Page 55:

Everything from the start till the end

Was a clip I made myself

That's was for Kanou's one days






So ends today's lesson

Page 56:


Yo, Bitchslap

I heard you took a lot of chalk powder meant to draw lines with you

Are you thinking of doing something stra...

There was a student with bad behaviour, so I kept an extracurricular lesson

Wai... Just what did you do?!
I wold you to leave me alone...

...I told you didn't I?

Page 57:


Don't Care

Why did you do this?!
I told you I'll be fine alone

Why did you stick your nose into this...?!

"If there are no heroes"
"Then you can become one"

Page 58:

But the Thunders sergeant from "Bura *star* kura" who said that
Has her life saved many times by Private Heartman

There's always Robin

Next to Batman

If you're left alone, you'll die of loneliness


[@K-Y There are no]

[@Rabbit As I thought, you
Actually that is
Normal heroes alw
Heroes are
Next to Batman]

[@K-Y Hee, is that so?]


Are you K...

Page 59:

Heroes may be lonely, but

They aren't fighting alone

...Damn him

He knows... All about...

Thank yoooou!!


Page 60:


That teacher was...

Really interesting

Page 61:


Wha... What?

Did something happen, bro?!

H.. How could this be

In animeblog rankings my Super Dreadnought Tales is

...Is second?!

[Recommends! Anime review Blog Ranking]

[1st Manken Blog]

[2nd Dreadnought Tales DX]

[3rd Montana's Anime talks]

[4th Anime Demon Kuu~Mi]
[5th Sand Circus]
[6th Watch-anime-as-much-as-you-want Club XXX]
[7th First stone in tengen]
[8th Nanami]

This all happened because of that teacher thing...
Damn... I so want to quit that job!

It's my loss if they pass me!! (last panel, text outside bubbles)

Page 62:



That one was a light joke, my dear little sister

Don't lie!! That scream came from the deepest part of your heart!!
If you so much want me to practise my swings, should I start immediately?!

Aaah! No no, I beg you, please stop! Suzune, my lady!!

Look forward to Kagami-sensei.

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Nov 19, 2011
Thanks for doing this. :) I was considering it, but I think you did a better job than I would have.

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