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Kuroshitsuji 18

At Night ~ That Butler, Shadow

+ posted by Ruruchi21 as translation on Oct 27, 2010 11:40 | Go to Kuroshitsuji

-> RTS Page for Kuroshitsuji 18

Please credit us if you’re going to use it!

Translated by Chiichan (Japanese translator) and Celty-san (Japanese to Chinese reviewer)
Based from the Tankoubon Raws of Chiichan (Japanese Version) and Pokkihime (Chinese Version). Edited by Ruruchi21. Proud members of Queen’s Watchdogs Scanlation Team! Visit us at queenswatchdogs.wordpress.com.

Chapter 18: At Night ~ That Butler, Shadow


Seb: Excuse me...
How strange for you to be awake so early.
(box at the left most panel: Morning after morning are always normal, but..)


Ciel: I was upset, so I slept lightly.
(second panel) In the end, those two didn’t leave until it’s already late.
What the heck is this?!

(boxes at the newspaper) ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS ATTACK!
A Cofeehouse in Piccadilly, Circus severely damaged.
(*note: I followed the original text on the raw since it is close as it is supposed to translated, I find the phrasing weird, too.*)


Lau: ...Well
To be honest, they we’re suspicious from the beginning.
(small text with Lau: Don’t you think you’re quite popular?)

Ciel: That is right, but..
I don’t think those two will gain anything from causing trouble.
(small text with Ciel: Everyday I get these from London...)
(lower small text: Invitation)
(third panel) Resentment of the colonial regime? That kind of reason is absurd, isn’t it?
Even if they don’t like the Anglo-Indians returning to England, to attack them at random is a high risk.
(last horizontal panel) The main point being, if they are the criminals, they won’t want to see me.
They are not the sort of “suspicious people” you are talking about, are they?
And furthermore...

Lau: Then...


Lau: It would be better if night falls soon, wouldn’t it?
(puffed text with Lau: Right?)

Soma: Well: we’re leaving then.
Hurry and go to sleep, midget Ciel!
(SFX: Bam!)


Lau: If you’d look at them, it’s as if they’re just looking for someone.

Ciel: In England, the first place to find news about a person would be a pub or club.
They aren’t doing anything unusual.

Seb: (panel below Ciel’s solo panel) It’s one in the morning...
(Seb’s solo horizontal panel) They will be returning to the mansion soon.
Let us return as well.


Seb: 2:45 in the morning...
As expected, you finally moved.


Seb: Young Master,
He has left.

Ciel: Alright, then we should~
(small text with Lau: Tired...)

Soma: Wait!

Ciel: !

Soma: You!
Please let me come with you.
(next panel) I know that Agni now and then goes out after I sleep.
But as for what he is doing...
I don’t know.

Lau: (last panel) He entered this building.

Ciel: !
This is...!


Ciel: So this is it! We’re going to see the bottom of this matter.

Soma: What’s that supposed to mean?
Whose house is this?

Lau: There, there, prince. Don’t panic!
(Lau’s solo panel) You’ll know if you go inside...
...and we will learn the awful truth.
You will...
(dark panel with Lau, Seb, Ciel and Soma) ...and I will... right?!

Ciel: (light dotted-panel with Lau, Seb, Ciel and Soma) by “and I will” means that you don’t know what’s going on, too?

Lau: Yup! ~
(small text with Lau: Whose house is this again?)

Ciel: (last horizontal panel) This is the house of Harold West-Jebb.
He deals with a wide range of imported goods.
I only met him once outside of work, but...
He is a sinister guy with a scandalous record. (*note: a bit rough phrasing, isn’t it?*)


Lau: A person who deals with imported goods, eh? We’re in the same boat.

Soma: But why would Agni go to this kind of person’s house?

Ciel ???: He mainly deals in Indian spices and a variety of teas.
He runs the general store called “Harold’s Trading”...
...and “Harold’s Hindustani Coffee House”.

Seb ???: The name Mina appeared in some of Lord West’s documents.
According to it, they we centered in the Bengal region.
There would have been damage to their industry from the hanging incidents, but...
(black panel) ...because the proprietor, Lord West, was unexpectedly absent during the incidents, damage has been cleared off.

Ciel ???: There’s no other way around... Let’s go.

Seb: Understood.


Ciel: Hey~

Seb: This way is faster, isn’t it?

(with dogs: !!)


Soma: Ciel!!
(panel beside Sebastian’s eye) Why...
... are the dogs stopping?

Seb: Lord West has raised such gutless watchdogs, hasn’t he?

Ciel: ...

Lau ???: Oi~ Earl~


Lau: Over here, over here!

Ciel and Soma: ...
(small text with Ciel: You...)

Lau: Oh my, I didn’t kill them. I just put them to sleep.
(small text with Lau: A man who uses ancient Chinese method.

Ciel: (solo panel) Whatever!
Let’s go find him.

Seb ???: There are no guards inside.
I can hear two voices.
Let’s go!


West ???: Very well done!
Don’t give me that blank expression.
Why don’t you smoke a cigar and relax a bit?
(center panel) These are first-class Havana cigars, bought from James Fox*, who has a royal warrant**

[TL Notes]
*James Fox was a real man who was the most prominent cigar-maker of his time, which is by the time of his death.
**Royal Warrants are given to really high-class brands and, therefore, supplies the royal family.
[back to translation]

Agni: ...

West: Well, help yourself. (*note: I don’t know a better phrasing than this*)
Now, everything will go according to plan. Next week, it’ll fall into place.


West: ...and with this right hand of god”, my plans will be put to realization.
(eavesdropping panel of Seb, Ciel, Lau, and Soma) I’ve waited three years...
You must be successful...

Agni: And as promised, if I carry out this contract...
Mina will...


Soma: Mina, you say?!

Agni & West: !!?

Ciel: What’re~

Seb: hmm~
Our faces will be recognized, we have to find a disguise.

Agni: (??? Background cloud text ???) P-prince!

Soma: What is the meaning of this?!
Do you know where Mina is?!

West: Ah... Is he your master,


Soma: You...
You brought Mina all the way here?
Defeat him!!

Agni: (solo panel) ...

Soma: Agni!
What are you doing?

West: Hah!
Snuff out this noisy prince, will you?


Soma: Wha~

West: (Agni’s panel) Can’t you hear what I’m saying?

Seb: They’ve started a quarrel, it seems.
(panel with deer) returning to the topic, there is no doubt that Lord West was involved in these incidents...
(second bubble, same panel) and it seems this involves the black market, too.

Lau: So you mean, Earl can decide on this now...
(small text: involves the black market)

Ciel: ...Yes.
Telling the Yard would be bothersome. Can we just leave and go home?

Seb ???: That’s good, but I have an idea. I want to investigate West a bit longer.

Ciel ???: This time, we will be the rescue to that stupid prince.

Ciel ??? (text cloud points to Ciel, but I think Lau is saying this): But didn’t you say they’ll recognize you? (or “both of you”... really confusing!)

Seb: Yes.
Please leave it to me.


Seb: I have a plan.

Soma: Agni, what’s this?!
Explain yourself!!

Agni: Th...
(center panel with Soma) There is nothing to explain!
Please go away.

Soma: Do...
Do you hear yourself?!

West: Good boy.

Soma: ...You!
What did you do to him?!


Agni: Please stop!

Soma: Let me go, Agni! Why are you even listening to him?!

West: (small text: Tse...) You wrinkled my Gieves and Hawks* suit!

[TL Note: *probably a real high-class brand during those times, too.]

[on the panel below West]

Soma: Agni!
Let go of me!

West: You shouldn’t even show your feelings to those who don’t care! (note: *this dialogue went through a lot of deliberation from us, it’s phrasing is weird*)

West: Agni!

Agni: !!?

West: Silence this prince!


West: Ha, what’s wrong?
I didn’t tell you to kill him.
I just want you to make him shut up.
That’s kind of me, isn’t it?

Soma: Agni...

West: Agni...


(no text)


Agni & Soma: (center black mogu panel) A DEER?!

West: What the heck is this?!

Agni: (small text on Seb’s head: Black...)
(on Agni’s black text cloud: Suit?)

Seb: (last panel) I am a deer summoned to rescue the prince.


Lau: Using a stuffed deer, what a great idea, Mr. Butler.

(small background text clouds: What are you?!)
(small background text clouds nearer the side line: Where...)

Ciel: (small text: His face can’t be seen but..)
(on text cloud) How is that great?

West: (small text: Aha!)
Somehow the prince must have called his spies!

Seb: No... I’m one hell of a deer! (note: *we decided to use this since this is the most and widely accepted translation of his catchphrase... we all know that!*)

West: Kill him!!

Agni: Kill? I can't do that!

West: Shut up!!
Do you want our deal off?!
This is an order!

Agni: I...


Agni: My god... In service to my god...
This right hand is meant for my god’s sake...
That is why...
(next panel) This sin of betrayal...

Soma: Agni... You can’t...

Agni: Please forgive me.
(bottom panel) WAAAAHHH!


West: The chest that I bought at the general trading!!
STOP!! That’s my one-of-a-kind Tiffany Lamp!
(smaller text cloud on top: My Wooster Tablewares!!)
(bottom small cloud: My Lock hat!)


Lau: It’s getting dangerous here, let’s go, Earl.

Ciel: WAH!

(small cloud below: My Massen cup!!)
(bottom cloud: My Customized...)

Ciel: (next panel) Hey!
This kind of scene will draw attention,
Take him out of there!

Seb: Understood.

Agni: ...


Seb ???: He was incredible back there.
He became superhuman.

Agni: That was his Samadhi. (note: *I didn’t have time to research on this but it’s Hindu thing*)
With it, anybody can be powerful.

Ciel: Samadhi?

Seb: It is from a different religion.
It is to reach a certain abstraction, correct? (note: *See, probably some kind of “Muga no Kyouchi” or “Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami”... Prince of Tennis thing*)

Seb: (profile panel) Humans are exceptional creatures, their blind belief, called faith, can call out incredible power within.
(last panel, the shady one) The Vikings, who lived in the ancient times, would call upon Odin.
The Holy Knights, the Crusaders, fought in the name of God. (note: *it was “Yahweh” in katakana, but “kami” in kanji, which means God. Either way, it’s the one true God above so I connoted it with capital letter.*)


Seb: For him, too...
His absolute belief in his god, Soma,
...ables him to release a power beyond human abilities.
(black panel) It is something we can’t have by birth... (note: *theologically wrong, btw*)
It is from love and belief...
The power called “faith”.

Soma: Then why...
Did he betrayed me?
Why did he turn away from me?!


Ciel: You!

Soma: Why?!
Why does everyone walks away from me?
(two small bubbles panting say: Ha... ha...)
(bottom right panel) Are you alright, you two?

Lau: We managed to dodge, so we’re fine.

Seb ???: Ahh...
The Haviland Tea Set that took a lot of effort to obtain because I felt it was appropriate for the Young Master.


Seb: It’d be better...
If I teach him some manners.
(Soma’s panel) You!

Soma: Who told you to come in-


Soma: You ill-bred--! (note: *I felt this is more brash from the Chinese version*)

Seb: Which one of us is more ill-bred?

Soma: !?

Seb: Really, throwing things just as you please. (note: *purposely ill-talking mode*)
You’re troublesome!

Soma: What—

Seb: You’re in England, in the mansion of Earl Phantomhive.
You’re not in your country or palace.
(solo panel) Here, you can’t just order me around. (note: *maybe too much TL informalism, eh*)


Seb: With Agni gone, you’re just an incapable child, who can’t stand on his own two feet.
Even more, Agni, your last ray of hope, has betrayed you.

Soma: That’s right...
I do not have anything anymore.
I have lost everyone.

Seb: Lost? What a remarkable conclusion.
You didn’t lost them.
It could be that you didn’t have anything from the beginning. (note: *originally a question, but I stumped at the phrasing*)

Soma: What?


Seb: Your social status was from your parents, your palace was from your parents, your servants was from your parents.
(lower cloud near Soma’s eyes) From the beginning, you do not have anything.
Am I right?
(lowest panel rows) You even knew Agni was doing something, right?
But you don’t even have the guts to know it yourself.

Soma: NO!


Seb: I am right, aren’t I?
Until now, even the truth is right before your eyes, you insist to blame it to someone else.
You’re really an impossible brat.

Soma: But... but...
But everyone was always there for me!

Seb: Isn’t that just for exchange of living in? (note: *I don’t know any better phrasing than this*)


Seb: They probably didn’t want to go back...
...back to the slums they were from.
No one ever really loved you.

Soma: I... I...

Ciel: That’s enough!

Seb: Young Master.

Ciel: I would have been like Soma.


Ciel: If...
(last text) ...that one month didn’t come to pass...

I might have a lot of translating flaws here, I’m not a pro, though I did have a background in translating stuffs. So whenever you notice grammatically wrong words, feel free to correct me...

I’ve put a lot of dialogue ??? because Yana Toboso’s writing and layout makes it a bit hard to know who’s talking what [though most of the time, we’re sure who said it...]. Her text clouds don’t usually have tails that points to who said it, so it’s hard. Sorry for the ??? all over the place.

Also, It’s 1am here in my place and I’m pretty sleepy while dong this (it has been a long day), but thanks to Celty for sleeping over and helping me with the Chinese comparisons... I love you, BFF!

And oh, for “theologically” biased notes, I hope you understand. I’m French and I am raised in Christianity... I know my stuff so I you have questions about that, feel free to ask.

Next chapter soon!

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