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Kuroshitsuji 15

That Butler, Freeloader

+ posted by Ruruchi21 as translation on Nov 5, 2010 10:41 | Go to Kuroshitsuji

-> RTS Page for Kuroshitsuji 15

Based on MGF Raws by Chiichan
Translation by Chiichan (my first Kuroshitsuji translating job!)
Edited by Ruruchi21

Made for the use of Queen’s Watchdogs Scanlation Team
@ http://queenswatchdogs.freeforumlife.com/
Please inform and credit us if you’re using this for your own scanlation. 

Chapter 15 ~That Butler, Freeloader
~Carrying on with the Nightmares~


(box: Rushing to the next chapter!!)

Finny: Whoa… It’s snowing!

(small text with Maylene: Too big!)

Bard: If I put a stone inside, it’ll be deadly!

(next panel’s box: Winter in England is a grey season enveloped by thick and heavy snow
After the series of murders by Jack the Ripper, London returned to peace)

(last panel: BUT ONLY FOR A WHILE…)


(*authors note: a pub serving Indian Food)

(3rd panel box: There was a strange case of continuous attacks involving British citizens who had just returned from India. They’re stripped and hung from feet on the eaves of Hindustani Coffee House* in Portman Square.)

(4th panel box: Since then, Noblemen and Soldiers who returned from India were ending up all in the same case)

(5th panel box: All the victims have papers stuck on them…)


Randall: Damn it! This is the 20th one now!
(card: Scotland Yard Police Chief – Lord Randall)
You haven’t caught the culprit yet, Abberline???

Aberline: My apologies!
(card: Scotland Yard Officer – Fred Aberline)

Randall: Heh, and the gratitude for catching Jack the Ripper was stolen from us by that little brat…

Ciel: Sorry to be such a brat.


Randall: Earl Phantomhive!

Aberline: Hey! How the heck did you get over here?
Randall: Earl Phantomhive… Why are you here?

Ciel: (small text: Heh!)
Isn’t it obvious?
I’m here to clean up the mess created by an old useless hunting dog.

Randall: What the…!

Ciel: Hmm… so…
A crime targeted only at the people who have returned from India.
It seems that the victims are not dead.

Randall: !
Don’t just…!


Ciel: If it was just a highwayman, I wouldn’t be here.
But, I won’t just sit and let the royal family be disgraced.
The criminals are described as “Chosen children of apathy and immorality,” which is accurate.
I agree that England would be better off without India’s wealthy upstarts.

(text boxes next panel: The British Empires Dominion of India.
At the present time, a lot of British citizens are living in Britain’s Indian Colonies.)


(text boxes: The third or fourth child from upper class families who can’t live luxuriously in England…
Can live like aristocrats in India.
Those who return from India are now called Anglo-Indian.
Those who can’t leave the lazy luxurious life in India are called Indian Upstarts.)

Randall: Those are cowards who were too busy with lavishness and rubbish pastimes.
Most of them are from the upper class of this so-called Great Britain.

Ciel: Upperclass? How futile…
What is this mark?


Targeting those who return from India only means that the criminal is a vulgar Indian barbarian!!

(small text with Aberline: Chief Randall, please calm down…)

Ciel: (text cloud on Aberline’s panel) So that’s why you called for me?
(second row of panels) A mainstream of smuggling Indians have a monopoly in the East End.
I can see that even the city yards don’t know what to do with a dark street like East End.
It’s hard to recognize the route and the exact number of smugglers, right?
(lowest panel) So I’ll be moving on my own…
I want to return to the manor house quickly.
Sebastian, did you remembered those documents?

Sebastian: Yes.

Ciel: Let’s go then, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Yes.
(small text with Aberline: Thanks!)


Two clouds with SFX: clop cop

Aberline: Chief Randall, really, who is that kid…?

Randall: I guess it doesn’t matter now, since you saw him…
This country has a sternly secret executive organization directly under the control of the Queen.
That is the Phantomhives.
(white text on the black panel) The Phantomive Family has served for generations.
They are called the Queen’s Watchdogs… also known as “The Evil Noblemen”.


Aberline: Why the heck they’re called Evil Noblemen? They’re serving the royal family like us, right?

Randall: No.
Their task is not as easy as ours.
Every country has a surface world and under world at the same time, too.
Great Britain is not an exception.

(black panel text) The Phantomhives is a dark organization that covers up all of the royal family’s secrets and eliminates every thread of linking the royal family’s involvement to dirty work.

(on the other side of the black panel) A “phantom” is something a royal family shouldn’t have.

Randall: (next panel text clouds) The Dark Street of East End…
…is where the people involved with multinational underworld gathered here in this country.
The one who has the power to control and manage everything in the underworld of this country and keep it from leaking out to the surface world…
(last panel text clouds) is the…
Phantomhive Family.


Aberline: In other words, it’s the opposite of the police.

Randall: They use wicked authority to carry out the Queen’s ideals.

Aberline: That kid is?!

Randall: That’s not a kid…
That is…
A demon.

Sebastian: Young Master
We have arrived.


Ciel: Is this the right place?

Sebastian: Yes. (??? TL comment: He’s a robot programmed to answer yes, but this time it’s weird because it’s actually “Yeah” or “Yup”. This guy suddenly talks trash to Ciel! *laughs*)
(next panel) Please watch your step.

(SFX: Gotcha… Mwah…)

Ciel: What a bad smell… (SFX: cough)

Lau: So you finally found this place…
It’s kinda weird for you to see me like this…
I always knew you would come.


Ciel: and what kind of day is this supposed to be?

Lau: Welcome, Earl!
Long time no see!
(second row panel) How have you been?
(small text: Ah!) Wasn’t it your birthday recently? Belated!

Ciel: I don’t care about that thing.
I have something to ask.

Lau: Ah! (TL comment: There he goes, our Yes-man *smiles*)


Lau: The Earl had all the trouble to go here in Anagura to talk to me about “that” incident…
Am I right?
The news had spread to you already? Sure it’s fast. (small text with the girl: wanna smoke?) (small text with Sebastian: No, thanks.)
I have been investigating “that” incident.

Ciel: If it’s about Orientals, the fastest way to find out anything is to ask the one with the biggest influence around…
(last row 1st panel) The President of the British Brach of Kunlun Chinese Trading Company…
Shanghai Mafia Qingbang Executive…


Lau: I don’t like you putting it like that.
It’s too formal. (TL comment: For the sake of intro… sheesh!)
Right, RanMao?

Ciel: I’ll leave the East End to you. (small text: stop smoking opium and listen!)
The numbers of people who move in and out of this street are under your control, right?

Lau (??? not sure if it’s Ciel, though): Of course, I have done what you asked.
(*authors note: just some random combustible)

Lau: It’s the bribe that allows me to do business in this country’s underworld.

Ciel: (last row of panels) So…

Lau: Well, first and foremost, I gotta ask you one thing.

Ciel: ? (TL comment: I so love his confused/irked face here *moe*)


Lau: What is “that” incident, by the way?

Ciel: You... (small text: gotta go back from the top)

Sebastian: Typical Yes-man, he is! (small text: No doubt)

Lau ???: (next panel) I see...
(second row, first panel) You want to apprehend that impish guy.
(the text cloud has tails that pointing to Ciel ???) Since there are no casualties, it could be that he targets the bourgeoisie or soldiers. (??? Weird phrasing)
(middle panel) Showing these to the common people... He’s quite troublesome, right, Earl?

Ciel: Shut up!

Sebastian ???: Even so, we came this far, we might as well know where is this Indian refuge?

Lau: EH???
Sorry, I got lost in the discussion, and now we are lost! (TL Comment: He’s just great... I love Lau)
(small text above Lau: Haha, sorry Earl!)

Ciel: You...!


Ciel: Well, let’s just return now...
(Big panel with scary guy) So...

Indian guy 1: It hurts! My ribs are broken!!

Ciel: What the?!

Other Indian guys: (panel with buildings) Someone help us!
Are you OK?!
What’s wrong? You’re being brutal!

Lau: Oh...


Indian guy 1: Setting foot in a place like this, you really have nerves. You even have a fancy clothing, young man.
(text cloud near Ciel) You a noble, huh!?
(Indian guy’s solo panel) Give me your money!!
Strip off and give it to me!! (TL Comment: What a phrasing I have here!)

Sebastian: It seems that we caught a trouble with these annoying punks, young master.


Sebastian ???: Shall I?

Ciel: Take them down!

Sebastian: (solo panel) Understood.

Indian guy 1: Let me tell you...
That we all loathe you noblemen!
(TL Comment: I did a few rephrasing for the sake of English Grammar rule of parallelism and in attempt to make it sound better and more mean... which affected the next few text clouds).
(angry panel) You brought us here to England like dumping waste.
You British are all selfish!

Other Indian guys: That’s right!


Indian guy 1: Because of you, we are living like gutter scoundrel!
Other Indian guys: That’s right!!

(next row – this is so hard so I’ll just type the text clouds from right to left, line by line)
That’s right!
You stumped our country under your feet!
We’ll give you a taste of humiliation and disgrace!!
That’s right!!

(third row – same encoding like second row, the round text clouds were Soma’s)
That’s right!
But before that, I have something to ask of you!
That’s right!!
Yeah! We’ve got something to ask!
That’s right!

(last row – same encoding like third row, the round text clouds were Soma’s, still)
That’s right!
If you answered acceptably, I will give you delicious food as a prize.
That’s right, yummy food!
That’s right!
Fish is good!
All the time! (TL Comment: This sounds familiar... and I hate how this is used here )
I’m getting hungry now!


Indian guys: Wait a minute!
That’s now how it should be!

Soma: So yeah...
(center page text cloud) We’re looking for someone. Have you seen an Indian like her?

Indian guy 1: What the?! Get out of the way, you bastard!

Soma: How rude... impolitely addressing me...


Indian guy 1: What?! You trying to join the fight, too?
Hey! You’re ignoring me!

Indian guy 1: (center row panel) He has a butler...
Are you...
...A British Noblemen?

Ciel: So what if we are?

Soma: Then, I have to go with my people.


Agni: Yes?

Soma: Take them down.

Agni: Your wish is my command.
This fist is blessed by the gods...
...is only for my master’s sake!


Ciel: What the...?


Sebastian: He’s fast...

Indian guy 1: Don’t go ignore us...
Right away!


Agni: Oops!
I’m sorry, fellow! (small text: I’ll treat it later!)

Indian guy 2: Wait...

Indian guy 3: ARGH!


(no text)


Agni: I’ve hit you’re pressure points over and over.
Your arm shouldn’t be moving anymore.
But why are you still fighting?

Ciel: Hey! (small text: Let me go!)
We were just passing by in this place then those guys started a fight!
Are all Indians this barbaric and attacks a British all of a sudden?

Soma: (SFX: Surprised) What?!


Soma: You guys!
Did you really attacked this kid without a reason?

Indian guy 4: Eh... a reason?

Soma: That’s not right!
Fighting without a reason is immature!
Our fellow people are the wrong ones here!
Now, let us help this kid!

Agni: Yes, master!
It’s all taken care of, Prince Soma.

Soma: That’s the way!!


Soma: So you are...
...not hurt or anything?

Sebastian: Uhm...

Soma: Also, kid...
This isn’t a place where you should wander around.

Ciel: !?

Soma: Anyway, I’m in the middle of a search so we’ll go now.
‘Till next time!

(Seb and Ciel’s panel)
SFX: Speechless
Small text under Seb: That was cool, Prince Soma!
Small text near Ciel: Nothing for a child of the gods.


Lau: Wow those two are great!

Ciel: What were you doing up there?
Lau: Well... Just waiting for the right timing to get into action!
By the way... Who are those two?
They’re not the people from the East End.
They wear pretty goo clothes, and their accent is good.

Sebastian: Oh well...
Looks like our job is to send this people to the City Yard.


Ciel: What a bother. (small text: The snow is starting to fall...
The culprit could be among them!
Let’s just sit and wait for Chief Randall’s report.
Meh! I can’t believe I’m called to London for this boring case!

Lau: Haha! You don’t have a choice but to bark at Queen’s adversaries.
That’s part of being a watchdog, isn’t it, Earl?

Maylene: Young master!

Finny: Welcome home!


Lau: So you brought all your servants, huh?

Sebastian: Yeah. They might end up in trouble if we left them.

Lau: (small cloud near Seb) Hmm...

Sebastian: Well, You might be tired because of the weather.
I will serve tea at once.

Ciel: That’s good. (small text: *sigh*)

Sebastian:But not the usual English Tea... Let’s have Chai for a change.

Ciel: That’s fine.


Soma: Hah?
Hah! (small text: A lot smaller than my place...)


Soma: Ehh... We just met earlier, right? (small text: Forgotten already?)

Servants: “Just met”?...

Soma: And, I saved you, too.
In India, we are used to entertain our guests.
We also believe the saying “Entertain the guest even if it cost you everything.”
So, where’s the bed?

Lau: Why the bed?

Soma: In my country, we sit with the guests on the bed.

Agni: PRINCE!!
Prince, I found where is it!

Ciel: Um...
HEY! (small text: Listen to me!)


Soma: Hmph, no matter how small here is, I’ve decided to stay.

Ciel: Wait a minute!
Why the heck would I take you in here?
(small text with Soma: Oh!)
(small text with Agni: Here it is!)

Soma: I didn’t really thought of staying at an inn.
Is it okay for people to send guests out in the cold here in England?

Ciel: After all...
... Who do you think you are?

Soma: Me?
I am a prince.

Sebastian: A prince?


Agni: He is the 26th child of the King of Bengal.
Prince Soma Asman Gandal.

Soma: I’ll stay for a while, okay?
... midget.
Because of our new friendship, Agni will serve you Chai!
(small text with Agni: I’ll borrow your kitchen!)
For a cold day like this, Chai with ginger is the best!

Sebastian: Um, wait!
Serving tea is my job.

Finny: Amazing! Are you really a prince?!


Maylene: a... Prince?

Bard: It’s my first time seeing a real one.

Soma: I shall allow you to come closer.

Maylene: So... what kind of place is Bengal?

Soma: It’s a holy country that is blessed by Goddess Khali and the Ganges River.

Bard: You’re a prince of that holy country?

Finny: Is that on the west side of India?

Lau: Seems like you’re going to have fun tomorrow, huh, Earl?

Ciel: GET OUT!!!

(next chapter soon)

Translating is such a tiring job, and I’m sorry if I lack of typesetting guidelines on the last few pages... I AM DAMN BUSY! So please understand, I have a life like everyone else.

I wouldn’t recommend this translation for first timers... but I would recommend for you to learn while using this and a raw by your side to help you in typesetting.

I do comment a lot... some are helpful, most of them are not, all are from my head... I might have mistakes on my translation because I’m French and Japanese is just my third tongue... so if you have questions... just contact me via Queen’s Watchdogs Scanlation Team Forum (http://queenswatchdogs.freeforumlife.com/)... let’s talk!

And... I’m not a fujoushi. Period.

Have you shown your appreciation today? Click the thanks button or write your appreciation below!

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