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Prince of Tennis 343

Prince of Tennis 343 Translation - Sai the Shaman

+ posted by Sai as translation on Apr 25, 2007 01:00 | Go to Prince of Tennis

-> RTS Page for Prince of Tennis 343

I meant to get this out earlier, but because I'm currently injured and am doped up on about 800-900mg of Ibuprofen right now, My mind was working kind of slowly. Some parts of the translation are definitely kind of rough and one part is untranslated because I couldn't see the lines clearly (the part where Shiraishi and Kenya have thos handwritten lines) ....I'll revise it later on when I feel better (has been feeling really really drowsy....Managerial accounting earlier in the day did not help it) and can have one of my friends look it over for me. For now this should do..... As always, scanlators are welcome to use it for scanlations and any corrections that you see please tell me. Without further adieu.....

EDIT: I revamped the translation now that I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, the parts I couldnt originally read are now there because my friend helped a lot.

EDIT 2: I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE ON PART OF THE TRANSLATION!!!! I fixed it now. Here's the part i messed up on big time. "余裕ですね アミでも替えましょうか". I mistranslated the part that said アミ which i looked up in a dictionary and it translated as friend. However, it is in fact a term used for part of the Yakiniku grill as my friend corrected me about....So the reading of the translation should read "Shall we change the grill" instead of "Should we substitute our friends". I'm so sorry for the screw up, I've fixed the translation now. it all makes a lot more sense now. Again, I apoligize for a big screw up on my part.......I really need to learn more about Yakiniku, these last few chapters have been hard for me to translate since I'm not that familiar with all the yakiniku terminology.....

Prince of Tennis 343

Page 1

Rokkaku Chu

Seishun Gakuen

Hyotei Gakuen

Higa Chuu

Shitenhouji Chuu

Genius343 散りゆく者達へ鎮魂歌
Genius 343 Requiem to the Fallen

Page 2

Tanishi’s Ultimate Hidden Technique is…

田仁志の野郎 トングで一度に大量の肉を!!?
That Tanishi bastard, he’s using the tongs to eat up a huge amount of meat at once!!?

バ バカな!!

Page 3

.............不二 何だアレは?
………..Fuji, what’s wrong?

Just looking at him is making me lose my appetite

I won’t allow Higa Chuu to be the only one in this battle!!

I won’t lose

Hurry up and eat Echizen!!

I’m Alweaty Eaching Momo-henpahi! (I’m already eating Momo-senpai)
(Translator’s Note: Ryoma has his mouth full while talking so his dialogue is supposed to sound like that. My Japanese friends clarified what he was saying to me. He’s basically saying “Mou Tabeteru zo Momo-senpai” in his filled mouth voice.)


コラ―ッ お前らもっと焼け焼きが甘まいぞ!!
HEY! You guys are still too easygoing with your grilling techniquesl!!

What the hell do you think the meat’s juices are, you bastards!?

うわっ ちょっと邪魔しないで下さいよお奉行!! 
Uwaa, Please don’t be such an annoyance, Lord Magistrate!!

We’re going to completely lose to the other schools!!
(Translator’s note: I think they’re impling that if Oishi doesn’t shut up about the proper ways of eating Yakiniku, they’ll lose to the other school)

Page 4



(Translator’s note: Kabaji’s usual way of screaming)

Page 5

That is Tanishi’s “Tong Eating”!?

こ この2人ダントツすぎる―っ
Th…These 2 are winning too much


(Translator’s note: Kabaji screaming again)


なんや菊丸 四天宝寺のテーブル見てみぃ
What is this Kikumaru, Look over at Shitenhouji’s table

Page 6

Every time a person eats a piece of meat of the grill, Shiraishi instantly replaces it!!
(Translator’s note: Shiraishi is basically replacing the meat perfectly as his team members eat them)

It’s perfect! It’s Bible! His skill at the grill is entirely flawless!!
(Translator’s note: Yes, they are literally saying Bible….It means that the way Shiraishi is being is godly I think)

んん―っ 絶頂
Mmmmm Ecstasy

おお―っ 四天宝寺中も最初のロスを見事にカバ―!!
Ohhhh, Shitenhouji is beginning to magnificently cover up for their earlier loss!!

All of a sudden, the pressure is on!!

Page 7

The starting 10 plates have been cleared!!


How dirty…Higa Chuu and Hyotei Gakuen have already quickly cleared off 10 plates!!

The next drink is…

Penal Tea!!

This drink is red and spicy

It appears that everybody is dreadfully afraid of that drink

Without mistake!!

Page 8

Give Me More!!

Gegeeee, He downed it instantly!?

The Terrible Tanishi Kei!

This sauce should be spicy
(Translator’s note: こーれーぐーす had an asterisk by it on the page with a foot note stating that it’s a special kind of hot sauce form Okinawa)

The next 10 plates!! Higa Chuu is already digging into the Extremely Hot Kalbi!!

Page 9

Now, Hyotei is face with the Penal Tea

Who will drink the Penal Tea?

I’ll drink it

It’s Shishido!!

This is for the sake of Hyotei’s victory

I will pass out so that Kabaji can accomplish this impossible task

お―っ なんと男らしい
Ohhhh, What a man

Shishido-san! I will not forget you act of great courage!!

Farewell Choutarou!

Page 10

し 宍戸さ―ん!!

Page 11

―そして 四天宝寺
And now, Shitenhouji

Seigaku has also cleared the 10 plates!!

Seigaku has once again left the Penal Tea to Fuji!!


It’s better that I finish this before the meat finishes grilling…

The one in Shitenhouji who will drink the Penal Tea is…

The Copycat Prince Hitouji Yuuji!!

To me, It’s still to soon for the winner….

Page 12


Trying to even copycat someone’s palate is impossible…

Yeah, it is


その時 比嘉中の殺し屋が動いた
At that time, Higa Chuu’s Hitman made his move

Page 13

Okinawan Special Hot sauce

銀 待ちや―っ とこ行くん!!
Gin, Wait! Where are you going!!

Page 14

- After 30 minutes, the teams start to lose members one after another

六角中 17皿
Rokkaku Chuu 17 plates

青春学園 31皿
Seishunn Gakuen 31 plates

氷帝学園 45皿
Hyotei Gakuen 45 plates

比嘉中 58皿
Higa Chuu 58 plates

四天宝寺中 28皿
Shitenhouji 28 plates

Page 15

Give me another!!

余裕ですね アミでも替えましょうか
It’s getting roomy in here. Shall we change the grill?
(Translator's note: He means the grilling rack that the meat is placed on)

Leave this to me!

ま 待ちなさい甲斐クン まだ肉は...!?
Wa…Wait a second Kai-kun. The meat hasn’t…!?

Page 16-17

An impossible accident!!

Higa Chuu drops out -

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#1. by Crayola ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
Thanks again Sai. Just so you know, you missed the bubble in the first panel on page 4.
On Page 7, its dirty, not ditry, i'm just pointing out some mistakes so you can alter when you feel better man.
#2. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
thanks for the trans ^^
#3. by Crayola ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
Also, you forget Shitenhouji on the first page, but that's not a big deal
#4. by MrObvious ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
Thanks for the trans and the fix Sai, i wasn't going to do anything yet till my PR gets back to me but it all looks great.
#5. by Tezuka499 ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
Thank's for the Translation Sai and for the update.
#6. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2007
Thanx for another trans Sai :amuse
#7. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 26, 2007
thx for the trans Sai_the_Shaman :D
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