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Prince of Tennis 361

Prince of Tennis 361 Translation - Sai the Shaman

+ posted by Sai as translation on Oct 13, 2007 08:22 | Go to Prince of Tennis

-> RTS Page for Prince of Tennis 361

Late TL, sorry for the wait. Same rules as usual. Comments always welcome!!!

Prince of Tennis 361

Page 1

Genius361 2年越しの想い
Genius 361: Thoughts beyond 2 years

I am proud of the fact I was able to meet you

Page 2

…Did you know about it, Yukimura?

Suddenly, he is even starting to deceive me

味方をも欺く それが詐欺…!!
Deceiving even his allies, that is his swindle…!!

Niou’s Illusion…

Does not just deceive Sanada, it also deceives me…

That is the terrible might of the swindler of Rikkai
(Translator’s note: it literally says that his swindling skills are terribly powerful on and off the court)

Page 3

おいっ 手塚ファントムまで!?
Hey, even Tezuka Phantom was…!?

Isn’t he completely like Tezuka-buchou now!?

Game Niou 1-3

Page 4

This is bad, isn’t it, Seigaku…….

Doesn’t it seem like Rikkai is just completely showing off

You can’t be serious…is this really Niou’s Illusion?

Fuji has been…..thinking about Tezuka

It seems he can easily take back the 3 games now

Page 5

I wonder who is stronger between Tezuka-buchou and Fuji-sempai

Speaking of which, have the captain and Fuji ever even played one another…

I don’t think they’ve ever even played a ranking match together.

いや 一度だけ戦ったらしい
Wrong…Apparently there was only one time they played one another

え―っ それで結果は!?
Ehhh? What was the result!?

I’m Sorry……I don’t know the details well enough


Page 6

Strange isn’t it….even though we’ve met everyday since our first year

It feels as if it has been a long time since we’ve stood with the net between us

I don’t know how much

I’ve looked forward since that battle

You probably couldn’t even imagine how much

Page 7

I’m going to make you play at your full strength

It’s a Serve and volley!!

Page 8

It barely landed at the center!?

He easily returned it……


Both of them are at the net!?

Page 9

No Text

Page 10

No Text

Page 11

No Text

Page 12

No Text

Page 13

No Text

Page 14-15

No Text

Page 16-17


………I heard that

The match from 2 years ago

明かされた事実!! 測りえぬ不二の思いは…
The Revealed truth!! Fuji’s immeasurable thoughts are….

Ended in Tezuka’s complete defeat

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2007
#2. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2007
What, even Tezuka is no match to Fuji?! O_o

Thanks for the trans!
#3. by 526663 ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2007
Cool! Thx, can't wait for the next chapter!
#4. by Kals ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2007
Wow, the story seems to get more exciting. Thank you very much for your translation!
#5. by Crayola ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2007
thanks for the tl
#6. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2007
Cool! Thanks for the trans! ^^
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