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Prince of Tennis 368

Prince of Tennis 368 Translation - Sai the Shaman

+ posted by Sai as translation on Dec 1, 2007 09:22 | Go to Prince of Tennis

-> RTS Page for Prince of Tennis 368

Took longer than usual to get started on the Translation this week since I had to scan some other manga, but alas, your patience is rewarded with this weeks chapter translation. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter as much as I did. Hopefully I didn't miss a line like I usually do...also, I took some extra time this week to proof read a little bit so it should (and I emphasize should) be all good to go. Same rules as always. Comments always welcome.

Prince of Tennis 368

Page 1

Toward Ryoma’s body…!!

あ 危ねぇ リョーマ!!
Wa…Watch out, Ryoma!!

Page 2-3

No Text

Page 4-5

親父―っ 左側面の窪みのちょい下ぁ―っ!!
Dad!! Just under the dent on the left!!

I know already!!

Genius368 絆
Genius 368: Bonds

Page 6

Alright!! It changed direction!!



Page 7

リ リョーマ!!

ったく 世話の焼ける
Seriously…You sure can be troublesome

But, you…

Page 8

Wake up Ryoma!

How long do you plan on sleeping?

Uh…Excuse me, but…Who are you, Sir?

Page 9

As long as I’m here, you won’t be able to hit anything pass me!!

出たぁ―っ ジャッカル先輩の反復守備 『ねずみ花火eat』
There it is!!! Jackal-sempai’s Turn Defence “Nezumi Hana-beat”
(Translator’s note: Nezumi Hana-beat is a play on words and has a meaning of “Pinwheel Fireworks Beat”. nezumi hanabi is a pinwheel firework and wth the "eat" added to it, the bi of hanabi becomes beat)

With that, these guys are done for sure!!

With their Power Wrists and Power Ankles off, The Rikkai Pair is on a whole other level!!

It’s because they push themselves harder by adding 20kg more than everyone else
(Translator’s note: as in more than everyone else on Rikkai)

こ これが全国ナンバー1Dの真骨頂だぁ―!!
Th…this is the true worth of the National’s Number 1 doubles!!

Page 10

しまった 英二! 退が………
This is bad, Eiji! Fall Ba……..

いや 丸井は妙技…………….
No, Marui’s getting ready with his Myougi…….
(Translator’s note: Myougi is Wondrous Technique)

何を仕掛けてくる!? 鉄柱当てか?綱渡りか?
But which is he gonna do!? Is it going to be Tecchu Ate? Or Tsuna Watari?
(Translators note: Tecchu Ate is Iron Pole Hit and Tsuna Watari is Tightrope Walking)

Even Oishi is worried over Marui’s volleys

I guess I’ll have to…

Page 11


Page 12

“Jikansa Jigoku”
(Translators Note: Temporal Difference Hell)

Game Rikkai 2-1

Page 13

Is this really okay Inui-sempai?

We ran out of the hospital!!

The probability that they’ll be mad is 100%...

...だが 全員が一丸にならないと勝てない気がする
…However, if we all don’t work together, I feel that we won’t win

Page 14
へへっ 越前らしくなって来たじゃね―か
Hehe, don’t you feel more like the old Echizen now?

あのっ もっと 色々教えて下さいっ!!
Umm…can you please teach me more of all those things!!


駄目だ 俺だけじゃ…
It’s useless. It’s only me after all…

桃城 次は俺達に任せろ
Momo, you can leave the rest to us

海堂っ 乾先輩っ!?
Viper!? Inui-sempai!?

Page 15

Everyone, it’s over here!!


ウソだったら承知しないぞ 青学1年っ!!
You better not be faking this, Seigaku’s 1st year!!

そいに そんな甘こーねぇらんどぉ―!!
This isn’t gonna be as easy as you think it is!!

I understand…

You must’ve been using this memory loss to make all spectators fell sorry for you…


Page 16-17

His former competitive rivals have…!!

お お前等は…!?
W…why’re you all…!?

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#1. by hanamaru ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2007
thanx, awesome trans!!
#2. by Crayola ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2007
thanks, half done, will fiinish after I wake up
#3. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2007
thanks for the PoT TRANS
#4. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2007
thanks sai!!!!
#5. by bradz22 ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2007
thanx sai!!

echizen saying i understand? humble now is he? rofl!!!
#6. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2007
thanx sai!! Nice ๆๆ ๆ ๆ B]
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