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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

D.Gray-Man 141

D.Gray-Man 141

+ posted by Saladballad as translation on Dec 15, 2007 10:30 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 141

Hello there :) I've been a lurker for around a year so I finally decided to join and translate something. I don't have a lot of confidence in my translating skills and I'm sure this script is riddled with errors but wells, I tried :/ and hopefully I'll learn along the way as well. Yoroshiku! :)

By the way, since I know this has so many errors (many things I guessed), I'd warn any scanlation groups against using it in case it lowers the quality of your release in general. Unless someone with better Japanese-English skills can help straighten out the parts I'm unsure of... Or, just wait for the wonderful CarlosNet to post his wonderful and infinitely more accurate translation :)

Here goes!

Page 1
Arc gate mouth, open!
Outnumbered, gradually...!?

D. Gray-Man 第141夜 味方
D. Gray-Man - 141th Night - Ally

スカル: オン
Skull: On (TL note: it's a sound, the symbol is similar to Kanda's tattoo)
科学班の一人: ああああ
Someone from the science division: Aaaaa

スカル: オン
Skull: On

Page 2
アレン: やめろ!!
Allen: STOP IT!!

アレン: ぐっ。。。
Allen: Gu...

スカル: ひっひひひ
Skull: Hihihihi (TL note: as in "HIt" not "HIde". I think he's laughing, but I'm not sure...)

Page 3
アレン: 道化ノ帯
Allen: Clown Belt!

アレン: !
Allen: !

アクマ: もらった!
Akuma: Got him!

Page 4
ブックマン: 天針!!
Bookman: Heaven Compass!!
アクマ: !!
Akuma: !!

ブックマン: 間に合ったか小僧。。。
Bookman: Did I make it, kid?
アレン: ありがとうブックマン
Allen: Thanks, Bookman

アレン: !!! ブックマッ
Allen: !!! Bookma-

ブックマン: アクマの能力にあてられたようじゃ。。。
Bookman: It seems I have been affected by the ability of the akuma...

Page 5
ブックマン: 今のが最後 // 指ガかとおて動かん
Bookman: This is the end // My finger is degenerating and can't move... (TL note: not sure about the finger bit)

アレン: ブックマ。。。
Allen: Bookma-...

アレン: !!
Allen: !!

Page 6
アレン: ブック
Allen: Book-

ブックマン: 小僧!
Bookman: Kid!

Page 7
アレン: あ。。。
Allen: Ah...

Page 8
アクマ: エクソシストめっ
Akuma: Exorcist guy (TL note: actually the suffix "-me" is more insulting, but I can't think of any other word)

ルル: まて
Lulu: Wait

ルル: 丁度いいわ こいつ連れて行く
Lulu: Just nice. We'll bring him along.

ルル: 14番目が残した奏者の資格。。。
Lulu: The requirement for the Player left behind by the 14th...
ルル: 主の前に突き出しましょう
Lulu: We'll bring him before Master

ルル: 「卵」も回収した
Lulu: Recover the egg as well.
ルル: 退くぞ
Lulu: Let's withdraw.

Page 9
スカル: さぁさ おいで 新人諸君
Skull: Now, now, come along, newcomer gentlemen!
スカル: 新しい家だ
Skull: This is your new home

スカル: 急いでろ
Skull: Hurry

ルル: 残った人間は殺せ
Lulu: Kill the remaining person
アクマ: はっ
Akuma: Yes

ブックマン: 小僧!
Bookman: Kid!
アクマ: さて さよならだ ジイさん
Akuma: Well then, this is good-bye, old man

アクマ: だった2匹で 勝てると思ったのかい?
Akuma: Did you think you could win with just 2 people?

Page 10
??: !?
Someone: !?

アクマ: なんだ? 動けない?
Akuma: What? I can't move?
アクマ: 結界!?
Akuma: A barrier!?

アクマ: 結界装置か!
Akuma: A talisman?!

Page 11
バク: 連れて行かせるものか!!
Bak: You think we'd let you just take him?!

ブックマン: 班長。。。
Bookman: Squad leader...
リーバー: 科学班をナメんじゃねェぞ!
Reever: Don't make light of the Science Division!

アクマ: 小癪
Akuma: Impudent
リーバー: !!
Reever: !!

バク: 起きろ ウォーカー 拉致られるぞ!
Bak: Get up, Walker! You're being abducted!
ジョニー: 即席の結界装置はそう長くもたん!
Johny: The hastily-made talisman won't hold out much longer!

ジョニー: アレン 起きてーーっ!!
Johny: Allen, get uuuuuup!!!

ジョニー: 起きてっ
Johny: Get up
ジョニー: アレェェーーン!!
Johny: Alleeeeeen!!

Page 12
アレン: ありがと。。。
Allen: Thanks...

ミランダ: 刻盤発動
Miranda: Time Record, Activate

Page 13
ミランダ: 対象空間を包囲
Miranda: The target has been encircled
ミランダ: 時間を吸い出します!
Miranda: I'm going to suck out the time!

ミランダ: 時間吸収!!
Miranda: Reverse!!

アレン: !!
Allen: !!

アレン: !
Allen: !

Page 14:
ソカロ: 方舟 なかなか良い乗り心地だぜェ ボーズ
Socalo: It feels good riding the arc, huh? boozu (TL note: I have no idea what "boozu" means)

ソカロ: さぁて
Socalo: Now then

ソカロ: どうされたいか言ってみろ
Socalo: Let's hear how you intend to escape...

“力”には“力”を!! 元帥参戦。。。!!
Power against power!! The Generals have joined the battle...!

ソカロ: アクマ共?
Socalo: ...Akumas?

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks for the trans Saladballad!! nice work!!
#2. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
Thanks Salad and nice first post ^_^
#3. by monkey d scar ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
Thanks for the trans Salad^^
#4. by Phat ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks :D
#5. by Tsuite ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks !!!
#6. by Ðveiz ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
Thanks Saladballad! <3

it woulnd't hurt to join the translation group for DGM? :P Sure hope you will :)
#7. by Slashout ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
Thanks a lot for the trans :).
#8. by Tsunami'T ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
I wish it was the next week today.
Thanks for the translation Saldballad.
#9. by Magical Poof ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
THanks! This is really good, especially for your first try!
#10. by shadowfigher ()
Posted on Dec 15, 2007
thanks for the trans

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