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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Fairy Tail 72

Fairy Tail Chapter 72

+ posted by Saladballad as translation on Jan 31, 2008 14:09 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 72

Hello :) this chapter was fun to translate, somehow.

This trans can be used anywhere for anything as long as credit and blah blah :)

Fairy Tail Ch72
Page 1

Chapter 72 - The Star that can't Return to the Sky

Overlay text: A lone person can never obtain it! | Because a smile is | The barometer of happiness!
Overlay text at the bottom: We're really popular! In this special 24-page issue, the truth about Loki draws near!!

Page 2
Fanning text: Cold words that deny warmth... What on earth is the reality of Loki's heart?

[side text - The story till now: In the past, it was thought that Loki disliked Lucy. As if he'd had something (? *TL: yes, this question mark was really in the raw) done to him by another Stellar Spirit magician in the past. After meeting him accidentally on the job, Lucy brought this matter up with him... At this, Loki embraced Lucy and confessed! Confessed that he didn't have much time left to live!!]

Loki: There's only...
Loki: ...a little more life left in me
Lucy: !
Lucy: Eh? | Umm...

Page 3
Lucy: ...... | What's the meaning of this?
Loki: kuku (sfx: giggling)

Page 4
Loki: You fell for it, huh
Loki: That was a trick to seduce women
Loki: A trick that illicits tears... So? Surprised?
Loki: ...

Page 5
Lucy: I...
Lucy: We're leaving! Happy! Plue!
Happy: Agyu
Plue: Pu pu
Plue: Puun?
SFX: Slam

Page 6
Loki: What... What am I doing...
Loki: Letting my emotions go...
Loki: I can't involve Lucy...
Loki: I've already...
Box: The next day.... at Fairy Tail

Page 7
Elfman: What's up?
Mira: A wound from having a pillow fight before work, or something
Elfman: How do you throw a pillow to inflict such a large wound...
Jubia: I wonder if Gray's alright...
Gray: The point is, how could you be so shameless during a pillow fight?
Natsu: I'm always on full power!
Gray: Even with such a disadvantage, I didn't lose, did I!
Natsu: What!? The one who lost was you, wasn't it!
Jubia: I wonder what's this about winning or losing a pillow fight?
Natsu&Gray: LUCY!! I won the fight, right!?

Page 8
Lucy: Shut up
Natsu&Gray: So-Sorry
Person: Ohh so there's someone besides Ezra who can stop those two!!
Person 2: That's great, Lucy!!

Page 9
[side text - "Mashima's ramblings PartI": Before, in this column, I said I was starting a new serialization, but this doesn't mean FT will end. I'm really sorry for the confusion. It'll be serialized in a different magazine.]

Happy: Lucy, you in a bad mood?
Lucy: Really? Isn't it normal?
Happy: Are you still mad at our joke?
Lucy: N-O!! Am I really that petty?
Lucy: Sorry... There's a lot of things on my mind...
Happy: You can discuss them with me
Lucy: No... It's alright... Thanks
Woman: Hey, has Loki been by?
Mira: Loki?
Woman2: That Loki's too much
Woman3: What *is* with all of you
Woman4: Same to you!
Woman5: Loki~~ Where are you~~

Page 10
Lucy: What's that?
Happy: Girls from the town. They all seem to be claming to be Loki's girlfriend
Woman1: He suddenly asked for a break up last night
Woman2: *Sniff* It's mortifying, but it was the same for me!
Woman3: Me too!
Woman4: And me!
Woman1: Why would he say something like that out of the blue?
Mira: Who... Who knows?
Woman3: It couldn't be that his true love has appeared!?
Random Woman: It can't be...
Woman4: Who is it!!? Someone in this guild!?
Mira: Lucy~~~ Help~~
Lucy: Wai-
Woman1: Who is this woman? ~~
Woman2: She's not even a little cute...
Woman4: Her chest is huge
Woman3: You couldn't be Loki's "true love"...
Lucy: Ugh! Don't drag me into this sort of troublesome matters, Mira!

Page 11
Lucy: ... That's how it is, Grandpa Cru
Crux: Hmm (TL: Crux often makes this sound, it's really "Ho-mu" but I decided to make it "Hmm")

Box: Stellar Spirit | Southern Cross "Crux" | Nicknamed "Grandpa Cru"

Lucy: I... unintentionally and in a fit of anger gave him a slap...
Lucy: Somehow I'm beginning to think he wasn't really joking after all...
Crux: Hmm

Page 12
Lucy: Can I go into the past and investigate the Stellar Spirit magicians connected to Loki using your powers?
Crux: Hmm
Crux: Gu- Gu- Guu- (SFX: Snoring)
Happy: He's fallen asleep, Lucy!!!!
Lucy: It's alright, it's because he's in the middle of a search
Happy: Lies!! He's definitely sleeping!

Page 13
Lucy: Grandpa Cru is a specialist at Stella Spirit magic. He has all the information from the gate connecting the human world and the Stellar Spirit world.
Lucy: He'll even know all the Stellar Spirit magicians of the past and which Stellar Spirits they used
Crux: DIAO!!!! (SFX: waking up?)
Lucy: Did you find anything, Grandpa Cru?!
Crux: Hmm
Crux: Because there's also a law in the Stellar Spirit world protecting personal information, I can't give you much details

Page 14
Crux: The Stellar Spirit magician connected to Loki is
Crux: Karen Lilika
Lucy: Karen Lilika!!!?
Happy: You know of her, Lucy?
Lucy: She's an extremely popular Stellar Spirit magician
Lucy: She's really beautiful so she was once the cover girl of Sorcerer magazine

Page 15
Lucy: But... A few years back, in the middle of a job, she passed away
Happy: She had to be a member of a guild too
Lucy: Yeah... Blue Pegasus, I think
Lucy: Hey, what sort of relationship did this Karen and Loki have?
Crux: Hmm I can't divulge any more than this
Lucy: Wait!
Crux: Gu- (SFX: snoring)
Happy: Ah! He said that and yet he's conducting a search!
Lucy: Nope, he's asleep.
Happy: EH!!!?

Page 16
[side Text: something about the magazine's 50th anniversary that i'm too lazy to translate... may do so later]
Lucy: Karen and Loki...
flashback!Loki: There's only... a little more life left in me...
Lucy: Eh?
Happy: What is it, Lucy?
Lucy: What is this uncomfortable feeling
Gray: Lucy, trouble!!!
Lucy: Hii (TL: as in "he", a sharp inhalation)

Page 17
Gray: Loki's quitting Fairy Tail!!!!
Lucy: Eh!?
Lucy: Wh- Why!?
SFX: Gui (putting on shoes)
Gray: I don't know, but everyone's searching for him
Gray: That guy... He'd been acting strangely recently
Lucy: It couldn't be..
Gray: Oi!! Lucy!! Where do you plan on searching for him!!!!

Page 18

Levi: Lokiiii!!!
Natsu: Where are you!!
Voices in the street: Loki~~~ Loki~~~

Page 19
Loki: !
Lucy: Everyone's looking for you
Loki: Lucy!!!
Lucy: It's Karen's grave, isn't it? This place.
Lucy: Stellar Spirit magician Karen
Lucy: Your Owner.

Page 20
Lucy: Stellar Spirit Loki
Lucy: No... Your real name is "Leo the Lion"

Page 21
[side text - "Mashima's ramblings PartII": Last year I had a chance to have a meal with Morikawa-sensei. We talked about some hot stuff, as well as some things that helped me. I really learnt alot.]
Loki: You figured it out... That I'm a Stellar Spirit
Lucy: I too have made many contracts with Stellar Spirits. I'm a Stellar Spirit magician, after all.
Lucy: I finally found out the truth about you
Lucy: But... I should have discovered it sooner
Lucy: Originally, when the Owner of the key dies, his contract with the Stellar Spirit is annulled. Until the next Owner appears, the Stellar Spirit is forced to return to the Stellar Spirit world
Illustration: (the first one, where the image is intact) Contract | (the second one, where the image is torn) Con-tract (split because it's torn) | (second image, above Plue's head) Free | (after the arrow, at the bottom) To the next Owner

Page 22
Lucy: Your contract with Karen should have been annulled when she died, but here you are in the human world
Lucy: There seems to be some reason why you can't return to the Stellar Spirit world
Lucy: Humans can't live in the Stellar Spirit world, and similarly, Stellar Spirits can't live in the human world
Lucy: Your vitality will gradually dissipate until your death.
Loki: It's already been 3 years
Lucy: 3 years...! Even a year is impossible!
Loki: Ahh... I'm already at my limit.... I can't even get any power out at all...

Page 23
Lucy: Maybe... I can be of some help!!!!
Lucy: Tell me the reason why you can't return!!! I'll try opening the gate!!!!
Loki: I don't need help
Lucy: What are you saying?! At this rate, you'll really die!!
Loki: The reason I can't return is simple
Lucy: !?
Loki: I breached the terms in the contract between Owner and Stellar Spirit...
Loki: And in so doing... have been banished forever from the Stellar Spirit world
Lucy: Banished... Forever?
Loki: This is my crime
Loki: I'll accept even this "death"

Page 24
Loki: I'm a traitor Stellar Spirit
Loki: I killed my Owner Karen with these hands
Fanning text: Loki's sorrowful confession! | Is there no way to avoid his impending "death"!?

Bottom text: To Be Continued in Chapter 73 "Year 781. Blue Pegasus"

that's all :) enjoy! this was an interesting chapter, imo!

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#1. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Jan 31, 2008
thx for the trans!
#2. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Jan 31, 2008
thanks for the trans!
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Posted on Jan 31, 2008
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Posted on Jan 31, 2008
=O Thanks for translating!
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Posted on Jan 31, 2008
Thanks for translating =D
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Posted on Jan 31, 2008
thanks for trans
#7. by LongShot ()
Posted on Jan 31, 2008
thx a lot...great chap

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