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Translations: Gintama 588 (2) , Bleach 673 by cnet128 , One Piece 825 by cnet128

D.Gray-Man 197

A Brief Encounter

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Aug 6, 2010 19:01 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 197

Page 01
Insert (left): Tim's on a rampage! Allen's overwhelmed too!?

197th Night A Brief Encounter

Page 02
Insert: Allen protects Alma!!

Allen: Wah! Move back a bit, Alma!!
Alma: What the hell are you doing!?

Page 03
Kanda: What is the meaning of this?
Allen: .... che!
Allen: Umm...
Allen: Kanda? What's up with that weird face?
Kanda: Move it
Allen: That's like the weirdest face I've ever seen you make, you know---?
Allen: Why are you making that kind of face when slashing Alma!?
Kanda: I said, what is the meaning of this!!

Page 04
Alma/Allen: !!
Kanda: Gogen: Retsusensou (5th Illusion: Flash Splitting Claw)!!!

Page 05
Zuu: Aaargh
Scientist: Zuu-sensei, Yuu's hair has turned light purple...!?
Zuu: He's reached the 5th Illusion... His soul is getting too sublimed
Zuu: You're going to kill yourself, Kanda!!

Page 06
Alma: Gack!!
Allen: Alma!!
Allen: !!!
Johnny: !?
Allen: Ah... Guh...
Johnny: Section Leader, Allen is...
Reever: You've gotta be kidding me... Kanda...

Page 07
Reever: Is he really going all out against Allen...!?
Wisely: ....
Johnny/Reever: Guaaaa!
Zuu: Ngah!
Scientist: The electric shock...
Scientist2: Just stop this already

Page 08
Bak: Guhh...
Bak: I'm begging you... Spirit Stone!! Just a little more...
Bak: Just give me a little more time...!!
Fou: Don't you fall here, Bak!!
Fou: If you fall here, it's the end for everyone!!
Fou: !!
Tyki: How gallant of you. But that's going to be your downfall.
Tyki: Right, boy...?

Page 09
Allen: Ouch...
Allen: .......... che

Page 10
Alma: Just give it up!!!
Kanda: Uooooooooo
Alma: Die. Die.
Alma: Please
Alma: Die here...!!

Page 11
Allen: Why...?
Alma: !?
Allen: Just as I was shown by the Noah, you, too, should have seen it.
Allen: Kanda's reason for choosing to live, 9 years ago...
Allen: And even so, you can't forgive him!?

Page 12
Allen: Kanda...?
Allen: Kan-
Allen: !!
Allen: Kuh

Page 13
Alma: Who the hell are you?
Alma: A friend of Yuu's?
Alma: I can't forgive him, you say...?
Alma: Isn't that obvious?
Alma: As long as Yuu lives, I...

Page 14
Alma: ....
Alma: Huh...?
Allen: !?
Allen: Alma?

Page 15
Allen: !!
Earl: It seems his regenerative ability has broken down...♥
Earl: After all, he's just an impromptu AKUMA put together with a rotting body claimed by death ♥
Earl: Since he merely got a power boost from the egg, well, you know... Alma is Karma, right? ♥
Alma: Shut... Shut up... Earl...
Alma: If...
Alma: I could just...
Alma: Kill Yuu...

Page 16
Allen: Why...
Allen: Why, Alma!?
Allen: !!
Allen: Kanda!?
Allen: What the hell are you doing!!
Kanda: I'll destroy him
Kanda: Put him down
Allen: ... I've had enough!
Allen: I wondered what on earth you were thinking, but you're not even thinking, are you?

Page 17
Allen: Shutting off your thoughts
Allen: In front of Alma, who has become like this...
Allen: Just because it's painful
Allen: You don't even dare to face Alma man to man...
Allen: Even if you've discarded the rage you felt against the Order, it doesn't change the fact that he's an important person with whom you'd hoped to live on with!!
Allen: What the hell are you running from, Kanda!!

Page 19
Kanda: What trick are you trying to pull?
Kanda: The one who made Alma into an AKUMA...
Kanda: It was you, right?
Kanda: And the one who caused the destruction of the division and made people see the third exorcists as monsters...
Kanda: It was you, who's in this Order despite being a Noah, right?

Page 20
Allen: Kanda!!
Kanda: It's all your fault, you Noah bastard
Kanda: If not for you...!!

Page 21
Kanda: What the fuck
Kanda: Does someone like you know about me!!!
Johnny: !!?

Page 22
Allen: Edge End!!
Kanda: Gogen: Bakuhakuzan (5th Illusion: Exploding Spirit Slash)!!
Reever: What... What are those two doing...!
Johnny: Allen...?

Page 23
Alma: Ha...
Alma: Ha...
Alma: Don't... Get in our way...
Alma: I don't have time...
Alma: As long as Yuu is alive I...
Alma: Someday I'll...
Alma: Uwaaa
Allen: Gua

Page 24
Allen: !
Allen: Alma...
Allen: Kandaaaaaaa!
Allen: Do you honestly think everything will end
Allen: Just by destroying Alma!!

Page 26
Earl: ♥!!!
Kanda: Ha...
Kanda: Ha...
Kanda: Ha...
Allen: Take a good look...
Allen: At Alma's face

Page 27
Allen: Why... Does he look like that?
Allen: I don't...
Allen: *cough*
Allen: Get this at all...

Page 28
Kanda: !!?
Kanda: ...
Kanda: Bean...
Kanda: Beansprout...

Page 29
Reever: All...
Johnny: Allen...
Johnny: Allen's body is...
Reever: Just like a Noah's...

Page 30
Alma: Ha...
Alma: Ha...
Alma: Ha...
Kanda: .... Alma...

Insert: A shocking sacrifice!! What will Kanda do...!?
D.Gray-Man -To be continued in the October issue-

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