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Examurai Prelude


+ posted by saladesu as translation on Oct 11, 2010 14:22 | Go to Examurai

I'm a pretty big fan of EXILE so of course I had to do this when I realised it existed (yeah I call myself a fan but I didn't even know this existed till I read the MH manga shout-out. Shame on me :<).

Hoping someone scanlates this for other EXILE fans out there ;) Please PM me if interested ^^

And I'm sorry I suck so bad at translating SFX >___<

EXILE X the Legendary Amano Youichi of WJ AKABOSHI -Ibun Suikoden-

Leader HIRO produced this project on his own - the EXILE Animation Project!
As part of that plan, mangaka of WJ "AKABOSHI -Ibun Suikoden-"
Amano Youichi has manga-fied it!!
The real story of this time's serialisation "EXAMURAI Prolgue" will begin serialisation in the December issue of Jump SQ (on sale 4th November)!!

The year is 2718 by the Imperial Calendar, and Japan has crumbled in a huge battle. Hurting each other, warping their morals, unable to see a future, the people strive hard to survive each day.

But now, the wicked shadows that target them have crept up upon them. This is the story of EXAMURAI, that of the XILE Tribe, who will fight to the death to protect their love, dreams and happiness.

Serialisation begins in the December issue of SQ!!
(small words: on sale 4th November)

Manga-fied Project

Top left corner: EXAMURAI Prologue
Middle 1: -Imperial Calendar Year 2718-
Middle 2: -Outbreak of a World War-
Bottom: -And time passes-

Baldie: Wh-
Baldie: Who are you!?

Below it: Prologue
Concept and Original Story: HIRO/Matsuda Makoto
Manga: Amano Youichi
Aori: Charging ahead of the upcoming seralisation, a 21P lead-in one-shot was published!!

Baldie: No way... W- We can't let him break the seal on that!!!
Baldie: Something terrible will happen!!!
HIRO: Hmph. What a pain in the ass.

Baldie: !!!
Baldie: Th- the seal
SFX in bubble: *glug glug*
Makidai: Hey-- Have we reached Roppongi?
Matsu: Not yet. You're so impatient. "Haste makes waste"
SFX in bubble: *tug*
Makidai: (Hurry up--)
USA: (Oi, something tugging your line?)

Matsu: That's the way it is, too, with... FISHING!!!
USA: -- And all we got out of that was this, huh?
Matsu: Did you say something!!? Did you!?
Makidai: No, no, stop making my sake taste bad
Random guy: You're amazing!!!
Random guy: Training like that, you've gotta be a pro wrestler, right!?
Akira: Huff. Huff. Absolutely not!
Akira: I... Work at Roppongi...
Akira: As a comedian!!

Akira: Working these abs is just a hobby!!!
Random guy: No way!!
Woman: Ara-- This is great~ Thank you for doing so much for me
Takahiro: Ah, no... This is my hobby
Woman: I heard you appeared in a vocal battle in Roppongi? We're supporting you <3
Woman: I work at a soba restaurant so I perpetually reek of food
Takahiro: (Ahaha...)
Takahiro: !!!
Woman: Kyaa
Akira: Wh- What!?
Matsu: Look!! This time it's a huge one!
Dude: That's not exactly a fish, is it?

Sign on the boat: To Roppongi
Someone: Uwaa
Villain: Listen up rascals

Villain: It's our first hunt in ages!!
Guy: Su... Suizoku!! (TN: Suizoku = Water Foe)
Villain: Woman, children... Grab 'em all, their luggage too!
Villain: I don't care about the rest. KILL EVERYONE!!
Villain: Oi

Villain: Geh
Crony: Boss!!!
Crony 2: Wh- wh- wh- Who the hell are you!!?
Makidai: Sake...
Crony 3: What!!?

Makidai: It tastes bad, doesn't it?
Crony 4: Kuh
Crony 5: !!
Crony 6: Guaaaaaaa

Mouse: Chu

Crony 7: ... Ugh
Crony 8: Ooryaa
Crony 9: Fnn
Crony 10: Dohhh

Akira: Nrrryaaaaa
Villain: Hiiiii
Villain: .....!!!
Villain: Ehhh you realised already!!

Villain: How's this!!! With this, you lot will sink to the depths of the sea in--
SFX in bubble: *land lightly*
Villain: Eh!?

Takahiro: ... Sorry (small words: I over did it a little)
Hiro: Yo, you awake?

Hiro: We're leaving
Hiro: Atsushi
Hiro: I need you
Atsushi: I was just getting... A little bored of meditating
Atsushi: Hiro-san

Atsushi: Our destination?
Hiro: Roppongi
Atsushi: ... Roppongi. In other words--
Hiro: .... Yeah
Guy: (Please!! Save my daughter...!!)
Guy: (The place where she's being held captive is--)

Guy: ("Jigokujou") (TN: Jigokujou = Hell Castle)
Hiro: Can you feel anything? Sora
Sora: ... Yeah. She seems to be over there
Matsu: Sorry for making you wait, Sora
Sora: !
Matsu: Hey (TN: he actually says "Oh" which is a kind of casual greeting)
USA: Yo (TN: he actually says "Ussu" which is an another casual greeting)
Takahiro: We're off
Akira: Sorry for making you wait~
Sora: (Everyone)

Box 1: This is--
Box 2: The story of those who slice open a sky the colour of lead
Box 3: "EXAMURAI"!!!
Aori: The real story starts in the December issue of SQ (on sale 11/4)!!
Bottom: EXAMURAI Prologue -- The End

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