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Drifters 22

Tatakai no collateral

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Jul 4, 2011 19:11 | Go to Drifters

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Upper note: Comics volume 1 on sale! [Hellsing] OVA on sale July 27th!

Chapter 22: Tatakai no collateral [T.N.: Literally, "The collateral of the fight", a track from the Noein anime soundtrack.]

[A wall rises, blocking the fire.]

Jeanne: WHAT...

Kohta Hirano

[Toyohisa flees, carrying Olmine along.]

Toyohisa: Hey!
So you can use sorcery too!

Olmine: Uh...

[Toyohisa slides, dragging Olmine, who bumps her face onto the ground]

Olmine: Ugh!

Olmine: Uh... actually... the only thing I can do...
is to build that stone wall...
A... and...
I can only build two more walls...
My great master could do way better, but....
I... I am still a rookie... so...
I'm sorry.

Toyohisa (smiling): What are you talking about? You saved my life.
(he kneels) Thank you.

Olmine (embarrassed): S... stop it, please!
Look around! Fire is burning and you have an enemy to fight!
You shouldn't have time for this!

Toyohisa (smiling): Indeed!
But one should always show his gratitude on the spot.
Otherwise, it's most certain that he will forget how to say thanks.

Toyohisa: The enemy uses a powerful technique.
But probably has no experience in the battlefield.
A greenhorn.

Olmine: H... how...
How do you know...?

Toyohisa: My intuition.
But look.
It seems that the enemy is indulging in a display of power
as if wanting to show its might to someone else.
"Behold the power I have earned!"
"Look at me! Awe at me!"
Typical of a greenhorn.
Someone who has never stepped a foot into the battlefield before.

Toyohisa (smiling): And thus...
easy to kill.

Olmine (thinking): Damn these "samurai" from "Nippon"![T.N.: Actually, the original sentence uses the word "bushi". I put as "samurai" because this is how the West came to knew them.]
This is what makes you so fearsome!
Death and gratitude shown through the same damn smile!

Toyohisa: You said you can build two more walls?

Olmine: Uh... yeah... right.

Toyohisa: Then, build them when I tell you so.
After that...
flee to the woods.

[Nearby, Gilles de Rais slashes several trees in a single sweep of his spear.]

Elves: A...
A monster...

That huge knight is a monster for sure.
But that Yoichi doesn't fall behind...

[Gilles and Yoichi resume their fierce battle.]

[Gilles and Yoichi launch their attacks.]

Elf: ...!
He... he is laughing...!

[Yoichi is laughing.]

Voice: Good, good.
That's good.

[A huge (Sauron's) eye appears in the battlefield. Yoshitsune watches everything through it.]

Yoshitsune: Fighting is fun, isn't it
People are born to show their best skills.
And your best skill is the skill of killing.
No time for shooting fans! [T.N.: a reference to the most famous deed of Nasu no Yoichi.]

[Gilles launch an attack. Yoichi steps onto his spear.]

[Yoichi shoots several arrows.]

Yoshitsune: Oh my, Gilles de Rais is quite tough.
Perhaps the time for laughs is over?

[Yoichi steps down from the spear.]

Yoichi (thinking): I have shot him many times.
I have pierced many vital spots of his.
Then why?
Why is he still alive!?

[Gilles is standing in front of him.]

Gilles: My voyage hasn't met its end yet.
Thus, I haven't met my end yet.

Yoichi: Is that so?
You just look like...

Yoshitsune: Hahaha! Looks like Benkei![T.N.: Musashibou Benkei, famous ally of Yoshitsune.]
That brings back some good memories!

[Elsewhere, a lot of horseriders enters the woods to fight the elves.]

Nobunaga: Hello everyone, and welcome to today's class,
"How to slay them horseriders 101".
I am the Devil Lord of the 6th Heaven and hope you have a good time.
So, fighting against horseriders is something terrifying,
but it's not terrifying at all.
What do I mean by that?
Well, it is terrifying if they lunge against us or surround us.
But in a thick forest like this
and without foot soldiers, then it's not terrifying at all.
They are galloping at a good speed all right,
but they are severely hindered by the trees.

[A trap shows up before the horseriders.]

Nobunaga: So, it doesn't need much
to make the horseriders stop in their tracks.
And entering the forest without good numbers and backup is suicide.
This is a bitter lesson I learned back in Ise.
Now, fire.

[The elves shoot their arrows.]

Nobunaga: We have the high ground and victory is ours.
This concludes today's class. Hope you liked it!!

[All horseriders are taken down by arrows.]

Elves: They were slain in a blink of an eye...

[Nobunaga turns his thumb down.]

Nobunaga: This reminds me of Nagashino.
Powerful horseriders being killed by puny soldiers with guns.
Probably, the evolution of firearms
will bring the era of knights and samurai to an end.
And that's exactly why
we must produce a lot of firearms here, no matter what.

[Fire consumes the battlefield.]

[Fire reaches the castle in ruins.]

Nobunaga: And now, the problem is those two monsters.
Oh my, the castle will burn down.


Side note: Jeanne d'Arc and Gilles de Rais --- what can be done against the spearheads of the Offscourings...!?


Foot note: Drifters 22 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale July 30th).

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