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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Ane-Doki 2

Body and soul.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jul 11, 2009 00:07 | Go to Ane-Doki

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This is for imangascans only.

page 1

panel) A quick glance at a strange girl led to a heart pounding opening! Now my hands are full with her!!
title) Body and Soul.

page 2

box1) Lately my mornings have been...
box2) warm.
b1) hngah!?
b2) Good morning Kou-chan.
-what a nice thing to wake up to-
box3) My days start with the warmth of her body...
b3) Waahhhh!!

page 3

b1) Now listen here! // You said you couldn't sleep with a bed, so I reluctantly gave you mine.
b2) fuah
b3) But it means nothing if you keep falling from the bed!!
b4) Its not on purpose, the bed is too small.
box1) Her name is Hagiwara Natsuki.
box2) For some strange reason, this high school girl who's 4 years older than me has started living with me.
b5) Also, there was some of your drool on my thighs.
b6) You don't need to report that to me!!
b7) Ahh!
b8) Well?
b9) How does my special Natsuki omelettes taste?

page 4

b1) It's...
b2) just okay...
box1) This is kind of irritating... // When It was just dad and I...
b3) Kouta-khun, ahm ho-omme.
b4) You're getting in as I leave!?
b5) Your father blew $3,000 in one night at a strip club. -small print- It was the company's money too! Gahahahaha!
b6) When I start to think about him, I get mad.
b7) Kou-chan, Kou-chan!
b8) Uwaahh!
b9) Isn't this standard practice for a maid?
b0) Have you lost you mind? No it's not!!
box2) And lately my nights...

page 5

b1) Kou-chan,
b2) let's take a bath together.
box) always start the same way...
b3) Like I said! // I can bathe by myself!! So don't ask every night!
b4) But are you washing thoroughly?
b5) Would you stop treating me like a little kid!?

page 6

b1) But if you stink of sweat,
b2) the girls in your class will stay away from you.
b3) Would you stop that already!
b4) Ah. // Kou-chan, the phone is rining.
b5) Hello? ... DAD!? // Has your assignment finished!? When are you coming home!?
b6) Sorry, but it looks like I'll be out here a little longer. // But your voice sounds like you're doing just fine.
b7) That girl is taking good care of you huh?
panel) I'll take a bath alone then.
b8) Y-yeah... // Although she is causing some problems for me...

page 7

b1) Hahaha! Well since she's looking after you, listen to everything she tells you.
b2) Papa, will you take me shopping?
b3) I want a new bag.
b4) D-dad, where exactly are you?
b5) hm? At a strip club
b6) beep
panel) that little...
box1) Why is everyone so self centered?
b7) I'm tired... // My free time was supposed to increase if the chores decreased...
b8) Besides, its not a good idea to sleep in the same room as her. // It makes me so nervous, I can't sleep.
b9) I prepared a room for her too.
b0) I'll take this opportunity to spread out that futon.

page 8

b1) Here we go.
b2) Today, we'll sleep in different rooms.
bubbel sfx.) tap
b3) Ah.
b4) Oops.
b5) I need to put that back, and quick.
b6) hm?

page 9

b1) She's...
b2) loaded!!
b3) Even...
b4) from this distance, I can tell she's carrying a lot.
b5) It looks like 30 or so...
b6) Why does she have so much mo...

page 10

b1) eek
bubble sfx.) shuff(x2)
b2) What...
b3) are you doing in here Kou-chan?
b4) Th-WHOA!! // What are YOU doing dressed like that!?
b5) huh?
b6) I forgot to take a change of underwear with me... // AH!
b7) Oh shit, I'm gonna get it.

page 11

b1) Don't tell me, you tried to sneak away with my underwear...
b2) Like hell I would!!
b3) Are you telling the truth?
panel1) Wha... // What's with that
panel2) jiggling and swaying?
b4) You didn't have to be so secretive you know.
b5) My nose is bleeding again.
b6) If you want, I can simply show them to you.
b7) Actually I can see something much more important than your underwear...

page 12

box1) This is bothering me....
box2) That money is really bothering me.
box3) A high school student wouldn't normally have that amount on them...
b1) That was $3,000 she was carrying!! // You could easily get a PS3 with that, a desktop pc, and a tv with that!
box4) I dont' get it... // Why is she carrying around that kind of money.
b2) I don't think you can get your hands on that kind of money without doing something dirty or illegal. // In her case, it was probably prosti... No, no, no, no!
b3) That was the first time I ever saw $3,000 up close.
b4) I wonder how long it would take to get that much with my measly $20 allowance? // sigh, $3,000...

page 13

b1) He was really cool!
b2) That Kouta did!? I don't believe it.
b3) Then that means Kouta protected you.
b4) Yeah.
b5) I thought he was nothing more than a worthless, waste of space, sorry excuse for a man...
b6) Aren't being just a little cruel there?
b7) But, but...
b8) he took down a big guy with just 1 hit!!
b9) Oh, speak of the devil, he's here!
b0) huh?
b1) We were just hearing about your heroic conquests!!

page 14

b1) Heroic conquests? Ah...
b2) Yeah, you beat up 3 guys to protect Kanade-chan.
b3) Goo...
b4) Good morning Kouta-kun...
b5) No way! Kanade-chan is starting to fall for Kouta-kun!
b6) huh?
panel) See? // She's getting all red.
b7) WHAAA!?
b8) Like hell I'd fall for that useless little monkey!!
panel2) You're being a little to cruel.
b9) But even I couldn't take on 3 people and beat them! How'd you do it?
b10) Huuh!? -small print 3 people!?
b11) You're pretty amazing Kouta-kun!

page 15

b1) Sakurai-san looked so happy when she was talking about you just now.
b2) huh?
b3) ha
panel) Ever since that girl came to my house, // You're friggin amazing!
panel2) I thought nothing good happened...
box) But I guess I was wrong.
b4) What's wrong Kouta?
b5) Do you think $3,000 is something you can easily save up?
b6) $3,000!?
b7) What do you plan to do with that kind of cash?
b8) You're starting to sound like you're in trouble.
b9) If a new years gift is $500, then it would take 6 years...
b10) And you can't get a job while in middle school either.
b11) That's right!
b12) When in high school you can get a job.
b13) But...

page 16

box1) When I leave in the morning, she see's me off.
box2) And when I get home, she's there before me.
b1) In other words, she doesn't have time for a job..
b2) Ah, that look on your face! You want to take a baht with me right?
b3) HA?
b4) Do you need to say that everyday or something? Why can't you understand I don't want to?
b5) I have a strong heart you know.

page 17

b1) You can go before me today too.
b2) Does that mean you're going to check out my panties again?
b3) HELL NO!! // And I never did in the first place!!
b4) I was going to do my homework before I took a bath is all. // Thanks for the food.
b5) I had some melon for dessert today, oh well..
b6) I'll have some, I'll have some!

page 18

b1) Okay, now's my chance.
box1) There's
box2) something I'm more interested in than your underwear.
b2) God, please forgive me.
panel) Here it is, the brown envelope!
b3) I knew I wasn't seeing things... hm?
b4) What?
panel2) There's a new one...
b5) There
b6) are two in here!!

page 19

b1) What's going on?
b2) Can a high school student make that much in 1 day!?
b3) ...And HOW is that money being made!?
b4) I thought she was simply a weirdo,
b5) But I need to ask again,
b6) just who are you!?
b7) What's wrong Kou-chan?
b8) Papa, will you take me shopping?
b9) I blew $3,000 at a strip club!

page 20

b1) I-is she working at a strip club?
b2) You can touch my tits if you want, but let me get this out of the way first.
flag) What a 13 year old thinks a stip club is like.
b3) Uwaaah! You're filthy!!
b4) Huh? I just got out of the bath you know!
b5) Not like that would ever happen.

page 21

b1) She's here all through the night. // But there are some shops open during the day.
b2) The school uniform is the shops idea of cosplay... // I'm trying too hard.
b3) Then is she doing something illegal then? // Like the "It's me, It's me" phone fraud? // or shoplifting? Theft? Smuggling?
b4) Your money or your life.
b5) Kou-chan!
b6) Whoa! Thief!
b7) What? Who's a theif? // The night air feels good here, can I sit with you?

page 22

b1) I don't care...
b2) hehehe, I brought some juice with me.
b3) I could always ask her directly...

page 23

b1) S-she hasn't done anything, but damn she's sexy!
b2) Hey, Kou-chan.
b3) Y-yesh?
b4) Next time, take a bath with me.
b5) hngh
b6) Are you still saying tha...
b7) I want to get to know you better,
b8) that why I want us to get naked and let everything out.
b9) Or more like...
b10) My eyes keep straying from hers.
b11) You're hiding something from me aren't you?

page 24

b1) I.. I'm not hiding anything from you!!
b2) She knows!
b3) But I only saw the money that she has.
b4) Come on... // If you belittle a woman's 6th sense, you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble.
b5) It's not something I should feel guilty about.
b6) Since we're living together and all.
b7) I dont' think its good to keep things from one another, so I think we'll be a lot easier around each other if we saw each other naked.
b8) You know, body and soul.
b9) If...
b0) you're going to say that, then if something happens, you need to tell me.

page 25

b1) Excuse me?
b2) Like if you find yourself needing to do something bad...
b3) What kind of bad things would I...
b4) I said if, IF!
b5) T-the least I can do is lend you a listening ear.
b6) So if...
b7) Really...
b8) Then when the time comes, I'll be counting on you.

page 26

b1) Later.
b2) Aren't you the one
b3) who's hiding things from me?
box) I really know // absolutely nothing about this girl.
b4) dah
b5) that hurt!!
b6) Seriously!
b7) She has no idea how I feel!!

page 27

box1) I have no idea who she is,
box2) but if she's doing something illegal, I should stop her... right... Yeah.
b1) Tommorrow,
b2) I'll skip school and follow her.
b3) and I'll find out exactly who she is!!

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I guess that means you're going to keep this up huh?
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