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Sundome 51


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 3, 2009 01:08 | Go to Sundome

-> RTS Page for Sundome 51

This is for Ascension's use only!!

page 48

title) Shell

page 49

b1) I // came here...
b2) to.. .// to drop off your bag!
b3) Thanks.
b4) And?
b5) and...
b6) While I was on my way here... I...
b7) I thought i saw something that looked like a person on your terrace!
b8) On the terrace?
b9) Y-yeah... // S-so I figured someone had broken into your apartement...
panel) I'm actually the one that's in your apartment... (a part of me)
b0) Don't say scary things like that!
b1) D-don't worry! // I-I've been checking things through peep hole... // That's right, through the PEEP HOLE!
b2) So, // I've been stuck here like this... // I wasn't doing anything suspicious!

page 50

b1) If everything is alright, // I'm going to open the door.
b2) Go ahead! // Until you're safe in your apartment, I'll keep a look out through the peep hole!
panel1) Did she... // go on vacation or something?
panel2) With 'him'?
bubble sfx.1) click
b3) I'm going to open the door now.
bubble sfx.2) clack
b4) Su... // sure.
b5) Don't mind me. // I've become one with the door, and I'll move at the same time.
b6) Whoa! It's stuffy in here!
b7) Well, I haven't been here for a while.
b8) huh?

page 51

b1) Later.
b2) g'night.
b3) Yeah.
b4) Good night.
bubble sfx.) slam
b5) It's been a long time since she was home, means... // that yesterday's meeting...
b6) she left her trip to attend...
panel) "This isn't good, you need to keep your word." // "I'm sorry."

pae 52

bubble sfx.) click
b2) W-w-w-w-what did you just do!? // Was that a scissor?
b3) A-am I bleeding? Am I? // I'm bleeding!
b4) On the part that was peeking out // I did a little..
b5) quite a strong, // pinch with my nails.
b6) You shouldn't do something like that on this! -small print- It's soft and tender.
b7) So,
b8) do you think it's okay to stick that in my door?

page 53

b1) I... // I"m sorry.
b2) I wasn't thinking straight when I stuck my finger in...
b3) And...
b4) I wanted... // to see you so badly that when I came to drop your bag off...
b5) I wanted to // feel you a little, so...
b6) Were you planning on cumming through my door?
b7) If.. // If I did that, I'd be nothing more than a dirty little pervert!!
b8) This isn't good.
b9) From how I see you right now, I can't call you anything but...
b0) ugh... // sniff. // Y-you're right... // Just look at me...
b1) snrrt
b2) If there was a hole somewhere... // I'd go hide in it. // unghu
panel) You're already in a hole, well, a part of you.
b3) D... // don't hate me... // I can't even...
b4) giggle

page 54

b1) You're so silly.
b2) HUUUH!? // You're going to forgive me!? // You don't hate me!?
panel) You're kind, you're so very kind!
b3) silly rabbit...
b4) You're delusions dwarf my imagination.
b5) It's because my chest is as flat as that door that you started to fuck it right?
b6) huh?
b7) Ahahahaha.
b8) Ah... // No...
b9) I wasn't laughing... // because I actually thought...
b0) Where did I put those scissors?
b1) Please // NOOOOOO!!

page 55

b1) The bath is ready.
b2) Did you put a bath gel in there?
b3) Yes ma'am!
b4) I did so well, it looks like a bubble bath out of a movie scene!
b5) Thanks.
b6) I'll go use it then.
b7) You look tired, so I made it a little warm so you could take your time in the water.
b8) I look tired?
b9) Yeah... // that's how I see you.
b0) As if you just got home from a long trip.

page 56

b1) And what are you going to do?
b2) huh?
b3) Wont you be bored while I'm in the bath? Will you go home?
b4) Well, so long as you don't mind,
b5) I'll wait out here until you're done.
b6) That was actually my plan from the get go. // And to that end, I've already taken a leak, so I wont need to bother you.
b7) pfft.
b8) I'd be hidden under the bubbles so you didn't have to worry about that.
b9) Okay then,
bubble sfx.) click
b0) you're not allowed to leave while I'm in the bath.
b1) huh?
b2) You don't need to worry!
b3) Take as much time as you need!
b4) Thanks.
panel) I think, // I just // peered into her heart a little.

page 57

b1) If she just up and left like that,
b2) I guess she was feeling lonely.
b3) If her school clothes are in there...
b4) then that means since summer vacation started,
b5) she's been with 'him' the entire time.
b6) What on earth am I thinking?
b7) I wouldnt' like it if I was being suspected like this!

page 58

b1) Hey.
b2) Wha!
b3) yes?
b4) Can you come in here please?
b5) huh... // huuh... // A..
b6) As you wish!
bubble sfx.) C-clack
b7) What can I help you with?
b8) I banged.

page 59

b1) Excuse me?
b2) A-are you upset?
b3) Right here.
b4) badum
b5) I slipped and banged it against the edge of the tub.
b6) O-kay... // F-for now, I'll apologize... // I'm sorry. // I'm so very sorry.
b7) C-can I take a look // at it?
b8) I called you for that reason.
b9) Ah... // That's a nasty looking bruise.
b0) This... // looks painful.

page 60

b1) There's no mail slot there.
b2) HUUH!?
b3) Ah, // that's not... // ehehehe
panel) I really wish you'd forget about that.
b4) Okay, // then. // I-I'll...
b5) try to take the pain away, okay?
b6) yeah.

page 63

b3) Kyahhhh!!
b4) My eye's are burning! (X2)
panel) They feel like they're on fire!
-he sure knows how to kill the mood doesn't he?-
b5) You opened your eyes down there...
b6) What an idiot.
b7) Here, this is water from the tap.
b8) Wash your eyes out.
b9) Ahm thowwy (x2)
b0) Ahm thow-WII!!

page 64

b1) Hey...
b2) there are soap bubbles coming from your nose.

page 65

b1) Ah.
b2) it's // already dawn.
panel1) Once I fall asleep, you can leave.
b3) I know she said that, but...
b4) I missed my chance to leave once I saw her sleeping face.
bubble sfx.) gara
b5) My T-shirt is dry now. // I should leave.
panel2) If I see you asleep, I might.. you know... want to jerk off. // giggle. I'll allow you to do it once.

page 66

panel1) Rolled up // in a ball like that, she looked // just like a bird in it's shell.
panel2) It's like I'm the only one that knows that. // Going home in the morning.(x2) // That made me feel really happy.
panel3) And that marked,
panel4) the start to our first and final summer vacation.

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