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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Beelzebub 44


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jan 14, 2010 13:40 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 44

This is for Keishou's use only.

page 1

box1) Sup, it's me Furuichi!!
box2) It's the demon world! We're seriously in the demon world!!
left of panel) They've come to the demon world, and have even faced enemies, but why is Furuichi so... happy?
box3) huh? Why am I in such good spirits?
box4) I'm not really in good spirits,
box5) this is normal, and I'm going to normally tell you what happened last time:
b1) Let's go!!
box6) Due to unforeseen circumstances, Oga and I have come to the demon world, and are unable to get back.
box7) Our last ray of hope is to search for Alain Delon's daughter.
box8) But when we reached the place where she was supposed to be, what we found was the aftermath of a thief attack.
box9) When we were about to lose all hope,
box0) I found something amazing!!

page 2

panel) Alain Delon's daughter... // is hot!!!

page 3

panel1) She's damn // HOTTTTTT!!! // Ah, I can only see love.
title) Angelica.

page 4

b1) You're creeping me out.
b2) What was that door just now?
b3) Uh, could you guys not back away from me like that?
b4) Being cold to me was way better...
b5) But you're a total creep.
b6) Yeah man, that was nasty.
b7) Hey.
b8) Dah.
b9) You too, baby beel!?
b0) No, no, check this out!!
b1) She's so hot you wouldn't think she was related to him!!
b2) I understand, so calm down!
b3) Can you guys stop playing around now.
b4) Things have gotten to the point where you're going to race against time.
b5) Hilda-san...
b6) Besides...

page 5

b1) Furuichi was creepy from day 1.
b2) Take you to our base?
b3) What do you take us for? // You don't seriously think we'd sell out or boys do you?
b4) Seriously.
b5) We're outlaws you know.
b6) Royal authority means absolutely nothing!
b7) No matter how you torture us, we're not going to say a word, fool!
b8) Exactly right. Go get yourself eaten by a beast for all I care.

page 6

b1) Is that it?

page 7

b1) You're not messing with me, right?
b2) W-we wouldn't dream of...
b3) What on earth did he do to them?
b4) She's supposedly being held in the biggest building there.
b5) Exactly WHERE in that big building?
b6) We weren't informed of all that...
b7) HUUUH!?
b8) No matter where you go, fodder is fodder.
b9) A town?
b0) Oh, I've heard of that. It's where the Vlad gang makes their hideout.
b1) They're the guys who steal from ruins and over hunt rare beasts.
b2) Hilda-san, can I ask you something?
b3) What is it?
b4) Her name? That's right, I never did tell you.
b5) Alain Delon's daughter,
b6) her name is...

page 8

b1) Ang - beep
b2) WHAT!? She got cut off!?
b3) Hey, Hilda-san! Ang-what!? // That's the most important part!
b4) Isn't it just Anjie?
b5) Dah.
b6) What are we supposed to do now?
b7) fufufu...
b8) It's being jammed.
b9) This is a thief's hideout after all.
b0) It's made so no contact can be made with the outside.
b1) You wont' be able to use your phone from here on in.
b2) No way...

page 9

b1) ughn.
b2) What we mean is you're going to have to be careful in there.
b3) Yeah, we wouldn't have it any other way.
b4) kukukuku
b5) kuku 81.

page 0

b1) HEY,
b3) hmph, what about now?
b4) Do you feel like assisting me?
b5) Angelica.
-wow, the girl in the picture actually WAS his daughter!-

page 11

b1) No matter how many times you ask, the answer will be the same.
b2) I am NOT going to become a thief's accomplice!
b3) Release the beasts that you captured!
b4) hmph.
b5) Those things are barely worth the trouble to catch them.
b6) But if you say that you're going to help us,
b7) at any time we...
b8) SHUT UP!!!
b9) Enough!
b0) Listen well Angelica,
b1) You transdimensional demons,
b2) are like a dream come true to us thieves.

page 12

b1) You can sneak in anywhere.
b2) And leave before anyone knows you were there.
b3) No matter how much something is praised as being impregnable, to you it might as well be left in the open.
b4) You're the ideal infiltrator.
b5) That's right.
b6) Remove theses cuffs and I'll disappear from before your sight.
b7) hmph.
b8) Boss,
b9) We're getting word from Gary and Eddy.
b0) Someone from the royal family?
b1) That's right.

page 13

b1) So they finally caught wind of this place?
b2) hmph, whatever. // That's the reason we hired a guard.
b3) fufu. // It's time for you to do your work,
b4) sensei.
b5) What are you fools doing?
b6) Increase security!
b7) Yessir.

page 14

b1) Dad...
b2) You said you'd come back today..
b3) But I'm worried.
b4) What an awful birthday...
b5) Well, I bet you he forgot anyway.
b6) That's not true.
b7) He said he was going to buy you a dress.

page 15

b1) Who are you?
b2) Wait a little bit please,
b3) I'll be there on your side soon.
b4) huh? Do you know my father?
b5) Hey...
b6) Yeah, well, I'm a human though.
b7) A human!?
b8) Why do I have to do this?

page 16

b1) Furuichi-sama!!
b2) Are you the Furuichi-sama!?
panel) Furuichi... // sama!?
b3) My father always talks about you!
b4) Yes, I'm that Furuichi,
b5) and I've come to rescue you.
b6) I knew it!!
box) Now for the killer smile.
b7) Please run!!
b8) huh?
b9) A beast... a beast is coming here!!
b0) A very big one too!
b1) A beast?

page 17

b1) Whoa!
b2) kyaah
b3) These guys messed around with the haunt too much...
b4) hey.
b5) And now the master of the lands is mad... // I can hear it's voice.
b6) What the hell is that!?
b7) kyaah!
b8) Whoa, I'm falling!
b9) WHOAA!!

page 18

b1,2) gyaah

page 19

b1) gyaah
b3) Hello...
b4) A little help please?
panel) This is no time for you to be stuck!!

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#1. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2010
Umm, on page 4, when Lamia says "Tobira", she means "Cover page", not door ^^;
And I still don't see where you're getting Garry and Eddy =/
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