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Beet the Vandel Buster 26

Beet the Vandel Buster chptr.26

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 22, 2008 00:55 | Go to Beet the Vandel Buster

-> RTS Page for Beet the Vandel Buster 26

I'm picking this up from where the Anime (season1) left off, right after Grinide. As far as I can tell (I didn't watch much after that), everything else was filler. Everything with Zieg and his lackey's were filler... n e way onto the translations.
BTW, if there's n e 1 who's planning on editing this into a full release, I have the raws.

page 149

title) Head for new lands!!

Page 150

b1) I understand the situation.
b2) Also believe that he wants to start over again to make up for his past mistakes.
b3) Considering he fought till he was this badly beaten against his former master Grinide.

page 151

b1) However, a crime is a crime!
b2) You cannot avoid going to the society of busters, go to Grandsister* and plead your case and accept your punishment!!
*note- grandsister is an area, NOT a person
b3) Alright...
b4) Then lets get going!
b5) To Grandsister.
b6) What Milfa said is correct, you did do something wrong. All you can do now is plead your case and accept your punishment.
b7) Team Beet will not run from the law.

page 152

b1) That's true! If they say "Off with his head!" then there's nothing we can do,
b1/5) but if they just give heavy labor or something, the 3 of us can do it quickly.
b2) We need to try to get him out as soon as possible.
b3) Yeah!
b4) And you guys are fine with that?
b5) Yeah,
b5/5) Of course.
b6) We're also wrong for trying to hide it all.
b6/5) Additionally, to end this dark age, Kiss is needed!
b7) Definitely!
b7/5) That's because Kiss is

page 153

b1) going to become the worlds best Tengeki technician!!!
b2) Beet...
b2/5) Poala...
b3) Team Beet is a good team.
b4) Always answering the way I'd hope you would.

page 154

b1) Then how about we do this:
b2) I'll tag along with you as a transporter and go to Grandsister.
b3) Of course when we get there, you're going to trial and accept whatever punishment is given.
b4) I'll try my best to get you a pardon.
b5) There's also the 'merit' of defeating a 7-star vandel.
b6) Re-really!?

page 155

b1) Can I really stay with this group...!?
b2) Sometimes a single word is stronger than a million excuses.
b3) What kind of person are you?
b4) Beet and Poala's straight forward response answered that the best.

page 156

b1) Although you took the long way there, you got some great partners.
b2) Take care of them.
b3) ...sniff
b4) uuugghhh...
b5) Thank you...
b6) Thank you...!!

page 157

b1) Did I ...
b2) Don't worry about it,
b3) he's very quick to shed a tear.
b4) Grandsister?

page 159

b1) Haaaaaaah!!!

page 160

b1) Amazing Poala!
b1/5) You can do an almost perfect Bust End!!
b2) I find it hard to believe myself...
b2/5) I got the trick to it during that fight.
b3) It was because you were in that situation that you got it.
b4) For Bust End you need to put fire's heat and explosive properties to the max before you release it.
b5) At that time, // When Grinide stopped your attack by counter-flowing his dark energy to stop yours, he only helped you apply the theory to get Bust End to work properly.

page 161

b1) This will be a good weapon for you!
b2) Now you can use regular fire attacks, or superior attacks!!
b3) Yeah...
b4) Come to think of it, I've never seen you use this attack.
b5) If I try I think I can do it...
b6) Actually, I've never thought of trying...
b6/5) If you mess up just once on the control, you'll kill yourself.
b7) Since I don't have that kind of balls, I always hesitate...
panel) And I have these 'balls'?

page 162

b1) That aside...
b1/5) he's still sleeping.
b2) Its like he's hibernating.

page 163

b1) The ocean covers where we're supposed to be heading.
b2) Leaving the dark plains and coming to the end of continent is fine, but we're at a dead end now.
b3) That's fine, we were going to have to cross the sea to get to the next continent anyway.
b4) Besides, Milfa said "Don't worry, just wait here." so all we can do is wait.
b5) I was really surprised when she gave us this map...

page 164

b1) I didn't know the dark plains were so small!!
b2) Speaking of which,
b2/5) where is she?
b3) In the closest town doing some shopping.
b4) ...Poala...
b4/5) this is about Milfa...

page 165

b1) Hasn't she been a little strange lately?
b2) Strange?
b2/5) How so?
b3) Like she's doing a lot of things for me, or like she's glued to me...
b4) giggle
b5) Here, wipe your tears.
b5/5) Its spoiling your handsome face.

page 166

b1) Tha...
b1/5) thank you.
b2) I let another girl see me looking silly.
b3) Crying because you're happy isn't silly.
b4) Actually I like that type.
b5) I'm really happy that I met you.
b6) You just might be,
b7) an angel who was sent
b7/5) to save me.

page 167

panel1) Is... Is this...? // Could this possibly be...?
panel2) Giving me the look of an abandoned puppy!! // That's it!! It must be!! // He's definitely...!!

page 168

panel1) Started to fall for me!! //(what's on this side would b redundant if I translated it.)
panel2) Well, that's understandable, check out this cute and sexy Broad Buster. // Also I gave him such a passionate verdict!!
panel3) But wait, this is bad... // He IS a criminal...
panel4) Ahh, but I just can't leave people like him alone. // Helping people onto the right path is also a Broad Buster's job right!

page 169

panel1) This just might be my destined man...
panel2) number 2!!
b1) Kuuuhhh!!!

page 170

b1) And,
b2) do you think you did something to make her stick to you like that?
b3) No...
b3/5) can't think of anything.
b4) really...
b5) What on earth
b5/5) is that?

page 171

b1) A monster?
b2) No!
b2/5) It looks different!
b3) Wha?
b3/5) Could that be...?
b4) I think so too.

page 172

b1) An airplane!!!?

page 173

b1) I still can't believe it! Something you ride on can fly!
b2) I've heard about it, but this is the first time I'm actually seeing one.
b3) Was Milfa waiting for this?

page 174

b1) Are you guys
b2) Busters!?
b3) ye...
b3/5) yeah!
b4) Are you the one who's going to take us across the ocean?
b5) Where is it!?
b6) What?

page 175

b1) That BB* buster girl, where is she!?
*note- silly pun lost in translation he calls her boin boin, which is a sfx 4 big tits when they bounce.
b2) Haaahhh!!?

page 176

b1) I get it...
b2) Milfa planned ahead of time to fly back, so she asked you to come pick her up... then you said:
b3) Flying relies heavily on the weather, I can't assure you that vandel's wont affect the trip...
b3/5) Even if its your request I can't...
b4) But before you could finish
b5) If you come for me, I'll let you touch them a little.
b5/5) she then said this right:
b6) So please keep your word.
b6/5) So,
b7) That's the gist of it right.
b7/5) Gantry.
b8) Damn Right!!!!!
b9) There's no other reason I would go out risking my life to cross this ocean!!

page 177

b1) Of course I"m also getting paid money,
b1/5) But feeling her up comes first and foremost!!
b2) Risking his life to come out here just for that, this dirty old man is amazing in a way,
b2/5) But still Milfa shouldn't go around making such random promises.
b3) yeah...
b4) The truth is Gantry,
b4/5) the person in question isn't here right this second.
b5) n-n-n-no
b5/5) Don't tell me she just said that to trick me into coming out here
b6) Hmmm, there not quite as big as the other girl's...
b7) but beggars can't be choosers!!

page 178

b1) Not a chance in hell!!!
b2) D-damn you!!
b2/5) You should treat me better!!
b3) Let me warn you that there aren't many airplanes that transport people! If you want to get to Bekatrute from here, I'm the only person who can take you!
b4) Bekatrute!?
b5) The first country on the other continent right.
b6) That's right!!
b7) Now list good,
b7/5) In Bekatrute right now...

page 179

b1) Whoa!!
b2) What!?
b3) Dammit!!
b4) I thought I lost them!!

page 180, 181

b1) Fools!!
b1/5) I told you not to shoot unless your sniping!!
b2) If you hit the engine and it explodes, what will you do then?
b3) Airplanes are vary rare right now!!

page 182

b1) Also, I like my food to taste good...
panel sfx.) sparkle sparkle
b2) I can't stand burned food!
b3) A vandel!
b4) "Steel Fang" Bareas...

page 183

b1) He's one of the vandel's who's giving us a hard time!!
b2) 'sup gramps!
b2/5) Are you prepared to meet your maker?
b3) You can die in peace.
b4) I'll eat that airplane down to the last screw!

page 184

b1) You hear me?
b2) Don't you dare hit the airplane!
b3) The only thing I want to see with holes in it are the humans!

page 185

b1) Dammit!!

page 186

b1) Hey, hey!
b2) How many times do I have to say kill them without shooting before...

page 188, 189

b1) Oohhh!!!

page 190

panel) What's with these kids? // They look like Busters.
b1) Haaaahh!!

page 191

b1) Not bad!

page 193

b1) More of your men will get to live if you give up quickly!
b2) Get running home already!
b3) 'izzat so?
b4) You aren't some regular kids...
b4/5) you guys are pretty skilled.
b5) The airplane that I've been longing to eat for so long is right in front of me,
b6) but I'll let you have it.

page 194

b1) Under the condition that
b2) You all die together!!

page 195

b1) A dark energy attack!!?
b2) Gantry!!
b3) D...I...E...!!

page 196

b1) goga!!!

page 198

b1) You're finally awake.
b2) Who can sleep in all that noise?

page 199

b1) Well,
b1/5) it's always like that though!!!

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#1. by fedeternum ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2008

but where i can download the manga????
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