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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Dragon Nest - Shungeki no Sedo 2

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 19, 2010 17:14 | Go to Dragon Nest - Shungeki no Sedo

-> RTS Page for Dragon Nest - Shungeki no Sedo 2

This is for Keishou's use only.

page 1

panel) Run out in search of a sweet journey!!

page 2

b1) I found him!
panel) Who is this man that kidnapped Rose?
b2) It's him!
b3) He's carrying Rose away!!

page 3

b1) Hey, wait!
b2) Where do you think you're taking Rose!?

page 6

b1) WHOAAAA!!!
b2) guhnnn...
b3) Is this an illusion!? I can feel my back freezing up!!
b4) I... I can't move! How is this possible?
b5) Eek!

page 7

b1) W...wait!
b2) Dammit, he's getting away!
b3) Come on! MOVE!
b4) ugghhhh
b5) Hell yeah!
b6) Guah!

page 8

b1) kyah hah hah! Are you the ones that defeated the minotaur?
b2,3) Was it you?

page 9

b1) What? Were you guys part of that cow's group?
b2) Bird demons?
b3) They're Harpies.
b4) MOVE! I don't have the time to deal with you right now!
b5) Kyah ha ha!
b6) Aeih!?
b7) I can't reach!
b8) Isn't that cheating!?

page 10

b1) Leave them to us!
b2) Take this!
b3) kyah ha ha!
b4) Too easy!!
b5) WAY too easy!!
b6) I can dodge these in my sleep!!
b7) I can't focus my eyes on them!
b8) They're too fast!! I can't aim properly!!
b9) What should we do now?

page 11

b1) The Harpies are gathering in one area!!
b2) Wind, gather to me!!
b3,4) Gather to me!!
b5) This...
b6) They're making...

page 12

panel) A TORNADO!!!

page 13

b3) kyah hah hah!!
b4,5) They died!

page 14

b1) Hn... hnnnnn
b2) hah!
b4) D-don't scream so much...
b5) you're shaking the enitre tree
b6) Sed.
b7) It...
b8) looks like the tree saved our lives.

page 15

b1) OWW!!
bubble sfx.) Shhhhhhh
b3) It's medicinal herbs, so stop moving!
b4) Sigh... my arrows are all over the place.
panel) It's a pain collecting them all.
b5) Those harpies...
b6) Were seriously powerful.
b7) When they're in the air a sword can't reach them, and they simply evade arrows and magic.
b8) Then there's that tornado, we couldn't even try to avoid it.
b9) But the really fearful thing was...

page 16

panel) That man in black.
b1) Who...
b2) on earth was that guy?
b3) I felt some sinister magic powers from him.
b4) To the point that I couldn't even move... that was the first time that ever happened to me.
b5) Why would he kidnap Rose?
b6) That's just it.

page 17

b1) The goblins and minotaur we fought were also after her.
b2) Those harpies were likely in cahoots with them.
b3) And that guy... he's probably involved with them too.
b4) Whatever the case,
b5) it's too dangerous to pursue this any further.
b6) You... you're right.
b8) huh?
b9) What's wrong, Sed?

page 18

b3) gyak!
b4) Ah... it broke.
b5) What do you think you're doing!?
b6) You've finished talking, right? Now let's go save Rose!
b7) Let's roll!
b8) What on earth are you saying? We're going home. We can't do anything about this situation.
b9) Some harpies just wiped the floor with us.

page 19

b1) W-wait a second! If we defeat those harpies, we might get some clues about that man in black!
b2) This is likely the best chance we'll get to find that man!
b3) And don't you care about Rose?
b4) We defeated the minotaur, right?
b5) If we all work together again,
b6) we'll pull through!!
b7) Sed, aren't you scared?

page 20

b1) We were...
b2) almost killed back there.
b3) She's exactly right.
b4) Wait a sec...
b5) Hey!

page 21

b1) I guess so.
b2) You guys are absolutely right.
b3) I'm scared too.
b4) huh?
b5) Truthfully, after getting whooped like that, I got scared.
b6) You guys are the same, right?
b7) I understand where you're coming from.
b8) Sed...
b9) Sed!
b0) However,

page 22

b1) Rose is scared the same way we are!!

page 23

b1) There are people in the village that are worried about Rose.
b2) So long as people like that exist, I won't give up.
b3) That's also one of my dad's teachings.
panel) I'll definitely save you!

page 24

b1) I knew you'd come with me! We really are teammates!!
b2) After putting it like that, we'd have to come with you!
b3) The harpies think they killed us,
b4) so coming this way would be best.
b5) But they're not the type of opponent that you can beat with a straight forward attack.
b6) I have a plan!!
b7) Really!? What is it?

page 25

b1) Let's see...
b3) Well, I have it all thought out in my head!
b4) You start with arrows! Use arrows to set them up, then use friendship power: Friendship Crash!!
b5) You're not making any sense!
b6) I'm sorry Sed, but I don't understand either.
b7) HUUUUH!? We're part of a team! We should understand each other!!

page 26

b1,2,4) Found them!
b3) It was a good idea to find and finish them off!

page 27

b1) Wind, gather to me!
b2,3) Gather to me!
b4) Not good! They saw through us!
b5) Wah wah wah!
b6) What do we do now!?
b7) It's coming again!!

page 28

b1) RUN!
b2) Look, there's a little cave!
b3) Jump into it!
b4) That won't help!
b5) That won't work!
b6) That won't stop us!
b7) We'll just rip apart that enitre cave!
b8) tsk! it's only a matter of time before they get to us!
b9) Wh-what do we do!?

page 29

b1) Th-there's a way out through the back!
b2) But when they notice it, they'll just come after us again!
b3) You guys, run through that exit!
b4) huh!?
b5) But what about you?
b6) I'm going to bait them!
b7) When I jump out, that's your signal to run, got it?
b8) Sed!!
b9) Let's do this!!

page 30


page 31

b1) Over here, harpies!
b2) piih!
b3) I'll take care of this kid!
b4-6) haa
b7) hngghh.
b8) uwah
b9) kyah hah hah! You're pretty brave to jump into a tornado like that!
b0) Sacrificing your body so your teammates can survive!
b1) You're quite the little sword fighter!

page 32

b3) guh!
b4) There are tons of people like you, who hope to be a hero.
b5) You have no real strength, yet you're trying to show off!?
b6) kyah hah hah! This joke isn't even funny!!

page 33

b1) I got you now.
b2) What's this? You already can't move? I don't believe this!
b3) I can't stand weaklings!
b4) DIE!!

page 35

b1) Which one of us was the one that was really caught?

page 36

b1) Okiron, Yuuri, NOW!!
b2) FIRE!

page 37

panel) OH NO!

page 38

b1) They got my wings!
b2) If we're on the ground, I won't lose!!

page 39

b2) If I could only fly, I won't be losing to little shits like this!
bubble sfx.1,2) piih
b3) Sed, the others are coming, hurry!
b4) If you want to fly that badly...

page 40


page 41

b1) Wha...
b2) WHAT THE...!?

page 42


page 43

b1) I thought of this move after watching you guys do that tornado.
b2) Thanks,
b3) for the hint!
b4) Sis...
b5) I don't believe this...
b6) He didn't actually...

page 44

b1) Now it's you guys' turn.
b2) BRING IT!!

page 45

bubble sfx.) bikiiihhhh
b1) hmph
b2) We did ti!
b3) Now I understand what you were talking about.
b4) I mean about the arrows! 1 by itself might be weak, but 3 of them together won't break!
b5) In other words, if the 3 of us stand together, we will win.
b6) But what would you have done if we didn't come?
b7) huh? I simply believed that you would come.
b8) Yeah... he didn't think things through again.
b9) guh... I can't believe I lost to the likes of these...
b0) You still want to fight!?
b1) Wait Sed, we need to find out what these guys were after.

page 46

b1) We were ordered to find some girl named Rose.
b2) We thought that since you defeated the minotaur, you would know something!
b3) Rose was taken away by a guy in black! Isn't he on your side?
b4) A man in black!? Get serious! That guy is our enemy!
b5) That man has Rose... this isn't good! He plans on getting more power at the forest's holy grounds!
b6) I need to tell madam Elena as soon as possible...
b7) The forest's sacred grounds...
b8) I know where that is!
b9) Really?
b0) We need to get there, and soon.
b1) pfft.

page 47

b1) Don't you know how powerful that guy is?
b2) Well, whatever. You'll be running home with your tail between your legs.
b3) ha ha! You didn't notice? Even after fighting us?
left of panel) The adventure continues!!
b4) The 3 of us,
b5) won't ever run!
box) To the forest's sacred grounds!!

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Oct 11, 2010
Hey bro first of all long ass time no chat lol how u been? Second I wanted to let you know my group is releasing this manga in spanish and wonder if it was ok with u, ofcourse were using our own cleans actually ask keishou if they want our clean we love to help out anyway as posible

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