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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Beelzebub 80

He came.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Oct 8, 2010 21:35 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 80

This is for Keishou's use only.

page 1

top of page) This time there's even more...
b1) So, how was he?
panel1) After the fight, we're in the principal's office
sign) Principal's office
b2) The lord of the flies' child?
b3) hm...
b4) Pathetic.
b5) Isn't this a little bad?
6b) hm?
b7) You know gramps, you do some weird stuff, you know?
b8) Just how many demons are you housing in this school?
b9) I'll help myself to a sweet bun.

page 2

b1) Do you think he'll come?
b2) Yeah, I think he will.
b3) Sweet.
b4) Gramps, poor me a cup of coffee too.
b5) feh feh feh
b6) He's (baby beel's father)
b7) is SOOO random.

page 3

title) He came.
left of panel) Big fists, and little fists. You're unbeatable if you have both!!

page 4

b1) Answer me,
b2) exactly who...
b3) is that kid?

page 5

b1) Who is he...?
panel1) Well now... // Where should I begin my explanation from? His name?
panel2) Yeah, names are important, so I'll start there. // Let's see, he's baby Beel, so Beel... // Huh? What was it again... Beelmark? No, that's not right...
panel3) If I remember right, he had a really long name. // Untara Kantara Beeluntara... or something like that. // Try to remember!! Beel... Beel... Berlin!?

page 6

panel1) I already know that he isn't Oga's kid. // But neither is he Hilda's. // Then who is he? Why are the 2 of you looking after him?
b1) She calls him master.
panel2) Another thing, // it's REALLY strange that he's NAKED and you're piggy backing him!
panel3) Now tell me the truth, // Oga!!
panel4) Isn't this... // I met them in a very awkward place!!
panel5) Is she telling him!? Is she telling him how she feels about him!? // Am I going to be able to see this first hand!?
box) Let's see.

page 7

panel1) No... it's not. // She's... asking him about baby beel. // Furuichi ear: He can hear anything he tries to listen to.
b1) What's wrong?
b2) He's not just a regular baby, right?
panel2) After how flashy he was yesterday, // anyone would be a little suspicious. // That's good, they won't be going out now...
panel5) In fact... // can you even explain it properly?
b3) Dammit what a pain!!
b4) Baby Beel, answer theses questions about yourself!!
b5) Nyo!?
panel6) He pushed the responsibility on baby Beel...

page 8

b1) Dah.
b2) dah...?

page 9

b1) ...dah.
panel) Yeah. // That's right.
b2) Dah.
b3) dah...?
b5) DAH MEAN!!!?
mouth) dah mean!!?

page 10

b1) Furuichi!
b2) Are you stupid!? What kind of fool are you!?
b3) Don't 'dah' her, and act like you just explained the world to her, you retard!!
b4) Kunieda-senpai, you too! If you don't try to pull the truth out of him, you'll be running in circles for the entire afternoon!!
b5) You came at the perfect time,
b6) What's his name?
b7) nyo!?
b9) Do you see what I mean? This is totally ridiculous! You made a mistake in asking in him!!
b0) Then you know about this?
b1) Of course I do!
b2) His name is Kaizer...
b3) Hm? Kaiber...?
b3) Zeh? huh?
b4) ...Kaiber Zebub the 4th... huh?
b5) That's not right either, um...
b6) HEY!

page 11

b1) What the hell is this!? You came talking all that trash, and you forgot his name too!
b2) Who's Kaiber?
b3,5) auh
b4) O-of course I'd forget!! // Think about it, the only time his full name was mentioned was in the first chapter, I bet you everyone has forgotten by now!!
b6) Ahhv!!
b7) Ah, baby Beel!!
b8) Wait right there!!
b9) You guys are terrible.
b0) nyo!!
b1) Kaizer de Enperana Beelzebub IV, right?
b2) auh?
b3) There, there.
b4) You shouldn't make the demon king's child cry like that.

page 13

b1) Hilda...
b2) What a rude little boy.
b3) Do you mind NOT putting me together with that little whore?
b4) Furuichi...?

page 14

b1) Hmm?
b2) So you're Oga Tatsumi, huh?
b3) I'm sorry, but...
b4) OGA!!!!
b5) would you please die?

page 15

b1) Oh no...
b2) I've become all covered in soot!
b3) As always, an entrance with no sex appeal in it.

page 16

b1) Hilda.
b2) Yolda.
-I nearly put Yoda-
b3) Why are you here?
b4) You mean you haven't heard anything?
b5) How pathetic...
b6) And you're already all beat up.

page 17

b1) Yolda?
b2) Hilda!! What the hell...!!
b3) Take the master and run.
b4) This woman
b5) is after me.
b6) Come on,
b7) don't be like that.
b8) It's been a few hundred years since we've last seen each other,
b9) and you're already leaving?

page 18

b1) STOP THAT!!!
b2) You're not allowed to move on your own.
b3) Yolda... // I know that you and Hildegarde have some unsettled business, but this isn't the time for this.
b4) Come on, Izabella...
b5) That's right, stand down, Yolda.
b6) Stay out of this, Sachura
b7) Excuse meee!?

page 19

b1) Enough.
b2) All 3 of you, stand down.
b3) Whoa.
b4) You're...
panel) 3 wet nurses, and who's the final one!?

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#1. by Googlemo ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2010
WOW, where did you get raws already..? I could type it....
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