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Beelzebub 89

I'm so weak

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 10, 2010 22:53 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 89

this is becoming a pain to tag... for keishou's use only.

page 1

b1) Order in the court!!
b2) We will now commence // the trial of the people vs. Oga, in, // "isn't it about time we stopped calling him the best?
b3) Because he was beaten ragged".
b4) Defendant dumb shit Oga, take the stand!!
b5) I didn't do it...
b6) I'm innocent.
b7) Your Honor,
b8) if I may?
b9) Victim Hildegarde.
left of panel) A trial out of nowhere!! What's going on!?

page 2

b1) The defendant dumb shit Oga just proclaimed "I didn't do it", // but I think it would be more accurate for him to say "I couldn't do anything".
b2) So from here on, I suggest that we change his name from 'dumb shit' to 'bitch ass pussy' Oga.
b5) Overruled, name change granted.
b6) WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Damn you Furuichi, I'm going to kill you!!
b8) Counselor Alain Delon.
b9) My tummy hurts, may I go to the bathroom.
b0) No, you may not.
b2) Those with no objections please stay quiet?
panel) tsk... am I dreaming? This must be a dream! // This dream feels like I'm going to distance with the heavyweight champ!!
b3) Madam prosecutor, please read the indictment.
b4) Yessir.

page 3

b1) It states: // that bitch ass pussy Oga was once known as the rumbling king Oga.
b2) But he's been losing a lot lately and should no longer be known as that.
b3) In fact, it's gotten to the point where people are even questioning why he's still the main character of this story.
b4) We hereby state that he should be put to death for disillusioning us all like that.
b5) Therefore, I suggest that...
b6) we prosecute him as a chupacabra!!
b7) Chu... chupacabra...!
b8) A chupacabra!?
b9) I can't believe it!1
b0) Defendant bitch ass pussy Oga, do you have anything to say for yourself?
b1) Um...
b2) Well...

page 4

b3) Your honor,
b4) allow me to explain,
b5) Sure, ultra counselor Toujou.
b6) The chupacabra prosecution is...
b8) because you've been getting too full of yourself! If you're going to keep losing like that, give me back the title of Ishiyama's best!
panel) Even though this is a dream, // I need to make a counter argument!
b2) C-counselor!
b3) Counselor Alain Delon!
b4) Where's my rebuttal!?
b5) He went to the bathroom.
b6) He was told he wasn't allowed!!

page 5

b1) Dammit!! Isn't there someone else?
b2) Someone who will be my lawyer? It doesn't matter who?
b4) What are you talking about?
b5) You already have a lawyer...
b6) He's been next to you the entire time.
panel) No... // no way!!
b7) Counselor baby Beel.

opage 6

b1) DAH.
b2) At the very least...
b3) could you make it someone capable of speech!?
b4) Adah.
b5) That was long...

page 7

title) I'm so weak.
left of panel) Let's try waking up early and feel what a new you is like.

page 8

b1) Dammit.
b2) I can't stand this.
b3) What the hell is a chupacabra anyway?
b4) kuh kuh,,,
b5) You mean, this is Oga?
b6) He looks like a chump.
b7) yo bitch.
b8) Can I get your autograph?
b9) Gashi high's Arnold has come to send you to an early grave.
b0) DIE!

page 9

b1) Sigh...
b2) Autograph...
b3) Here it comes!! // Arnold's Total recall eraser!!!

page 10

b1) You're absolutely right...
b2) I'm nothing big...
b3) I'm feeling really depressed right now, sorry.
b4) How should I put it...
b5) my confidence was flushed down the toilet...
b6) I'm nothing more than a bitch ass pussy.
b7) ARNOLD!!!!
b8) I'm going to train and come back better,
b9) that guy is insane!
b0) Just like the rumors.
b1) until then, goodbye.
b2) What part of you is weak?

page 11

b1) Hm,
b2) so you've come.
b3) Yeah.
b4) nya
b5) Whoa, what a second.
b6) Grandpa, Oga... you guys were serious?
b7) I think you guys aren't quite on the same page here.

page 12

b1) What, you're still here?
b2) Hurry and get to school.
b3) That's not going to happen now!
b4) Oga, are you serious? Having my grandfather teach you?
b5) "grandpa"?
panel1) Oh no! // I forgot, last time I called him grandpa, I was disguised.
panel2) Wh-what now? I'm sure he's figured it out! // And he's made for deceiving him...
b6) Don't tell me...
b7) You're...

page 13

b1) Aoi Kunie's...
b2) N-no, wait! Aoi Kunie was... I mean,
b3) It was a name I just thought of on the spot...
b4) I wasn't trying to deceive you,
b5) it's just...
b6) ah.
b7) Oh, it's Kouta.
b8) Hyaaaaaaaaaah!!
b9) Like I thought,
b0) you really are...
panel) oh no. // He's mad! What am I going to do? He's going to hate me now...
b1) muh
box) His rival.

page 14

b1) her cousin, right?
b2) Excuse me?
b3) You just sorta resemble her,
b4) Could you tell her, 'let's both do our best', please?
b5) Ah...
b6) You got it.
panel) I did it again...
b7) hmph,
b8) Aoi, if you're so concerned, take a seat too.
b9) I'll train you up as well.
b0) huh?

page 15

b1) This is a good opportunity.
b2) Because as of late, you've only been running around...
b3) talking about this school festival, and you haven't been training.
b5) "I'm going to be training at Kunieda's place"?
b6) You're off the mark there.
b7) Why do you think I went out of my way to save you? Damn fool.
b8) This why I can't stand these ingrate kids...

page 16

b1) hm?
b2) But wait a sec, isn't Kunieda's grandfather... // the master of the shingetsu style...?
b3) Are you serious?
b4) Well, I guess he really isn't too far off the mark then,
b5) but this was pure coincidence though...
panel sfx.) knock(x2)
b6) It's open.
b7) I finally found you,
b8) Saotome Zenjuurou...

page 17

b1) Or rather,
b2) Zen.
b3) Yo Tora.
b4) I see you're still as hyper as ever.

page 18

b1) You're looking as bright as a daisy.
b2) I can't be stuck here like this.
b3) Thanks to you, I'm feeling a lot better.
b4) I owe you one, Forkus,
b5) Lamia.
b6) Hilda...
b7) I'm so happy to hear you voice again!
b8) I'm so relieved!
b9) But you can't get too comfortable yet.
b0) You said you were pierced by Hecatos' spear, right?

page 19

b1) His spear has the ability to diffuse demonic powers around the wound.
b2) Although you've recovered, you won't be able to use any spells.
left of panel) You're not out of the woods yet! What is Hilda's plan!?
b3) Yeah.
4b) However,
b5) those guys will come after us again... and soon. // This really is bad. The method they used to get to this world, // is likely the national treasure.
b6) If that's the case, it'll take at most 1 week to gather // the required energy to use it again.
b7) yeah.
b8) We need to think of plan during that time.
b9) Lamia.
b0) yes?
b1) Can I...
b2) ask you to do something for me?

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