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Bonten no Moribito 1

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jul 6, 2011 00:31 | Go to Bonten no Moribito

-> RTS Page for Bonten no Moribito 1

I was gonna do Black Rock Shooter before this one... but someone beat me 2 the punch!
>_< n e way, hopefully someone will pick this one up 2.

page 1

box1) 3 years ago,
b1) This is Yamaha Matsuri,
b2) she's going to be staying with us for a while.
b3) Show her the ropes.
box2) She suddenly appeared here.
box3) I had no idea what had happened,

page 2

box1) but for some reason, I clearly remember feeling like...
box2) there was some special trigger behind all this.

page 4

b1) Oh // NO!

page 5

b1) that
b2) HURT!
b3) kuh kuh // you suck Akira.
b4) You still can't beat a girl?

page 6

b1) Shut up! You're an exception!
b2) You don't fit in the category in the 'girl'. // You're more of an oddball. -small print- or weirdo.
b3) Ohh, -small print- You actually said that.
b4) Okay then, how about this time I see how far I can stretch out that loose tongue of yours.
b5) Hey. // WAIT!
b6) WHOA!
b7) tsk.

page 7

b1) Up.
b2) And down.
b3) Oh // no.
b4) Akira,
b5) listen to me.

page 8

b1) You're the one that's going to take on the responsibility of the next demon defender.
b2) So you need to improve yourself.
b3) I...
b4) I know.

page 9

b1) Hm. // Good.
b2) Ohh! Matsuri, you came to see us?
b3) uh, // well.
b4) So, who are you here for? Me? // You're here for me, right?
b5) No, // it's...
b6) Like I was // trying to say...
b7) I heard some loud noises, so I came // to see who...
b8) What a buzz kill.

page 10

b1) You're here for Akira, aren't you?
b2) Th... // I didn't say...!
b3) hm?
box1) In this world,
box2) Demons still exist.

page 11

box1) They use their special abilities to attack humans.
box2) Humans have been fighting against them for centuries now.
b1) However, as time changed, so did the situation.
b2) Now a non-aggression treaty has been "signed" between both parties.
box3) Currently, it's the demons that are being protected by humans.
shirt) Yosogi
box4) The one's who shoulder that responsibility // are the demon defenders, my family.

page 12

b1) And you're such a nice find too.
b2) Hey... // Amano...
b3) But I just don't get it.
b4) hm?
b5) Just what part of that clueless fool do you like?
b6) Huh... // What?
panel) What are you talking about?
b7) He's not very friendly, doesn't do much in terms of initiative... I don't think he has much going for him. -small print- Akira.
b8) Now that's not true... -small print- I think.
b9) How about you forget about that dumb brother of mine, and choose me instead?
b0) Well, but... // I don't know much about that...
b1) Don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know.

page 13

b1) Oh, what's this? Are you getting jealous sir Akira?
b2) Considering you're going to be the next demon defender, you're quite petty.
b3) That has NOTHING to do with this!
b4) If you don't give it a rest, I'll MAKE you give it a rest!
b5) And for that to happen, you'll first need to be able to at least land a hit on me.
bubble sfx.) smack(x2)
b6) Dammit! // One of these days, I'll get you!
panel) I give up.
b7) Now then, we'll end our practice here for today.
b8) It's about time for dinner.
b9) Matusri, what's today's special?
b) Oh, // it's going to be fried chicken based miso.
b1) Oh yeah, // I almost forgot.

page 14

b1) Akira, // go to the rear mountain and call him.
b2) Grandpa is back there. It's time for dinner.
b3) It's not like I can go back there,
b4) so please do it.
b5) yeah.
panel) Chow time.

page 15

box1) The Yosogi shrine at the foot of the Yagami mountain is there // to protect the demons that live behind it.
box2) There's one condition that must be met before
box3) anyone can enter.

page 16

box1) Around the circumference of the mountain, there are multiple // little shrines that make up the barrier that protects the mountain.
b1) This is it...
b2) This feeling of static electricity.

page 17

panel) It's the power that the demons emit. // You'll need the ability to feel this power. // We call it demon feel.
box1) My sister doesn't have demon feel,
box2) so no matter how good a fighter she is...
box3) I however, do have demon feel.
box4) So I'm the one that takes on the task of defender.

page 18

box1) To defend said demons, // I'll have to fight against other demons.
box2) Which is the reason I'll have to become a good fighter too.
b1) Why...
b2) was it me?
b3) Gramps! -small print- I'm here for you.
b4) It's time for dinner.
b5) Oh, Akira.
b6) Perfect timing.

page 19

b1) The party was just starting to liven up. // Here, you drink too.
b2) Oh, it's Akira!
b3) I have some cuties here today too.
panel1) What on earth are you guys doing?
b4) I'm only 16.
b5) Man, can't you loosen up every now and then? // Amano would jump right in.
b6) Whatever, lets go home.
b7) What's wrong Akira? // Are you still not acquainted with demons?
b8) It's time for dinner.
b9) Oh, // is that so?
b0) I'll be going now. // See you later, Hanako, Akemi.
panel2) Bye!
b1) Don't give demons current nicknames like that.

page 20

b1) Akira, next time you come, stay a while.
b2) Yeah // right.
panel1) Too close.
b3) Ah, Otsundo,
b4) I'll light that for you.
b5) I love your fire Akemi!
b6) Thanks.
b7) Here Akira, this is for you.
b8) So long as you're within the barrier, it won't go out.
b9) Yeah, // I know.
b0) Come again,
b1) We'll be waiting for you, // Akira.

p[age 21

b1) Yeah, // thanks...
b2) for the lamp.

page 22

b1) Are you still apprehensive when it comes to demons?
b2) They are pretty strange looking,
b3) so it's not like I don't understand what you're feeling...
b4) That's not it.
b5) That's not it, // just...
b6) I just don't know yet.
b7) What am I
b8) supposed to do.

pag 23

b1) You're over thinking things.
b2) You're looking at demon feel and demon powers as something overly special.
b3) Look, you can even use demon abilities for silly peaceful matters.
b4) Right now I'm commanding this object to be nothing more than a match.
b5) I guess you're right.
box1) Demon ability. // That fire a second ago was one of them.
box2) It's one of the special abilities that demons can use. // They take their own power and make it into something else.

page 24

b1) By the way, // have you heard any news of strange happenings lately?
b2) Like what?
b3) Demon disappearances. // I heard about it a few years ago, but...
b4) There's the possibility that this isn't a natural occurrence. // I don't know who's doing it or for what reason,
b5) but there's no harm in being on guard.
b6) Yeah.

page 25

panel1) hm... // ah.
b1) Am I dreaming?
b2) I guess this would be a lucid dream.
b3) But there's nothing here at all.
b4) Man, why couldn't I have a fun dream when I know I'm dreaming...?
b5) hm?

page 27

b1) Who // are you?
b2) It looks like // you're still wavering.
b3) are you listening?
b4) Listen well, Yosogi Akira. // I'll tell you now so you're not blindsided by it.
b5) In the near future, you're going to have to make a big decision.
b6) To get what you're after, you're going to need a lot of courage and resolution.
b7) I'll give you the trigger,
b8) but the rest is up to you.

page 28

b1) Please, // I want you to...
b2) protect her.
b3,4,6,7) ha
b5) What on earth... // was that?
panel1) Instead of calling that a dream, it was as if...
panel2) Someone was talking directly to me.

page 29

panel1) Decision? Trigger? // Her?
panel2) What on earth does that all mean?

page 30

panel1) click(x2)
b1) ...Yeah, there really is a barrier here. // I feel it resonating.
b2) Which means, this mountain is a treasure house of resources.
b3) Then hurry up and break the barrier.
b4) Why don't you do it for a change?
b5) Hell no, what a pain.
b6) tsk, you're the pain here.

page 32

b1) Oh no!!
b2) The demon barrier... //was broken!!

page 33

b1) Okay, nicely done.
b2) Now then,
b3) let's get on with our // force hunt.
-it'll be explained later by the author.-

page 34

b1) What... // is this...
b2) feeling?
b3) It feels like demon power is seeping out from the mountain...
b4) But as long as the barrier is there, that shouldn't happen...
b5) ...Akira?
b6) Did something happen?
b7) Oh, uh... no.
b8) I just remembered something I had to do...

page 35

b1) Sorry, but I'm going on ahead!
panel1) Please take the groceries!
b2) huh?
b3) Matsuri, take your time getting home.
b4) Take my time?
b5) What...
b6) is going on here!?
b7) Oh.

page 36

b1) Here you are.
b2) There's a ton of treasure here.
b3) Who... // the hell are you?
b4) I'm a monster just like you guys.
b5) Although I'm human.

page 37

b1) Would you just get it over with already?
panel1) I'm serious.
b2) It's hard to get good reception out here, and it's pissing me off.
b3) ...You do understand your position, right Gryphon, // you're nothing more than my little gofer!
b5) Huh!?
b6) That's...

page 38

b1) Demon power... // But how?
b2) Didn't I already tell you?
b3) I'm a monster,
b4) just like you guys!
b5-7,9,1) haa
b8) Grandpa isn't around...
b0) Which means, // I'll have to go...

page 40

b1) A demon ability!?
b2) Now to get the // last one!
b3) hihn
b4) oh
b5) no!

page 42

box1) Did...
box2) She dis... // appear?
b1) Alright, you're done! // And a nice job at that!
b2) Shut up.
b3) You really only sat there and looked.
box3) All the demons...
box4) What...
b4) hm?
b5) Who are you?
box5) is going on here?

page 43

b1) Who the hell...
b2) Are you guys?
b3) Oh! // You're the demon defender of this area.
b4) Which means we'll have to dispose of you.
b5) Huh? No way!
panel) cutey
b6) He's so young!
b7) What a total waste...
b8) What did you do...
b9) to the demons that were here?

page 44

b1) Oh, I took them.
b2) They're some pretty rare resources after all.
b3) "Resources"?
b4) What are... // you guys up...!?
b5) Sorry bro,
b6) but everything other than that is top secret.

page 45

b1) SO DIE!!

page 46

b1) Oh!

page 47

b1) No way.
box) In a flash!!

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#1. by goda-lei ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2011
nice one shadow-skill.
work has already stared.
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