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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Beelzebub 119

The raid party vs. Agiel!!

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 3, 2011 18:59 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 119

This is for Red hawk scans' use only.

page 1

left of panel) The sex hound has shown his true form!! Kunieda steps to her first battle!!
panel1) What the...
panel2) It's as though there's something... // around where Kunieda is.
b1) hm.
b2) You have a strange pet there, girl.
b3) I feel something like demon power coming from him, but...

page 2

b1) Is that really a demon?
panel) Exorcise!!
title) The raid party vs. Agiel!!

page 3

b1) A Shii carion.
b2) Long ago, the Shii family of demons moved to the human world. However, now they're called purifying gods and have statues at shrines.
b3) You know a lot, O'donnel.
b4) hmph, they're nothing more than losers of the war that were forced out to the human world.
b5) And now they're the humans pets!? Hell, I'll make quick work of...
b6) Don't even think about it.
b7) They're mine.

page 4

b1) Whatever.
b2) I love you O'donnel.
b3) Later, I'll properly thank you for it.
panel1) She really intends to kill. // So these are the Behemoth pillar squad... the guys that are after Oga!
panel2) I only came here because Koma said this was the right way, // and he turned out to be right.
b4) Aoi.
b5) What is it?
b6) That girl in the middle is hot. // I love what she's wearing.
b7) Yeah, I knew you'd say that. Now shut up.
b8) I won't be at fault if I attack her and there's a nipple slip, right?

page 5

b1) Aoi...
b2) You said you're from this akumano school, right? // What on earth are you guys scheming?
b3) huh?
b4) This is OUR school.
b5) You're the ones that should be leaving.
b6) she...
b2) you mean DEPORT them...
b3) Shut up
panel) gyahh! // We're being transported!

page 6

b1) fyi,
b2) We're just lookouts.
b3) This building has been put under our watch until the other members get here.
b4) W-what a violent girl!
b6) other members?
b7) That's right.
b8) In other words,
b9) all 394 of my men will be coming.

page 7

b1) So it'll be
b2) just like the words read,
b3) hm!!
b4) Wait...
b5) it means your school will become exactly as it read,

page 8

b1) A school of demons,
b2) Oga Tatsumi.

page 9

b1) So you're Behemoth?
b2) A school of demons...
b3) Enough of your shit!
b4) What the hell do you mean demons? // Would you like to see this place go up in flames, HUUUH!!?
b5) Speaking of which,
b6) it's about time for the 1st squad to arrive.
panel) Oh no.

page 10

panel) If anymore demons surround us now, we'll...!!
b1) Furuichi!!
b2) Get everyone out of here, now!
b3) Nene, you too, please!!
b4) S-sure.
b5) Aoi...?
b6) But what about you?
b7) I'll hold these guys back as long as I can before catching up.
b8) Wow, you're not thinking much of me.
b9) Do you really think I'll just let you?
b0) You still haven't answered my question.
b1) What are you planning by making a school for demons?
b2) hmm.

page 11

b1) Kunieda!! The 2 of us will fight too!!
b2) Hell yeah.
b3) It's now 3 on 3.
b4) Wai...
b5) Would you guys just come, please?
b6) hmmm...
b7) I love the look you're giving me.
b8) I don't get it.
b9) Why are you so hung up on this school thing?
b0) But the cap was right...
b1) huh?
b2) Here she comes.

page 12

b1) If I'm here,
b2) I'll get to fight against a lot of different types!!
3b) Aha!
b4) Nice reaction.
b5) But I'm not done yet.

page 13

b1) Agiel!!
b2) whoa... // I totally forgot...
b3) about her little protector.

page 14

b1) That sword of yours...
b2) I didn't it would be able to cut anything, but with your pets' power, it'll hold up fine, right?
b3) Ahh, you're making me...
b4) get very excited.
b5) hm... well, it seems like you can handle everything here, so...
b6) Yeah.
b7) Keep up the good work Kunieda.
b9) Are you alright with that? They're going to get away.
b0) Well,
b1) it's okay.
b2) I don't care much for weaklings anyway.
b3) Hey dammit...
b4) I can't pretend I didn't hear that one.

page 15

b1) There are no weaklings in my class.
b2) Koma.
b3) Oh...
b4) You're going to do that?
b5) Sweet!
b6) Is that supposed to be a finishing move?
b7) Then I'll see your raise...

page 16

b1) You asked what we were planning by making a school, right?
b2) Isn't the answer obvious?
b4) Dark sword, BLOODY GRAVE!!!
-I don't remember Akabane from Get Backers using this one...-
b5) Shingetsu drawing style, 2nd stance!!

page 17

b1) hmm.
b2) 100 cleansing petals
b3) demon wear.

page 18

panel) Pretty flower storm.

page 19

b1) Was that...
b2) A wind technique?
b3) The Shingetsu style was formed for the express purpose of defeating demons.
b4) Now, you said something about a war...?
b5) Bring it on.
b6) Don't take us from Ishiyama lightly.
b7) What about the nipple slip?
b8) SHUT UP!!
panel) He wanted more!!

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#1. by Animeace ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2011
Great Tl ty Shadow sounds like a awesome chap
Level [C] Translator

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