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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bonten no Moribito 2

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 11, 2011 21:20 | Go to Bonten no Moribito

-> RTS Page for Bonten no Moribito 2

Enjoy the 2nd chptr!!!

page 1

panel) I'm still...me!? // But... who are you?

page 2

b1) hnnngh
b2) these are heavy.
b3) Matsuri, take your time getting home.
b4) Like I have much of a choice...
b5) I can ONLY walk slowly with these.
b6) I wonder what happened to Akira?
b7) For him to be in such a rush... // or more like, he was really worried about something.

page 3

b1) The shrine... // it's broken!

page 4

panel) What is this?

page 5

panel) This stinging feeling... // feels kinda // familiar.

page 6

b1) ...this is for the best,
b2) Right Tsugumi?

page 7

b1) I'm sorry for putting you in such a bad spot by doing this.
b2) I prepared myself for that 3 years ago. // I do feel sorry for the demons on the mountain though.
b3) If this will help Akira wake up,
b4) then I'll take full responsibility for this.

page 9

b1) hmmm
b2) You're not too // bad.
b3) However, just that...
b4) will never reach // ME!!

page 11

b1) You tried to stab me,
panel) Oh!
b2) that was a good decision.
b3) But, that still
b4) won't work on me.

page 12

b1) shih

page 13

b1) Man, you're one crazy kid.
b2) You keep going straight for kill shots.

page 14

b1) tsk.
b2) What IS that thing? // It feels like he has a rubber ball that's deflecting my attacks.
b3) Is that a wind technique?
b4) I know he's controlling something, but...
b5) You guys are humans, right? // Who comes you can use demon powers?
b6) What did you do the demons here? // In fact, just who are you guys?
b7) You're just full of questions, you know. // Well, it's not like I need to answer you, but...
panel) hmmm
b8) I have one for you... // This has been bothering me for a while now,
b9) why do you demon defenders take on the sick job of // defending those monsters?

page 15

b1) I just don't get the point of defending those // that have power and abilities,
b2) and can do things that can only be described as phenomenons. // In fact, the ones you should be defending,
b3) is the boundary between those monsters and us humans, // right?
b4) It's best if you kept those things on their side, // and we on our side.
b5) Because we're all quite afraid of them. // And as well we should be.
b6) No matter how you try to sugar coat it, // you're simply keeping them confined in here, right?
b7) Because you're also scared of the big bad demons...
b8) Or more like, you're scared of their ridiculous powers!

page 16

b1) The reason we're here is to keep humans and demons from fighting for no reason...
b2) just so you know,
b3) we humans are quite greedy beings, // and thought:
b4) "What if we could use these demons' powers as our own?". // right.
b5) Don't ask me about the science behind it, because I don't know.
b6) But what it comes down to is, using these cards, we can gain a demon's powers. // Fyi,
b7) this one happens to be that chicken.

page 17

b1) So now,
b3) What the...

page 18

b1) Listen well, demon defender. // Power is a resource.
b2) It's when the world fights for power, // that greater power is made.
b3) And that's what we're after.

page 19

b1) And now that you know,
b2) just sit there and quietly be killed,
b3) demon defender!!

page 20

b1) It looks like "core cards"
b2) are the center of this too.
b3) Man, the things we humans think of... // A certain group made those little tiles...
b4) the seal a demon in there, and you get to use it's power.
b5) For all the stealing that we did, // our technology and civilization has made it this far.
b6) Even though countries, and even planets are lost, // we still continue to move on.
b7) ... I didn't really mean to bring that up right now,
b8) the thing I put my hopes on for those kids is,

page 21

b1) The true form of humans and demons.
b2) ... He's, // Soyogi Akira is,
b3) still wavering, isn't he?
b4) Yeah... // and that's becoming like shackles to him.
b5) He has no real desire. // And since both his power and role were given to him, he's still unsure.

page 22

b1) And because he hasn't made up his mind,
b2) it's keeping his dormant demon abilities suppressed within him.
b3) I definitely made a mistake in how I taught him, // but I just don't understand this age's youngsters.
b4) His power truly has no bounds.
b5) I'm sorry that I'm using such a rough method on him,
b6) but if this will help pull out his powers, then...

page 23

b1) he'll be able to stand up to all the negative things,
b2) that's going to be happening around him from here on.

page 24

b1) He cut through... // the demon power!?
panel) Wow!

page 25

b1) I feel better now that I know what's going on.
b2) And what it all boils down to,
b3) is you are bad guys, right?

page 26

b1) tsk
b2) My auto wind guard isn't working!
b3) I'd heard that demon defenders can fend off any type of demon ability, but...

page 27

panel1) I didn't think he'd break it!
b1) This guy...
panel2) is beginning
b2) to bring out his own powers!!

page 28

b1) tsk
panel1) Oh shit, I'm dead!
b2) Okay,
b3) that's quite enough!

page 29

b1) Okay.
bubble sfx.) stomp
panel1) What the... I can't
panel2) MOVE!!
b2) You're pretty good, you know? // You made my heart skip a beat.

page 30

b1) I'm truly sorry, but // I can't let you
b2) do more than this. Or I'll get an ear full later.
panel) She also has an ability? // But what? She isn't controlling an object...

page 31

b1) A mind controller?
b2) Correct! // You're also a quick thinker.
b3) I have the ability to seal a person's movements if I step on their shadow. // Oh,
b4) Now that I've told you, // you'll think more about it, and it'll be more effective.
panel1) Dammit! One of the biggest problems with a mind control type is once you know what it is, you become more susceptible to it. // And now that she's got me, I can't get out!!
b5) I'm sorry young demon defender, // but since we're bad guys,
b6) just stand there and take your beating, okay?

page 32

b1) How about we go out with a bang?
b2) guh
b3) ah
b4) A great big explosion!
panel1) Why me?
panel2) I don't know...
b5) kuh
b6) hm?
b7) You're resisting. // What a sore loser.
b8) gah...
panel3) What // should I be doing now?

page 33

b1) Ma...??
b2) huh?

page 34

b1) Matsuri?? Why are you here?
b3) A friend of yours?
b3) That's quite a shame.
b4) Because now we're going to have to kill her too.
b5) Well, now you get to enjoy a show before your death.

page 35

panel1) Just a little more.
panel2) Wait, let me get the camera ready.
b1) W-wait!
b2) She has nothing to do with this!!
b3) It's her fault for coming here.
panel3) It's really so close...
b4) Calm down,
b5) it'll be over in a sec.
b6) STOP!!
panel4) And I'll...

page 36

panel) Remember!

page 38

b1) She's back.
b2) Shumari.

page 39

box) The other "me" that I don't know has just appeared!!!

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#1. by deatheater251 ()
Posted on Aug 12, 2011
#2. by shadow-skill ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2011
Sorry, page 32... the real one, was missing. Thanks 2 deatheater251 4 pointing that out 2 me. Here's 32:

b1) Now, take care of the rest, Griphon.
b2) Damn you Pandora... // I hate killing a disabled target, oh well.
b3) I'm sure you've already noticed, but...
b4) My power is atmospheric pressure.
b5) Up until now, I've only used it for auto-guard.
b6) So, which do you prefer?
b7) Would you like me to raise the pressure in your body so you explode? // Or would you rather I lower it, and you get crushed from the pressure around you?
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