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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bonten no Moribito 3

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 8, 2011 14:59 | Go to Bonten no Moribito

-> RTS Page for Bonten no Moribito 3

And here's the end of the short serialization. I really hope this gets a full serialization. It was really good, and kinda fun translating it. I hope u guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

page 1

b1) My daddy is dead.
b2) And my mother // is very far away.
left of panel) The reason for bringing up her past now is?
box1) Aside from that, // Matsuri says she doesn't remember her past.
box2) I thought they were just some vague memories of hers...
box3) I thought to myself, "doesn't that bother you?"
box4) But I couldn't find the right words to say back then.
box5) So I kept quiet.
box6) I still haven't seen her smile.

page 2

b1) I bet she's just nervous around us.
b2) We'll need to make her feel comfortable enough around us that she'll smile naturally.
box1) Amano went and said that,
box2) but I'm not the type to do things like that.
b3) ...I can't do a thing...
box3) I don't get it.
box4) What...
box5) should I actually be doing?

page 3

top of page) It's the last chapter of the short serialization! Humans and demons, what will be the outcome of each one's decisions!?
panel) I'll put my all into whatever it is that I can do!!

page 6

b1) What
panel1) This power... // a demons!?
b2) the hell?
panel2) Matsuri, // you're... a demon!?
panel3) What the hell is that? // What's going on here?
b3) What? // Who are you?

page 7

b1) hm?
box1) A fox // demon?
b2) Not like it matters.
b3) It won't change the fact that you're a demon.
b4) Do you control objects? // Or are you a mind controller?
b5) So long as I know that, I can seal you.
b7) She's a resource too.
b8) Besides, we don't kill them, we take them.
b9) Sto...
b0) Sit back and watch the show, demon defender.
b1) Don't you dare lay a finger on Matsuri.
b2) It's not like you can do anything to stop me.

page 8

b2) MONSTER!!!
b3) STOP!!

page 15

b1) WHAT!?
b2) GUAH!!

page 16

b1) Gripph...

page 17

b1,2) ha

page 18

b1) ha // kaha
b2) ah
b3) Are you alright?

page 19

b1) Are you...
b2) really // Matsuri?
b3) Matsuri? Well...
b4) Yes I am,
panel1) Hmm...
b5) But right now,
b6) I'm Shumari.

page 20

b1) ugh
b2) dam... // mit.
b3) What the hell was that?
b4) My auto guard didn't work at all!
panel1) It was as if her hand was suddenly on the inside of my guard... // What the hell is going on here!?
panel2) That's neither matter control, // or mind control.
panel3) It was as if she moved instantly. // Don't tell me...

page 21

b1) Gripphon, we need to get out of here, now!
b2) This girl controls space!!
b3) Are you serious!?
b4) We don't have a core card for a space controller!
b5) We can't win this fight!
b6) And,
b7) if we don't get out of here soon,
b8) we'll be sealed up in this mountain!

page 23

b1) The barrier is coming back!
b2) Oh no!
b3) We need to get out, quick!
b4) tsk.
b5) Dammit,
b6) after all the work we did...

page 24

panel) Grandpa

page 25

b1) 3 years ago, I'm sure I told you.
b2) That while I took on the task of watching over Yamaha Matsuri,
b3) that if her true self was ever revealed,
b4) that my duties as a demon defender would take precedence of my actions.
b5) And right now, my first course of action,
b6) is to detain the demon that controls space in mt. Yagami.
b7) Now,

[page 26

b1) The rest is up to him.
panel1) Space control.
panel2) According to what grandpa said, this ability is called space control because // it surpasses the start and finish of all matter.
panel3) Allowing the user to see above what we'd call time and space. // Kind of like creating a black hole.
-Even Horizon anyone?-

page 27

panel1) Unlike matter and mind control that have a true mechanism, // there's no way to defend against space control. // Without a known process, humans can't begin to fathom what they're up against.
panel2) So whenever a demon defender comes across a space controller, // they will seal them in a temporary barrier, // so they can put a heavy seal on them afterwards.
panel3) And that heavy seal is this: // they cut down the demon and let it's power spread out, then wait for it to gather again. // Put simply, we kill them.

page 28

panel1) Now I have to
panel2) kill Matsuri.
panel3) And no matter how much I avoid it, // grandpa will do it when he gets here. // But since I've come up here as a demon defender, // the responsibility falls on my shoulders.

page 29

panel1) What should I do? // Isn't there a way that this can be resolved without me losing Matsuri?
panel2) What should I...

page 31

b1) Since you've started to awaken your sleeping powers,
b2) there's one thing that you're able to do now.

page 32

b1) You're...
b2) That will use your own power // and carve out the path you want.
b3) That trigger will make your powers reality. // Just what the doctor ordered, right?
b4) This is it from me, you'll need the resolve and courage to see it through.
b5) Think, // and find it.
b6) Because before you call yourself a demon defender,
b7) you're Yosogi Akira. What is it you want?

page 33

paenl1) What
panel2) I want?

page 35

b1) ...I see, // no wonder...
b2) I was always sitting on the fence.
panel1) I lost sight of // what I wanted to do.
b3) You're a mind control type demon, right?
b4) I don't know what your angle is,
b5) but thanks to you, I can see clearly now.
b6) Resolve and courage? // You're absolutely right.
b7) And now I really do understand. // I need the courage to choose my path, and the resolve to know there's no coming back from it.

page 26

paenl) I wish I'd known before that making a decision for yourself felt this good!
b1) I don't need a reason to convince myself with!
b2) Matsuri!!

page 37

b1) I'm going to protect you! // From all the bad guys, and demons!
b2) We'll be together as long as I live!!
b3) I'm not saying this as a demon defender,
b4) this is what I've decided as a man.

page 38

b1) So for now,

page 39

b1) please return to // being human.

page 40

b1) The power // just disappeared.
b2) It looks like,
b3) you still won't be able to....
b4) retire just yet.
b5) Is that so?
panel) It looks like // Akira made his decision.
b6) ...Was this part of your plans?
b7) Because you knew things would end up this way,
b8) you induced all of this trouble?

page 41

b1) Just how far forward do you see?
b2) Founder of mind control, // Nue.
-this is the first time I've seen such a pretty Nue. Google it if u don't know what I'm talking about.-
b3) The only thing I can see,
b4) is intent.
b5) The mind is bound, // yet free.
b6) Where does one who's gained new found power and opened up a path for himself go? // Only that person can decide that for themselves.

page 42

b1) The only thing I did
b2) was put my faith in them.
panel1) Yosogi Akira. // I want you to // protect her,
panel2) Shumari.
b3-5) ha

page 43

b1-3) ha
b4) Who would've thought that we'd come across a space controller...
b5) What should we do now, Gripphon?
b6) Don't talk to me right now... // I'm beat.
b7) Pathetic! And you call yourself a man?
b8) Who the hell do you think I carried all the way out here? -small print- I'm gonna hit you.
b9) Anyway, we need to return and give our report...
b0) tsk // and we came back empty handed too...
b1) That's because you got them stolen from you.
b2) Shut up.
b3) I see... // that's where you were.

page 44

b1) Space controller.
b2) Amano.

page 45

b1) Akira...
b2) You made your choice, didn't you?
b3) Yeah.
b4) Although she's kinda big for me...
b5) to say that I picked up a stray dog.
b6) Okay.
b7) She's all yours now.

page 46

box1) Whether Matsuri is a human,
box2) or a demon,
box3) this is something I've decided on myself. // So for now,
b1) But let me have some fun with her in my own way every now and then.
b2) Don't put too much stress on her. // She's quite dangerous you know.
box4) I'll go as far as my abilities will allow me.
b3) HUH? But she's so cute!
box4) Bonten no Moribito is complete.

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#1. by deatheater251 ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2011
Thank You for translating it :)
really fun scanlating it!
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